"Bolex Pan Cinor" Cap (No 29)
"Bolex Pan-Cinor" Cap for Zoom Reflex (No 43)
"BOLEX" Cap (No 34)
"Carl Zeiss Jena" CAP (Leather 28.5mm inside diameter)
"CR" Bay 50 Hasselblad Brand Filter
"II Kern Paillard" Bolex Cap (No 30)
"II Kern Paillard" Bolex Cap (No 37)
"LYTAR" Cap (No 41)
"P.ANGENIEUX PARIS" Cap (new) (No 44)
"SOM Berthiot Bolex Zoom Reflex" Cap (No 42)
"SOM Berthiot" Bolex Cap (No 35)
"SOM Berthoit" Bolex Cap(No 32)
"Zeiss Ikon Cap" (54mm inside diameter with 3 Bayonets inside) (Contarex?)
"Zeiss Ikon Germany" Metal Cap (52.5mm inside diameter)
"Zeiss Ikon" Metal Cap (52.5mm inside diameter approx)
"Zeiss Ikon" Cap for Contaflex 115mm f4 pro Tessar Lens (67mm)
"Zeiss" Cap (73.5mm inside diameter w/ 3 bayonet fittings) (Contarex ?)
#25B Blue GE Flashbulbs Press Base (12 bulbs) No 60)
#25B Blue GE Flashbulbs Press Base (8 bulbs) (No 59)
#25B Clear GE Flashbulbs Press Base (12 bulbs) (No 61)
#5 GE Bayonet Base Flashbulbs (12 bulbs) (No 27)
#5R Infrared GE Flashbulbs Bayonet Base (12 bulbs) (No 26)
(1) No 11 Flashbulb Westinghouse (No24)
(2) Generic Brand Plastic Film Cassette Cans (No 57)
(3) "Ernest Leitz Wetzlar" Film Cassettes (No 56)
(4) Classic Style Reloadable Film Cassettes (No 58)
+1 Closeup attachment for Minolta 16 early cameras (2nd version)
+2 Closeup for Minolta 16 early models (2nd version)
-2 Diopter for Konica FT-1
0.25" B&H Finder for Design 172A and 172B (No 13)
0.25" B&H Finder for Tri-Lens 8 Cameras (No 12)
0.25" Finder for B&H Auto-8 Cameras (No 11)
0.3m Zeiss Stuttgart Push-on Closeup for Contaflex
0.42X Titanium Super Wide (48mm thread mount)
0.5" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 7)
0.5" B&H Finder for Auto-8 Cameras (No 10)
0.5" Finder for B&H Filmo Auto 8 No 04395 (No 87)
0.5" Finder for B&H Filmo Auto 8 No 04395 (No 88)
0.5m Zeiss Stuttgart Slip-on Closeup for Contaflex
0.7" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 6)
0.9 Meter ( 3 feet) Bolex Vario-Switar Closeup Lens (No 64)
1 GE Mazda Lamp 16A (No 22)
1 1/2" B&H Finder for Filmo 8 (No 14)
1 5/8" x 1 1/4" Zeiss Closeup Lens in Original Case
1 GB Lexar SD Card for Digital Cameras (used)
1" B&H finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 5)
1" B&H Finder for Filmo 8 (No 15)
1" f1.6 Wollensak Projection Lens (No 7)
1" f1.6 Wollensak Projection Lens (No 8)
1" f2.0 (16mm coated) Simpson Optical Lens Chicago (No 6)
1" Finder for B&H Filmo 8mm (No 89)
1" Finder for B&H Filmo Auto 8 No05347 (No 86)
1" Finder for B&H Filmo Auto-8 No05347 (No 85)
1" Sunray 116 Wollensak Projector Lens (No 13)
1.0GB Dane-Elec Compact Flash Card (new)
1.4X 55mm (also 49mm with step ring) Canon Tele-Converter (No 17)
1.5" B&H Finder for Tri-Lens 8 Cameras (No 9)
1.5X Erecting Eyepiece (No 21)
1.5X Phoemix Magnetic Digital Telephoto Lens (new) (No 3)
1.5X Phoenix 37mm Mount Digital Telephoto (new) (No 8)
1.5X Phoenix Magnetic Auxiliary Telephoto Lens for Digital Cameras (new) (No 2)
1.6 Meter ( 5 1/4 feet) Bolex Vario-Switar Closeup Lens (No 63)
1.6X Contax AF Doubler
1/2" Finder for B&H Filmo Auto 8 (No 90)
1/2" Spring Clip
10 Foot 3 Section Background Center Pole with Pegs for Mounting
10 Stereo Realis Glass Slide Covers
10 Sylvania Superflash Fast Peak Clear Press Bulbs (No 49)
10 x25 Bushnell Rubber Armored Ultra Compact Binoculars
10 Years On The Moon 1969 - 1979 Hasselblad (Xerox Copy)
10" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 1)
10" Dot Line Cable Release with Autolock (new)
10,5cm f4.5 Schneider Kreuznach Componar (No 4)
10.5cm f2.5 Nikkor P Non-AI Nikkor Lens
10.5cm f4.5 Voigtlander Uncoated Skopar in Compur
100 f4.5 Argus Cintar Coated Lens for Argus C33 (No6)
100-200 f5.6 S.C. Canon FD Lens.
100-200mm f3.5 Wiko High Quality Lens for Kodak Carousel Proj. (No 4)
100-200mm f4.5 Sigma Zoom in Nikon AIS mount
100-200mm f5.6 Canon S.C. Breech Mount
100-200mm f5.6 MD Minolta Brand Zoom
100-300mm f4.0 Tokina ATX for Minolta MD
100-300mm f5.6 Nikkor AIS
100-400mm f4.5-6.7 Tokina AF Lens for Nikon
100mm f2.8 Nikon Series E
100mm f2.8 SSC Canon FD Chrome Mount
100mm f2.8 Vivitar lens for Non-AI Nikon
100mm f4 Portagon for T Mount with Macro Tube by Spiratone
100mm f4 Takumar Box for Pentax
100mm f4.5 Sandmar Telephot for Argus C3
100mm f4.5 Tele-Lithagon for Argus C4 (No4)
100mm f6.3 Kodak Anastigmat in Kodak Shutter (No 16)
101mm f4.5 Wollensak Raptar Enlarging Lens (No 20)
102 to 152mm f3.5 Kodak Ektanar C Projector Lens (No 15)
102mm f2.8 Projection Ektanar C
105mm f2.5 AIS Nikkor
105mm f2.8 AF Micro Nikkor BOX
105mm f2.8 Auto Miranda Lens
105mm f4.5 AMAR Enlarging lens
105mm f4.5 Schneider Componar (no mounting ring) (No 7)
105mm f5.6 Schneider Componon (No 8)
105mm Skylight Filter in fitted leather case for Mamiya RB67
10cm (100mm) f4.5 Prerov Benar Barrel Lens (No 3)
10mm (0.96") Celestron Kellner Fully Coated Eyepiece (No 10)
10mm (0.96") Celestron Kellner Fully Coated Eyepiece (No 13)
10mm B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 16)
10mm BH Finder for 70DR cameras and other 70 Series (No 17)
10mm Bolex Viewfinder Mask (No 1)
10mm f1.8 Paris Angenieux in C mount (No 22)
10mm f1.8 Paris Angenieux in C mount (No 23)
10x25 Bushnell Compact Binoculars
110mm f6.3 Kodak Anastigmat in Optimo No 1 shutter (No 13)
11cm f4.5 CP Goerz Berlin Dogmar on 2x3 Speed Graphic brd
12 Film Back (1960) for Hasselblad (No 9)
12 Film Back (1965) for Hasselblad (No 6)
12 Film Back (1967) for Hasselblad (No 4)
12" Gold/White Reversible Pop-Out Reflector (new)
12" Photoflex Soft Gold/White Lite Disk in case
12.5-25mm f1.3 Zoom for Bolex Super 8mm Projectors (No 16)
120 Clear Sleeves 25 Total (No 2)
120 Film Back for Mamiya RB 67 (No 3)
120 Film Pro S Back for Mamiya RB67 (No 2)
120 Holga for 12 or 16 Pictures (New) OUT OF STOCK
120 Holga with built in flash and Color Filters ("New") OUT OF STOCK
120mm f5.6 S -Planar C lens
120mm f8 Muticoated Super Angulon in Copal No 0.
1216 Watch Battery
127mm f4.5 Ilex Paragon Anastigmat Enlarging Lens (No 25)
128MB SanDisk Smart Media Card (used)
128MB Smart Meida Card Delkin Devices (New)
128MB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo and Duo Adapter (New)
128MB Transcend Compact Flash card (new)
12mm Canon FD type macro extension tube (No 3)
13" x 13" Thick Micro Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
13,5cm f6.3 Vidar Anastigmat E Ludwig Barrel Lens (No 17)
13-25mm f1.5 Cinepar-Ultra Zoom (No 17)
13.5cm f3.5 RE Auto Topcor for Topcon Super D etc
133D Speedlite Canon Inst, 37 pgs
135mm f2.8 Carsen Preset Lens No Arm for Miranda
135mm Canon Rangefinder Viewfinder in original box
135mm f2.3 Vivitar Series 1 Vivitar Fast Lens
135mm f2.8 Albinar Lens for Minolta MD
135mm f2.8 CPC Phase 2 Lens for Canon FD Mount (New)
135mm f2.8 DSB Yashica Lens Bayonet Mount
135mm f2.8 Elicar for Minolta MD
135mm f2.8 Lentar for Non-AI Nikon
135mm f2.8 Non-AI Nikkor Q
135mm f2.8 Samigon Brand Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
135mm f2.8 Spiratone preset T Mount Lens
135mm f2.8 Tamron Adaptall Mount Lens (Adaptall mount required)
135mm f2.8 Tele-Auto Soligar Lens for Miranda with an Arm
135mm f2.8 Telesor Lens for Minolta MD
135mm f2.8 Vivitar for Nikon Non-AI (Fungus)
135mm f2.8 YUS Automatic Lens for Yashica Cameras
135mm f2/8 Vivitar Lens T Mount (fits any camera)
135mm f3.2 Hexanon for Konica
135mm f3.5 Auto Miranda E Lens (no side arm)
135mm f3.5 Auto Miranda Lens with Arm for Miranda
135mm f3.5 FL lens Canon Brand
135mm f3.5 Hanimar T Mount Lens
135mm f3.5 Hexanon for Konica
135mm f3.5 Hexanon with filter & hood for Konica
135mm f3.5 MD Celtic Lens
135mm f3.5 MD Minolta Celtic
135mm f3.5 Nikkor -Q non-AI
135mm f3.5 Nikkor BOX
135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q (non-AI)
135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI
135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI
135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI
135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI
135mm f3.5 Pentax Screw Mount Super-Multi-Coated Takumar
135mm f3.5 Rokkor X for Minolta MD
135mm f3.5 S.C. Canon FD Lens
135mm f3.5 Schacht Munchen Lens for Exakta
135mm f3.5 Soligar Pre-Set Lens for Exakta
135mm f3.5 Super Takumar
135mm f3.5 Super Takumar
135mm f3.5 Tele-Lentar (for T mount)
135mm f3.5 Tele-Lentar Pre-set Lens for Exakta
135mm f3.5 Tele-Lithagon for Argus C4 (N05)
135mm f3.5 Vemar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
135mm f3.5 Vivitar Lens for Pentax SM
135mm f3.5 Zeitar Tele-Lens for Canon FL
135mm f3.5 Zuiko Lens
135mm f4 Tele-Xenar "S" Type Lens for Retina Reflex
135mm f4 Tele-Xenar for Retina Reflex
135mm f4 Tele-Xenar for Retina Reflex Cameras
135mm f4.0 Tele-Xenar Schneider "S" for Retina Reflex S III and IV models
135mm f4.5 Beslar Enlarging Lens (No 2)
135mm f4.5 Culminar f4.5 in Exakta Mount
135mm f4.5 Culminar for Pentacon Screw Mount
135mm f4.5 Schneider Componon Enlarging Lens (No 5)
135mm f5.6 Componon Enlarging Lens (No 6)
135mm f5.6 Schneider Componon Enlarging Lens (No 4)
135mm Sunset T Mount Lens (some glass marks)
135mm Typonar Tele-lens
1361 Contax IIa IIIa Black Dial Sync Cord for Flash Bulbs
13mm BH style finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 22)
13mm Macro Ring Generic Brand for Pentax K Mount Cameras
140mm f4.5 Taika Duo-Focus Ultra Compact Exakta mount lens
140mm Focusing Rail (Spiratone brand)
15 foot PC Extension Cord (new) (No 1)
15 Foot PC Extension Cord (new) (No 2)
15 Foot Sekonic Brand PC Flash Extension Cord (new) (No 3)
15 in 1 Dane Electric Card Reader w/ USB cable (new)
15-150mm Bolex Octameter (No46)
150mm f3.5 Zenzanon MC Lens for Bronica ETR/ETRS
150mm f4.0 MC Zenzanon for Bronica ETR/ETRS
150mm f4.0 Super Multi Coated Takumar
150mm f5.5 Tele-Xenar for Pentacon
155A Canon FD Flash (No 6)
15cm f4.5 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar
15cm f5.5 Tele Megor Meyer Gorlitz c. 1935 for Exakta C
15mm - 25mm Technor f1.5 Projector Zoom (No 11)
15mm Tasco Eyepiece
(No 3)

15X-45X Bushnell Zoom Spotting Scope
16 MB Canon Multimedia Card
1616 Watch Battery
162mm f4.5 Wollensak Enlarging Velostigmat Barrel Lens AS IS (No 10)
162mm f6.3 Wollensak Raptar AS IS (No 4)
16mm 2 7/8" Projector Reels (two)
16mm Agfa Tape Splicer
16mm Belmont K161 Keystone Projector (See Rental Page)
16mm Blank Film with the Reel and Metal Can (No 26)
16mm C Mount Movie Lenses
16mm Family Skating Movie 125 ft (No 13)
16mm Family Skating Movie 125 ft (No 14)
16mm Kodachrome Movie Film 50 Ft Sept 1960
16mm Kodak Projector lens (But not marked as such) (No 20)
16mm Metal Film Spool (No 65)
16mm Movie Cameras
16mm Quik Splice Tapes (No 1)
16mm Super Proval 2" f1.6 Bell & Howell Projector Lens (No 12)
16mm Sync Block
17-85mm f3.8 Pan-Cinor in C mount (No 21)
177A Canon Flash (No 18)
177A Speedlite Canon Inst
17mm B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 8)
17mm f2.5 Wide Angle Aragon (No 18)
17mm f2.7 Wollensak Raptar (No 30)
1800AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 4)
180mm f4.0 Carl Zeiss Sonnar
180mm f4.5 Mamiya RZ Lens
180mm f4.5 Mamiya-Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 8)
18mm Macro Extension Tube Couple for Nikon Non-AI Lenses
1937 International French Exposition (in French) (No 17)
1939 Catalog (reprint)
1939 Rollei TLR Booklet "Rollei Accessories", 22 pages.
195 Polaroid Instruction Book Xerox 31pgs
1951Rollei booklet The Practical Accessories, 15pgs (original)
1976 Hasselblad Booklet , 22 pages (xerox copy)
199A Canon Flash (No 16a)
1:1 Tube for Minolta MD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens
1GB Maxflash Compact Flash Card (new)
1GB Micro SD (2 parts) (New)
1GB Patriot Micro SD with the SD card Adapter (new)
1GB San Disk Ultra II CF (used)
1GB San Disk Ultra II Compact Flash Card
1GB SanDisk SD Card (new)
1GB Secure Digital SD Card pg1 (new)
2 1/2 Flip Flashes (19 bulbs) (No 51)
2 Hour Supertape High Standard VHS Tape
2 Hybrid NIMH AA's 1.2V 2100 mAh with charger (new)
2" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 5A)
2" Spring Clamp
2.0 GB Transcend Compact Flash Card (new)
2.0GB Kingston SD card (used)
2.0X Video Telephoto (No 14a)
2.3X Barlow Lens (No 20)
20 x 50 Vanguard Rubber Armored Binoculars (new)
20-35mm 2.8D AF Nikkor
200 Film insert for Pentax 645 Cameras
200-500mm F6.9 Tamron Tele Zoom
2000FC Hasselblad Instructions 23 pgs (xerox copy)
200mm f3.5 Auto Vivitar Lens for Exakta
200mm f3.5 Vivitar Minolta MC
200mm f4 Nikkor Q Non-AI Lens
200mm f4 SSC Canon Brand Lens
200mm f4.0 Nikkor-Q non-AI
200mm f4.0 Nikkor-Q non-AI
200mm f4.0 Nikkor-Q.C non-AI
200mm f4.0 Super Takumar
BOX for Pentax 6x7

200mm f4.5 Makinon Lens for Canon FD mount
200mm f4.5 Minolta Celtic Lens
200mm f4.5 Tele Astranar T Mount Lens
200mm f4.5 Vemar Preset Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
200mm VEMAR Telephoto "H" Mount
2025 Watch Battery
2032 Watch Battery
20cm f4.0 Nikkor-Q Non-AI Nikkor
20cm f5.6 RE Auto-Topcor for Topcon Super D etc.
20mm Canon FD type macro extension tube (No4)
20mm Lens for Sea & Sea Motomarine II/EX
21-35mm Zeiss Contarex Hood B56
210mm f5.6 Multicoated Symmar-S in Copal No 1
22mm f 1.5 Kodak 16mm Projection Ektanar Lens (No 18)
22mm f1.5 Kodak 16mm Projection lens (No 19)
2325 Watch Battery
24-48mm f3.8 Vivitar Series I Lens for Canon FD Mount
24-50mm f3.3-4.5 AF Nikkor
24-70mm f3.3-5.6 Tamrom AF Lens for Maxxum
2430 Watch Batteries
2450 Watch Battery
24mm f2.8 AF Nikkor BOX
24mm f2.8 SMC Takumar Box for Pentax
25.5mm closeup S16 for Pentax 110 Lenses (No15)
25.5mm Closeup S31 for Pentax 110 Lenses (N014)
25.5mm Sky Filter for Pentax 110 Lenses (No17)
25.5mm Skylight for Pentax 110 Lenses (No13)
250mm f4.5 Mamiya-Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No4)
250mm Sportsfinder MASK for 12 Back Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 8)
256MB SanDisk CompactFlash Card (used)
256MB SD Card eFilm Delkin Devices (used)
260AF Achiever Flash for Maxxum 5000 7000 9000 (new) (No 15)
260AF Achiever Flash for Nikon AF Cameras (new) (No 34)
277T Flash BOX
for Canon FD

27mm Kenko Brand Green Filter for Contaflex
27mm Leica Hood Rubber B&W Cat. 412758 (may be for a Cine lens) (No39a)
27mm Pro brand Yellow filter for Zeiss Contaflex
27mm Snap Cap for Contaflex (new)
27mm Walz Brand Orange (85c) Filter for Contaflex
27mm Walz Brand Screw-in Lens Cap for Contaflex
27mm Walz Brand UV for Contaflex Cameras
27mm Yellow Zeiss Stuttgart Filter for Contaflex (Inside Thread)
27mm Zeiss Ikon UV Filter for Contaflex Cameras
27mm Zeiss Stuttgart Green Filter for Contaflex
27mm Zeiss Stuttgart Red Filter for Contaflex (Interior Threading)
27mm Zeiss Stuttgart UV Filter for Contaflex
28-105mm f3.5-4.5 EF EOS
28-105mm f3.5-4.5 Maxxum AF Xi Zoom
28-105mm f3.5-4.5D AF Nikkor
28-200mm f3.5-5.6 Macro Vivitar Lens for Olympus
28-200mm f3.8-5.6 Tamron AF Aspherical XR (IF)
28-50mm f3.5-4.5 CPC Macro Zoom for Canon FD
28-50mm f3.5-4.5 Vivitar Zoom Lens for Olympus
28-50mm Soligar f3.5-4.5Lens for Olympus
28-70mm f3.5-4.5 Auto Zoom Sigma for Maxxum Xi & Dynax (New)
28-70mm f3.5-4.5 Auto Zoom Sigma for Maxxum Xi & Dynax (New)
28-70mm f3.5-4.5 IA Sigma Macro Zoom for Maxxum Dynax/Xi (new)
28-70mm f3.5-4.5 Sigma Lens for Maxxum 7000/9000
28-70mm f3.5-4.5 Tokina AF lens for Maxxum 7000 or 9000
28-70mm f3.5-4.5D AF Nikkor
28-80mm f3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor BOX
28-80mm f3.5 - 4.2 Tamron SP Lens
28-80mm f3.5-4.5 Pentax A Series K Mount Lens
28-80mm f3.5-4.5 Quantary Brand Lens for Konica
28-80mm f3.5-4.5 Tou/Five Star Lens for Pentax K
28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Macro Sigma
28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Sigma Lens for Maxxum
28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Sigma Macro for Minolta Maxxum
28-80mm f3.5-5.6 SMC A Series Pentax Lens
28-85mm f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor
28-90mm f2.8-3.5 Vivitar Series I for Contax/Yashica Cameras
28.5mm Slip on Zeiss Filters Various Types.
28.5mm Slip on Zeiss Ikon +1 Closeup
28.5mm Zeiss Stuttgart Push-on Chrome Hood for Contaflex
28mm f1.5 Kodak Projection Ektanon Lens (No 4)
28mm f2..8 SC Canon FD chrome mount
28mm f2.8 Aubell Brand for Konica
28mm f2.8 Bushnell Brand for Konica Cameras
28mm f2.8 Canon FD Lens (New Style Mount)
28mm f2.8 Carenar Lens for Exakta
28mm f2.8 Deitz Lens for Fuji Cameras (Bayonet Mount)
28mm f2.8 FD Canon (New Style)
28mm f2.8 Maxxum AF Lens
28mm f2.8 Nikkor AI
28mm f2.8 Olympus Hood
28mm f2.8 Sigma Lens for Minolta MD (New)
28mm f2.8 Soligar Lens with Arm for Miranda
28mm f2.8 Tokina Lens for Pentacon Screw Mount
28mm f3.5 AI Nikkor Lens
28mm f3.5 Hexanon for Konica
28mm f3.5 Hexanon for Konica
28mm f3.5 Hexanon for Konica
28mm f3.5 Hexanon for Konica Cameras
28mm f3.5 Nikkor AIS
28mm f3.5 Nikkor-H non-AI
28mm f3.5 Nikkor-H Auto Non-AI Lens
28mm f3.5 Non-AI Nikkor H
28mm f3.5 SMC Takumar Box for Pentax
28mm f3.5 Zuiko Lens
28mm f4.0 Curtagon Lens for Retina IIIS, Reflex S, & Reflex III (NEW)
28mm Finder for UW-Nikonos
29.5mm Closeup Set Vemar Brand for Retina II/IIa Cameras
2GB Compact Flash Dane Elec (New)
2GB Maxflash Compact Flash Card (new)
2GB Pro Duo Sony Memory Stick Mark 2 (New)
2GB SanDisk SD Card (new)
2GB TriomicroSD (new)
2X Auto Doubler Vivitar Brand Pentax Screw Mount (No 37)
2X FD Vivitar Doubler (4 elements) (No 15)
2X (& Macro Tube)Seikanon Doubler for Minolta MD Cameras (No1)
2X 4 element doubler by Tamron for Olympus (New)
2X Aragon Doubler for Pentax Screw Mount (No 40)
2X Asanuma Brand Doubler with case for Pentax K Mount
2X Auto Doubler Vivitar brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No 38)
2X Auto Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No 39)
2X Auto Tele Converter (Pentax SM) (No45)
2X Auto Tele Plus for Nikon Non-AI
2X Auto Teleplus doubler for Canon FL lenses
2X Auto Teleplus for Minolta MC (No5)
2X Auto Teleplus for Minolta MC (No6)
2X Automaic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (no13)
2X Automaic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (no14)
2X Automaic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (no16)
2X Automaic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No35)
2X Automatic Doubler CPC Brand for Pentax SM (No23)
2X Automatic Doubler JCPenny Brand for Pentax SM (No32)
2X Automatic Doubler P&B Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No 17)
2X Automatic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No20)
2X Automatic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No26)
2X Automatic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No27)
2X Automatic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No28)
2X Automatic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No29)
2X Automatic Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No30)
2X Automatic Doublers Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No31)
2X Automatic Doublers Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No41)
2X Bushnell Doubler for Non-AI Nikon (item #1)
2X Bushnell Doubler for Non-AI Nikon (item #2)
2X Camron Auto Tele Converter for Exakta (No 20)
2X Canon FD Doublers
2X COSMOS APS Auto Doubler for Pentax SM
2X Cosmos Brand Doubler for Minolta MC (No 41)
2X Cosmos Brand Doubler for Minolta MC (No 44)
2X Cosmos CF Auto Teleplus Doubler for Canon FD (No6)
2X CPC 4 Element Doubler for Olympus
2X CPC Brand 4 element for Minolta MD (No 52)
2X CPC Multicoated Doubler for Olympus Cameras
2X CPC4 element Doubler for Minolta MD (No8)
2X Doubler (Vivitar Brand) for Topcon Super D
2X Doubler Focal Brand for MC Minolta (No 38)
2X Doubler for B&H 16mm Magazine Cameras (c. 1956)
2X Doubler matched to 70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens Pentax SM (No 36)
2X Doubler Matched to 70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Auto Zoom for CA FD
2x Doubler Minolta MD brand
2X Doubler RMC Tokina Brand for Fuji Cameras (bayonet mount)
2X Doubler Sankyo Kohki Komura Telemore (No 43)
2X Doubler Spiratone Brand for Exakta (No 18)
2X Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No12)
2X Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No24)
2X Doubler Vivitar Brand with Arm for Exakta (No 19)
2X Focal Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No 42)
2X focal Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No11)
2X JC Penny Brand for Minolta MD (No 40)
2X JCPenny Doubler for Canon FD (No2)
2X JCPenny Doubler for Olympus Cameras
2X Kenko NT Teleplus Doubler for non-AI Nikon Cameras
2X Kiron Match Mate MC Doubler for Canon FD (No1)
2X Kiron Teleconverter for Konica Cameras
2X Komura Brand Canon FD Doubler (No 12)
2X Komura for Canon FD 7 element
2X Manual Doubler Vemar Brand for Pentax SM (No25)
2X Marexar Doubler for Canon FD (No10)
2X Matched Doubler for 70-150mm Vivitar Lens
2X P&B Vivitar Model 2A-3 Doubler (3 element) for Nikon Non-AI
2X Pentax Screw Mount Doubler (No 42)
2X Prinz Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No14)
2X Prinz Doubler for Minolta SR (No 47)
2X Prinz Doubler for Nikon non-AI
2X Promaster Spectrrm 7 Doubler for Minolta MD (No 53)
2X Promaster Spectrum 7 Doubler for Minolta MD (No 36)
2X Saitex Auto Doubler for Minolta MD (No 15)
2X Sakar Brand Doubler for Konica Cameras
2X Sear Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No 35)
2X Sensorex Doubler (Vivitar Brand)
2X Soligar Doubler for Canon FD (No7)
2X Soligar Doubler for Minolta (Uncoupled) (No7)
2X Soligar Doubler for Minolta MD late production (No 53)
2X Soligar Doubler for Miranda EC Cameras
2X Soligar Doubler for Olympus Cameras
2X SP AF Tele-Converter(7E) for Nikon AF
2X Tamron F Doubler for Olympus Cameras
2X Tamron MC Doubler for Canon FD (No3)
2X Tamron Pentax A Series Doubler
2X Teleplus Doubler for Nikon Non-AI Cameras
2X Tokina Doubler for Canon FD (No5)
2X Tokina EL Doubler for Olympus Cameras
2X Tundra Telephoto Lens for 36mm 37mm 27mm (new) (No 13)
2X Vemar Exakta Doubler with side arm (No 33)
2X Vivitar 4 Element Double for Canon FD (No 14)
2X Vivitar 4 Element Doubler with Arm for Miranda (no6)
2X Vivitar Automatic Doubler for Pentax Screw Mount (No11)
2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MC (No13)
2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MC (No18)
2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No 17)
2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No12)
2X Vivitar Doubler for Canon FD (No8)
2X Vivitar Doubler for Canon FD (No9)
2X Vivitar Doubler for Minolta (No 54)
2X Vivitar Doubler for Minolta MC (No 43)
2X Vivitar Doubler for Minolta MC (No4)
2X Vivitar Doubler for Olympus
2X Vivitar Doubler Minolta MD (No 55)
2X Vivitar MC 70-150 Matched Multiplier (fits any CA FD lens fine)
2x Vivitar MC 70-150mm Matched Doubler for Olympus Cameras
2X Vivitar MC Brand Doubler for Pentax K Mount Cameras
2X Vivitar RL Edition Doubler for Minolta MD (no2)
2x3 / 4x5 / 8x10 & Misc. Accessories
2XEntensiontubegenericbrandPentaxSM (No33)
3 1/2 x 5 Primary White Glassed Burnes Frame
3 1/2 x 5 Rosewood Octagonal Glassed Burnes Frame
3 1/2" (90mm) f12,5 Exteme Wide Angle 4x5 Lens in Alphax Shutter
3 1/4 x 2 1/4 GRAFLEX 1922 Roll Holder Adapted to 120 Film
3 1/4 x 4" Vertical Golde Paper Latern Slide Masks (new) (No 9)
3 3/4+ Closeup Lens in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 51)
3 Plastic Slide Covers for Revere Stereo Slides
3 Sylvania No 0 Bulbs (No 54)
3" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 4)
3" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 20)
3" f4.5 Cine Kodak Telephoto Movie Lens in S Mount (No 8)
3,5cm f3.5 Elmar (SOLD with a body over $600 ONLY)
3,5cm f3.5 Elmar Cap (No 184)
3.5" f6.3 Fedar Anastigmat Barrel Lens (No 7)
3/16" Stand Screws (No 56)
30" Photoflex Small Umbrella (No 4)
30.5mm Generic Snap Cap for Rollei 35 with f2.8 Lenses (new)
30.5mm US Sunpak Filter for Rollei 35 Cameras Sonnar 40/f2.8
3000 MD Rokinon Dedicated for CA Min PK OM NK (No 48)
300mm f2.8 ED Nikkor will fit digital
300mm f4.0 SMC Pentax K Mount Lens
300mm f4.5 Nikkor AIS
300mm f4.5 Nikkor ED AIS
300mm f5.5 Telesar for Nikon non-AI
300mm f5.6 Canon Brand Lens
300mm f5.6 Canon Brand Lens
300mm f5.6 Tele Vivitar Preset T Mount Lens
300mm f5.6 Vivitar for Canon FD
30cm f4.5 Russian Brass Military Barrel Lens
30mm Extension Tube Pentax Screw Mount (No1)
30mm f3.5 Kiev Fisheye fits Kiev 80 and 88
30mm Kellnar .96 Eyepiece for Celestron C90
30mm Red Filter Walz Brand for Argus C4 (No14)
30mm Red Filter Walz Brand for Argus C4 (No14)
30mm Sky Filter Walz Brand for Argus C4 (No15)
32MB Canon Brand Compact Flash Card
32MB Canon Compact Flash Card (used)
32MB Kodak Compact Flash Cards (new)
32mm Retina IIIc Skylight Filter (made in Germany) (No2)
32mm Skylight (for Retina IIIc)
32mm Vitomatic/Vitoret DR Slip-on Hood
34mm Leica Rubber Hood 50 Elmar 135 Hektor 90 Elmar (No 39)
35-100mm f3.5-4.5 Olympus clamp on Rubber Hood
35-105mm 3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor
35-105mm f3.5 CanonFD New Style (sl mark)
35-105mm f3.5 Canon FD Lens New Style Mount
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor BOX
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Canon FD (New Style)
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Makinon for Pentax K
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 RMC Tokina for Pentax K
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Sigma Lens for Konica
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Tokina Lens for Olympus
35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Zuiko Auto-Zoom for Olympus
35-105mm f3.8-4.8 Yashica DSB Zoom Lens
35-135mm f3.5-4.2 Tamron Lens (adaptall 2 mount required)
35-135mm f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor w/ macro (marks glass)
35-135mm f3.5-4.5 Sigma Lens for Canon EOS Film Cameras (New)
35-200mm f3.5-4.2 Tamron SP Lens
35-70mm AF Olympus Lens (Autofocus)
35-70mm f2.8 AF Nikkor Lens
35-70mm f2.8-4.0 One Touch Sigma Zoom for Konica (New)
35-70mm f3.3-4.5 AF Nikkor
35-70mm f3.3-4.5 Macro AF Sigma for Yashica Cameras
35-70mm f3.5 Tamron Lens (adaptall 2 mount required)
35-70mm f3.5 Vivitar for Olympus
35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Hexanon for Konica Cameras
35-70mm f3.5-4.5 RKN Lens for Pentax K
35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Zuiko Lens
35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Minolta MD Lens (New)
35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Vivitar Lens for Pentax K
35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Vivitar Lens for Pentax K Mount Cameras
35-70mm f3.8-4.8 Zoom-Nikkor
35-80mm f2.8-3.8 Tamron SP lens
35-80mm f4.0 Maxxum Zoom Lens for 5000/7000
35-80mm f4.0-5.6 AF Maxxum Power Zoom for 7000/9000 Cameras
35-80mm f4.0-5.6 D Lens for Nikon AF
35-80mm f4.0-5.6 SMC A Series Lens for Pentax K Mount
35-80mm f4.0-5.6D AF Nikkor
35.5mm Schneider Kreuznach Plastic Cap with logo (No 8)
35/80 Finder for Retina IIIc Cameras
3500i Maxxum Flash with Lumiquest Reflector
357 Watch Battery
35mm f 4.0 Pro-Tessar for Contaflex Cameras in Plastic Container (not shown)
35mm f2.0 Nikkor AIS
35mm f2.0D AF Nikkor BOX
35mm f2.5 Nikonos Lens BOX
35mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon
35mm f2.8 Nikkor-S non-AI
35mm f2.8 Nikkor-S Non-AI Lens
35mm f2.8 Soligar for Miranda
35mm f2.8 W. Rokkor-HG for SR7 Minolta
35mm f3.5 Super Takumar
35mm f4 Carl Zeiss Pro-Tessar Lens
35mm f4 Heligon Lens for Retina BIG C cameras
35mm f4 Lens for Retina III Big C
35mm f4.5 Cintagon Lens for Argus C44 (No8)
35mm f5.6 Retina Curtar-Xenon-C (for Retina IIIc)
35mm f5.6 Xenon C for Retina IIIc Cameras w/ box and bubble
35mm Flash Bracket (No 61)
35mm Sea and Sea Marine finder
35mm Soft Release

36-72mm f3.5 E Series Nikon Zoom AIS
36-72mm f3.5 Nikon AIS
360FXZ Flash for Maxxum 3000i 5000i 7000i 8000i 7xi (new) (No 16)
360mm f6.3 RB67 Lens
364 Watch Battery
36mm Cap for Elmar 50mm f3.5 (No 175)
36mm Cap for Leica Elmar or Summron (No 70)
36mm Leica Cap for Elmar or Summaron (No 71)
36mm Leica Cap for Elmar or Summaron (No 72)
36mm Skylight #66445 (No 190)
37.5mm Closeup T43 for Pentax 110 Lenses (No12)
37.5mm Closeup T86 for Pentax 110 Lenses (No11)
37.5mm Kalt Sky (fits 50mm f2.8 Pentax 110 lens) (No 45)
37.5mm UV filter for Pentax 110 Lenses (No9)
37mm Canon Special Effects Filter Set for Digital Cameras
37mm Slip-on Plastic Leica Cap (No 75)
37mm Zeiss Green Slip on Filter
38" White Starfish Style Umbrella (No 3)
38-90mm f3.5 Sun Macro Zoom
38-95mm f3,5 TMC Zoom for Pentax Screw Mount
389 Watch Battery
392 Watch Battery
39mm Filter 056 for Nikon Long Lenses
39mm Filter A12 for Nikon Long Lenses
39mm Filter B2 for Nikon Long Lenses
39mm Filter ND 2X for Nikon Long Lenses
39mm Filter ND 4X for Nikon Long Lenses
39mm Filter Y52 for Nikon Long Lenses
39mm Hoya NDx4 Filter fits Summicron (No 104)
39mm Screw in Cap (Walz brand) for Summicron (No 78)
3X Auto Teleplus Tripler for Minolta MC(No10)
3X Automatic Tripler APS Varimirax Brand for Pentax SM (No34)
3X Automatic Tripler Soligar Brand for Pentax SM (No19)
3X Barlow Lens (No 19)
3X NT Teleplus Tripler for Non-AI Nikon
3X Samigon Tripler for Nikon AI Cameras
3X Sear 4 element Converter for Minolta MD (No 37)
3X Soligar Tripler for Nikon Non-AI Cameras
3X Tripler Soligar Brand with Arm for Miranda
3X Tripler Vemar Brand No Arm for Miranda
3X Vivitar Auto Doubler for Olympus
3X Vivitar Brand Tripler 7 lens elements for Konica Cameras
3X Vivitar Tripler for Pentax Screw Mount (No 37)
4 Press 11 GE screw in household base (No 19)
4 GB Compact Flash Dane Elec Card (New)
4 GE 22B Household Base Flashbulbs (No 52)
4 GE Clear Press base style flashbulbs (No 5)
4 GE Infrared Press Flashbulbs (for Infrared Night Photos) (No 4)
4 GE No11 Clear Household Base Screw in Flashbulbs (No 7)
4 GE No22 Blue Household Screw in Flashbulbs (No 55)
4 GE No22 Clear Household Screw in Flashbulbs (No 9)
4 Sylvania Clear M2 M style base Flashbulbs (No 13)
4 to 6" f3.5 Zoom Ektanar C Projection Lens (No 3)
4 to 6" f3.5 Zoom Ektanar C Projection Lens (No 5)
4 Ultralast Nickel Metal Hydride 2100 mAh Batteries and a charger (new)
4 Westinghouse No 11 Household Screw in base Flashbulbs (No 8)
4" (100mm) Sawyer Projector Lens
4" (101mm) f 3.5 Ektanar Len for Kodak Carousel (Nonone)
4" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 19)
4" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 3)
4" f4.5 Telate B&H Co. Chicago C mount Telephoto (No33)
4-6" Zoom to fit Sawyer Projectors (slight haze inside) works fine
40" RPS White Studio Umbrella (new) (No 5)
40.5mm Nikkor Cap for Nikkor Enlarging Lenses (No 13)
40.5mm Polarizer to fit Zeiss Contax
4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 8)
400mm f3.5 AIS ED Nikkor with cap and case
400mm f6.3 Spiratone T Mount Lens (fits any camera)
400mm f6.3 Tele-Lentar Preset Lens (T mounts)
41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 73)
41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 74)
41mm Cap Large Diameter for Bessmatic Lenses
41mm Screw in Voigtlander Closeup Lens for Bessematic
41mm Slip-on Voigtlander +1 Closeup Filter
41mm Slipon Zeiss Jena +2 Closeup "Distar2"
42" 8 Section Compact Tripod
42-75mm f3.5-4.5 Yashica Brand Zoom Lens
42.5mm Green 2 Slip-on Zeiss Ikon Filter
42mm Orange Slip on Contax IIa/IIIa filter
43-86mm f3.5 Zoom Nikkor Non-AI Lens
45mm f2 Minolta MD Rokkor-X Pancake Lens for Minolta (No15)
45mm f2.0 MD Rokkor-X for Minolta (No 28)
45mm f2.0 MD Rokkor-X Pancake Lens for Minolta (No16)
45mm f2.8 Schneider "S" for Retina Reflex S III and IV models
46mm Cap (Miranda) for Miranda Lenses (no17)
46mm Cap (Soligar) for MIranda Lenses
46mm Metal Cap for Miranda (No25)
46mm Miranda Cap (no22)
46mm Thread Kenlock Video Telephoto 2X (new)
46mm to Series 6 Filter Adapter Ring for Miranda
46mm to Series 7 Filter Adapter Ring for Miranda
48mm Canon Reversing Ring (early SLR lenses)
48mm Leitz Wetzlar Germany Blue Filter (No 102)
48mm Reversing Ring for Canon FL lenses (No 2)
48mm UV filter or Skylight filter
49mm (Vemar Brand) Reverse Adapter for Pentax Screw Mount
49mm Exakta Reversing Ring for Macro (No11)
49mm K Mount Macro Asahi Pentax Brand Reversing Ring (works on digital)
49mm Marumi Circular Polarizer (New)
49mm Maxxum 7000/9000 Reversing Ring for Macro
49mm Minolta Brand Reverse Adapter (No 49)
49mm mount Kenko Technical Filter Holder for 3"x3" Gel filters
49mm Olympus Brand ultra thin Skylight Filter
49mm Reversing Ring for Pentax K Mount
49mm Reversing Ring Vemar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No10)
49mm Skylight filter or UV filter
4GB Dane-Elec SD card (New)
4GB Gigaware SDHC Card (used)
4x5 Graflex Back for GRAFLEX 4x5 Holders (No 59)
4x5 Holder
4x5 Sleeve (10)
4x5 Wollensak Telephoto f5.6 - f3.2
4x6 Classic Rosewood Glassed Burnes Frame
5 AG-1 Flashbulbs (5 total bulbs) (No 12) OUT OF STOCK
5 x 7 Primary White Glassed Burnes Frame
5" f3.5 Golde MFG CO Projector Lens
5" f4.5 - f32 Butchep Anastigmat (No 6)
5.5cm f8 Tessar Carl Zeiss Jena c. 1936 for Exakta C
5.5mm Bolex Glass Finder Mask (No 2)
5.5mm Glass Finder Mask for Bolex B8 and C8 Cameras (No 4)
5.5mm Tasco Eyepiece (No 15)
50 in 1 Card Reader/Writer Vivitar (new)
50 in 1 Card Sima Card Reader with USB cable (new) PC/MAC
50 Stereo Realist Metal Masks (approx)
50-200 f3.5-f4.5 Tokina
50-200mm 3.5/4.5 RMC Tokina for Canon FD
500 C/M Brochure Systems Booklet (1977) 10 pgs (xerox copy)
500 Classic Pamphlet (1989) foldout front & back (Original Provided)
500 EL/70 Phamplet, 1968 13 pgs (xerox copy)
500 EL/M Systems Brochure (1975) (xerox copy)
500 ELX Hasselblad Instructions 24 pgs (xerox copy)
500C Hasselblad Instructions (Xerox Copy)
500C Hasselblad Quick Tripod Release
500mm f7.2 APO Sigma for Minolta MD (New)
500mm f8 Samyang T Mount Compact Mirror Lens
500mm f8 Tmount Mirror Lens HQ Optics
508mm f5.6 Bausch & Lomb Telephoto in (New) No5 Illex
50mm f1.4 SSC Canon FD
50mm f1.4 Zuiko Lens for Olympus
50mm f1.7 MD Minolta Lens for Cameras Minolta (No3)
50mm f1.9 DSB Yashica Lens (Contax mount)
50mm f2 MD lens for Minolta (No11)
50mm f2 Zeiss Tessar Lens for Contaflex (clear coated glass)
50mm f2.0 Mamiya Sekor SX Lens for Pentax Screw Mount (No13)
50mm f2.0 MD Minolta Lens (No 26)
50mm f2.0 Minolta MD Rokkor X
50mm f2.8 Cintagon for Argus C44 (No7)
50mm f2.8 EL Nikkor BOX
50mm f2.8 Lens for Pentax 110 Cameras (No 25)
50mm f2.8 Westanar for Exakta
50mm f2.9 by E Ludwig for Exakta (No 22 )
50mm f3.5 Canon FD Macro
50mm f3.5 Canon FD Macro
50mm f3.5 Canon FD Macro
50mm f3.5 Cintar for Argus C3 Matchmatic (No1)
50mm f3.5 D.O. Inaustries Enlarging Lens (No 5)
50mm f3.5 EL Omegar (No 20)
50mm f3.5 Komura Enlarging Lens in Plastic Case (No 18)
50mm f3.5 Prinz
50mm f3.5 Wollensak velostigmat Enlarging Lens (No 14)
50mm f3.5 Zuiko Auto-Macro for Olympus
50mm f4 Hasselblad Distagon Box
50mm f4.0 Schneider Componon Enlarging Lens (No 14)
50mm f4.0 Schneider Componon Enlarging Lens (No 19)
50mm f4.0 SMC MACRO takumar in K Mount
50mm f4.5 Kodak Enlarging Ektanon (No 30)
50mm f4.5 Rodenstock Omegar Lens (No 11)
50mm f5.6 Schneider Componon Enlarging lens (No 15)
50mm f6.3 Kodak Anastigmat Enlarging Lens (No 31)
50mm Summicron Cap (No 183)
50th Anniv. Leica Product Directory (1976), 122pgs
512 MB Kingston Compact Flash Card (used)
512MB Lexar Compact Flash Card (used)
512MB SanDisk Compact Flash (used)
52mm HR-4 Nikon Rubber Folding Hood (No 21)
52mm Lens Cap for Miranda Lenses (No21)
52mm Nikon Brand Reversing Ring
52mm No 0 Nikon Closeup Lens Nikon Brand (No 17A)
52mm No 1 Nikon Closeup Lens Nikon Brand (No 17B)
52mm No 2 Nikon Closeup Lens Nikon Brand (No 17C)
52mm Reversing Ring for Konica Cameras
52mm to 29.5mm step-down Filter ring Retina Instamatic Reflex
54mm Focar B (closeup fits 50mm f 2.0 Septon on Bessematic)
54mm Voigtlander Hood for 50mm f2.0 Septon (for Bessematic)
55-135mm f3.5 Vivitar Coated Zoom EXAKTA mount
55mm (Hama Brand) Reverse Adapter for Konica (new)
55mm (Kiron Brand) Reverse Adapter for Canon FD (new) (No 11)
55mm Canon Skylight Filter for Rangefinder Cameras (marks)
55mm f1.8 Auto-Takumar (an early lens)
55mm f2.0 SMC Takumar for Pentax Screw Mount (No 15)
55mm f2.0 Super Takumar for Pentax Screw Mount (No25)
55mm f4.6 Color-K Enlarging Lens (with built in color filters) (No 13)
55mm Kiron Reversing Ring for Minolta M/MD (No 24)
55mm Leica R Cap (No 163)
55mm lens shade for Konica (Konica Brand)
55mm Mamiya M645 Rubber Hood
55mm Reverse Adapter for Minolta (new) (No 51)
55mm Reversing Ring for Macro Picture with Konica (No2)
55mm Reversing Ring Minolta Brand for Minolta (No 25)
55mm Skylight filter or UV filter
55mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)
58mm Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Orange Filter (No 106)
58mm Mamiya 645 Lens Cap for J or 1000S Lenses
58mm Modern Style Vivitar Snap Cap
58mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)
58mm UV filter (new)
5cm f1.4 Nikkor-S Nikon Rangefinder Mount (SOLD with a body ONLY)
5cm f1.5 Summarit Cap (No 180)
5cm f1.9 Soligar Lens with Arm for Miranda
5cm f1.9 Auto Miranda Lens No Arm for Miranda
5cm f1.9 Miranda Lens
5cm f2.0 Summitar Cap (No 187)
5cm f2.0 Summitar Leica SM (SOLD with a body ONLY)
5cm f3.5 Elmar in Leica SM coated (SOLD with a body over $600 ONLY)
5cm f3.5 Kodak Ektar in Compur Rapid
5D Konica Minolta Maxxum Digital Camera (no charger)
5X Carson Linen Tester (new)
5X Vertical Magnifier LVFOO for Visoflex I
5x24mm Finder with mount for most telescopes (No 24)
6 Misc Clear & Blue M style base Flashbulbs (6 bulbs total) (No 14)
6 1/2 f8 Bausch and Lomb Plantograph (c.1913)
6 GE Blub 6B Press base style flashbulbs (No 57)
6 Hour Maxell Standard Grade VHS Tape
6 Hour TDK Premium Quality VHS Tape
6 MISC Press Flash Bulbs (No 47)
6 Volt Li-ion Rechargable Battery for Many Machines (Samsung Digimax) (new)
6" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 2)
6.5mm B&H style finder (made in Japan) for 70 Series Cameras (No 18)
6.5mm Glass Finder Mask for Bolex B8 or C8 Cameras (No 3)
60" Photoflex Umbrella (No 1)
60" Photoflex Umbrella (No 2)
60-135mm f3.5 Vemar Auto Zoom
60-300mm f3.8-5.4 Macro Tamron SP lens
60-300mm f4-5.6 Tokina SZ-X for Pentax A Series K Mount
60mm f5.6 Distagon C
60mm Kodak Brand Filter for Retina Reflex Cameras
62mm Cap for Bronica ETR New
62mm Cap for Bronica ETR used
62mm folding Rubber hood for the Rollei SL66 Camera
62mm Lens Shade for Konica (Konica Brand)
62mm Marumi Skylight Filter (new)
62mm Rollei (35mm??) rubber lens shade for Pro-Tessar
62mm Skylight filter or UV filter
62mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)
630AF Achiever Flash for Pentax PZ10 Cameras (new) (No 10)
63mm f2.7 Kodak Cine Ektanon Movie Lens in S Mount (No 2)
64BM Sony Memory Stick
64MB Promaster Compact Flash Card (new)
64MB SanDisk Compact Flash (used)
650 Si Date Maxxum Camera Body
65mm f4.5 Mamiya-Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 6)
65mm f6.3 Wollensak Projection Anastigmat Lens (No 5)
67mm Lens Cap for Bronica S series
67mm Marumi Circular Polarizer (new)
6mm 1 1/4" PARKS Telescope eyepiece
6x18 Ultra Compact Monocular (LO Japan)
6x30 German WWII Artillary Dienstglass
6x9cm format Roll Holder for GRAFLEX 4x5 Super D (or similar)
7 1/2" (190mm) f4.5 Ilex Paragon in Barrel
7 1/2" (191mm) f4.5 Kodak Enlarging Ektanon (No 32)
7 1/2" 190mm Illex Paragon
7 Western Electric No 5 Bayonet Base Flashbulbs (7 total) (No 30)
7" (178mm) f3.5 Kodak Projection Ektanon Lens (No 1)
7.2 Volt Li-ion Battery for Many 6.0V-7.2V Digitial Cameras
7.5cm f2.5 Steinheil Tessar in Compur
70-150 f3.8 Macro Vivitar for Canon FD
70-150mm f3.5 Tamron Lens (requires adaptall 2 mount)
70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD
70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Macro Zoom for Canon FD
70-150mm f4.0 Zuiko Auto-Zoom for Olympus
70-150mm f4.5 Canon Brand Zoom
70-150mm f4.5 Canon Brand Zoom
70-150mm Series E Zoom Nikkor
70-200mm f4.0 A Series Pentax Lens
70-200mm f4.0 Takumar A for Pentax K Mount
70-200mm f4.0-5.6 Takumar F (A Series / AF) Zoom
70-210 f3.5 Vivitar Series I Lens for Olympus
70-210 f4.5 Komura for Canon FD
70-210mm 4.0-5.6 Tamron Adaptall 2 lens
70-210mm f2.8 Vivitar Series I for Pentax K
70-210mm f3.5 Access Lens for Canon FD
70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I for Canon FD
70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I lens for Canon FD
70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I lens for Contax
70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I Pentax Screw Mount
70-210mm f3.5 Vivtar Series I Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
70-210mm f3.8 Hanimex Brand Lens for Fuji Cameras
70-210mm f3.8-4.8 Underground Lens for OM-1
70-210mm f4.0 Canon FD Lens
70-210mm f4.0 Canon FD Lens
70-210mm f4.0 Canon FD Lens
70-210mm f4.0 No Name Zoom for Canon FD
70-210mm f4.0 Zoom-Nikkor Series E AIS
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 AF Nikkor BOX
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 AF Nikkor BOX
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Nikon AF Lens
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Quantaray Brand Lens for Minolta MD
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Quantaray Lens for Nikon AIS
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Sigma Zoom for Pentax K (A Series)
70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Tokina Nikon AF
70-210mm f4.5 Vivitar for Canon FD ('new')
70-210mm f4.5 Vivitar Macro Zoom for Canon FD
70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar A Series Lens for Pentax K Mount
70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar AF Lens for Maxxum Xi
70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD
70-210mmf4.0-5.6 Tamron Adaptall 2 lens
70-220mm f3.5 Soligar Lens Pentax Screw Mount
70-220mm f4.0 Tamron Adaptall Lens w/ Canon FD Mount
70-222mm f3.5 Macro Soligar for Canon FD
70-300mm f4.0-5.6 Sigma DL Macro for Maxxum
70-300mm f4.0-5.6D ED AF Nikkor
70-300mm f4.5-5.6G AF Nikkor
7000 Maxxum instruction booklet, 64pgs
7000i Maxxum Instruction booklet, 73pgs
72mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)
72mm Sunpak Skylight Filter (new)
75-150mm f4.0 Zuiko Auto Zoom
75-150mm f4.0 Zuiko Auto-Zoom
75-200 f4.5 Quantaray for Nikon AI
75-200 f4.5 TOU for Canon FD
75-200mm f4.5 Auto focus Vivitar Macro Zoom for Contax 137/139 (New)
75-200mm f4.5 Canon FD Zoom
75-200mm f4.5 Promaster Lens for Fuji Bayonet Cameras
75-200mm f4.5 TOU/FIVE STAR lens for Canon FD
75-205mm f3.8 Vivitar (Canon FD) (Needs work)
75-205mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD
75-205mm f3.8 Vivitar lens for Pentax K Cameras
75-300mm AF 4.5-5.6 Nikkor BOX
75-300mm f4.5-5.6 AF Nikkor Lens with built in Tripod Mount
75-300mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD
75-300mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar Series I for Nikon Auto Focus
75-300mm f5.6 Albinar for Minolta MD
75mm f3.5 Beslar Enlarging Lens (No 21)
75mm f3.5 EL-Omegar Lens
75mm f4.5 Rodenstock Omegar Enlarging Lens (No 12)
75mm f4.5 Rodenstock Omegar Enlarging Lens (No 29)
75mm f4.5 Rodenstock-Omegar (No 2)
75mm f4.5 Tominon in self cocking Copal Shutter
77mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)
77mm Sunpak Sky Filter (new)
77mm UV filter for Pentax 6x7 with Bayonet Fittings
78-210mm f3.5 Soligar for Minolta MD
7x30 Spiratone Monocular with 52mm adapter for telephoto pictures
7x35mm Discover Wide Field Binoculars with extras
7x50 Vivtar Rubber Armored Binoculars (new)
8 1/4" (210mm) f4.5 Tayor & Hobson Barrel lens (No 14)
8 MB Nikon Compact Flash Card (used)
8 Misc Bulb Press flashbulbs (No 2)
8 mm D Mount Movie Items
8/16mm Film Cleaning kit (new)
8/16mm Mansfield Holiday Cement Splicer (No 22)
80-200 f2.8 ED AF Nikkor BOX
80-200 f3.5 Zoom-Hexanon AR for Konica
80-200 f3.9 Albinar Lens for Pentax A series
80-200mm f3.5mm Promaster Zoom for Nikon non-AI
80-200mm f3.8 Super-Paragon for Canon FD
80-200mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens
80-200mm f3.9 Albinar Lens for Canon FD
80-200mm f3.9 Kalimar Lens for Contax/Yashica Cameras
80-200mm f3.9 ProSpec Zoom for Canon FD
80-200mm f4.0 RMC Tokina for Pentax K
80-200mm f4.0 Access Lens for Canon FD
80-200mm f4.0 Access Lens for Minolta MD
80-200mm f4.0 CPC Zoom Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
80-200mm f4.0 Hanimex for Yashica Cameras
80-200mm f4.0 Hanimex Zoom Lens for Olympus
80-200mm f4.0 Sear Pentax Screw Mount Lens
80-200mm f4.0 SMC Pentax-M Zoom for Pentax K Cameras
80-200mm f4.0 Zoom-Nikkor AIS
80-200mm f4.5 CPC Phase 2 for Canon FD
80-200mm f4.5 Kiron Lens for Minolta MD
80-200mm f4.5 Maxxum Lens for 5000/7000
80-200mm f4.5 MC Soligar Zoom for Pentax Screw Mount
80-200mm f4.5 Paisar Brand Lens for Minolta MD
80-200mm f4.5 Promaster Brand Lens for Konica
80-200mm f4.5 Quantary for Olympus
80-200mm f4.5 Rokinon for Canon FD
80-200mm f4.5 Seikanon for Pentax K Cameras
80-200mm f4.5 SMC Pentax K Mount Zoom
80-200mm f4.5 Soligar Lens for Olympus
80-200mm f4.5 Tokina Lens for Olympus
80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar Auto Zoom for Canon FD
80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD Cameras
80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar lens for Olympus
80-200mm f4.5 Zykkor Lens for Olympus
80-200mm f4.7-5.6 SMC Pentax-F (A Series)
80-200mm f5.5 Albinar for Minolta MD
80-200mm Paiser Lens for Minolta MD
80-205mm f4.5 Takumar for Pentax K mount
80-205mm f4.5 Telesor Macro for Minolta MD
80-210 f4.0 Sears Auto Zoom for Canon FD
80-210mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptal 2 Lens
80-210mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens
80-250mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptall Lens for Minolta MC
800 Si Maxxum Camera Body
8008 Camera Back
80mm f2.8 Lens for Kiev 60 Cameras
80mm f2.8 Planar Box for Bubble and Hasselblad Lens
80mm f4 Heligon C fits Retina Big C or...
80mm f4 Telephoto for Retina III Big C.
80mm f4.0 Retina Longer Xenon for Retina IIIc
80mm f4.0 Retina-Longar-Xenon IIIc Telephoto Lens
80mm Zeiss Planar CF f2.8T* Box for Hasselblad
82mm Circular Polarizer Sunpak filter for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens
82mm Filters Used for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens
82mm Green Hoya filter for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens
82mm Hoya Polarizer Used for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens
82mm Tiffen UV filter
85-205mm f3.8 Rexatar for Minolta MC
85-205mm f3.8 Two Touch Tele Vivitar for Non-AI Nikon
85mm f2.0 AI Nikkor (Super Fast for Digital)
8GB Compact Flash Dane Elec Card (New)
8GB SDHC (Class 4) Dane Elec SD Card (New)
8MB or 64MB Microtech Compact Flash in Jewel Case (new)
8mm Camcorder Cleaning Cassette with Solution (new)
8mm Cinelarger Camera for Enlarging Movie frames
8mm Kyocera Finemetal 60 min tape (new)
8mm Kyocera Finemetal Tape 120 min (new)
8mm Maxell Video Tape GX-MP 120 min (new)
8mm Movie Macro Tube (No 80)
8mm Sony Metal 90 min video tape (new)
8mm Sony Metal Video Tape 120 min (new)
8mm Sony Metal Video Tape 120 min (new)
8x10 Black Octagonal Glassed Burnes Frame
8x10 classic Rosewood Glassed Burnes Frame
8x10 Fidelity Delux Film Holder (Very Clean) (No 2)
8x10 Primary Black Glassed Burnes Frame
8x10 Primary Green Glassed Burnes Frame
8x10 Primary White Glass Burnes Frame
8x12 Primary Black Burnes Glassed Wooden Picture Frame
8x22 Vivitar Compact Sport Binoculars
9-28mm f1.8 Zeika Reflex Zoom for Bolex C8 or B8 Movie Cameras
9.0" (229mm) f4.4 Buhl Lens for Kodak Carousel (No 9)
9.5" F4.5 Buhl Lens for Kodak Ektagraphic Cat No 322-060 (new)
90-230mm f4.5 Bushnell Lens for Pentax Screw Mount
90-230mm f4.5 Lentar Lens in Pentax Screw Mount
90-230mm f4.5 Soligar Lens for Canon FD
90-230mm f4.5 Vivitar for Minolta MC
90-230mm f4.5 Vivitar Lens for Petri Bayonet Mount
90mm f2.5 VMC Macro Vivitar Series I for Canon FD
90mm f2.8/105mm f2.4 Pentax 6x7 Metal Hood
90mm f3.8 Mamiya Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 5)
90mm f3.8 Mamiya-Sekor C Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 5)
90mm f4.5 Colorstigmat Elgeet Enlarging Lens (No 24)
90mm f6.3 Federal Enlarging Lens (No 21)
9cm f4.0 Elmar Cap (No 182)
9mm (0.96") Celestron ORTHO (No 2) (new)
Does Your Digital Sensor Have Dust?
(a self help link)

A Whatever Section?
Misc. 35mm
(by camera types)

Point & Shoot
(film cameras)

Bronica S/S2/EC

A Twin Lens Reflex Article
by James Vilett

Bronica ETR
Kiev 2 1/4
Koni Omega
Pentax 6x7
Tripod Heads
Video Cameras
(and accessories)

"B" Series Projector Bulbs

"C" Series Projector Bulbs

"D" Series Projector Bulbs

"E" Series Projector Bulbs

"F" Series Projector Bulbs

21mm f4.5 Zeiss Biogon lens

Bay I items
( Yashica/ Rolleicord/etc )

Bay II items
( for f3.5 Lenses )

Bay III items
( for f2.8 lenses )


(click here)


(jokes, my articles)

Minolta SLR

Cameras & Accessories


Richo XR & XR-P

Student Cameras

(35mm & 120mm)

4x5 Cameras
(a Zen thing)
(boards also)

Classic Camera Boxes
(all types)

Automatic ONLY

Compact Flash
New and Used

Fully Manual Cameras
(Ok for photo class)

Kodak Projector Bulbs
-includes projector
bulb key

Mamiya Press

(ok for photo class)

Memory Sticks
New and Used


Quality Leather Camera Case Repair
By James Vilett

Rollei 16

SD Cards
New and Used

Step Up Rings (new)

XD Cards
New and Used

Attempt at airplane picture

Barrel Optics
(& Low Cost Optics in Shutter)

Canon EOS

Canon FD
(not for EOS)

Contatest close-up focusing device

Contax IIa circa 1954

Contax IIa with gold serial number

Contax IIIa with gold serial number

Contax Meter Movement

Digital Point & Shoot

Digital SLR

Graphic Finder Masks

Kids Brownie Darkroom Set (Rare)

Konica Cameras

Darkroom Optics

Low Cost Lenses
(in Shutter)

Medium Format

(manual focus)


Misc Rollei TLR items
( screens, hoods, etc.)

MISC. OTHER Brands TLR Accessories

Misc. TLR Accessories
( Bay I / Bay II / Bay III )
( including Rollei filters )

More Step Rings
(larger sizes)

(AI Lenses)

(AIS lenses)


(manual focus)

(Non-AI lenses)

(not for digital)

(screw mount)

Pentax ES Camera Parts
(see list)

Pentax ES Parts

(K Mount)

Press Cameras

Rollei TLR Cameras

Series 7 Step Rings
(46mm, 49mm, or 52mm)

Spotmatic Camera Parts
(see the list)

Spotmatic Parts

Step Rings

Stuttgart factory of Zeiss Ikon

T Mount Lenses
(Fits Any Camera)

(Adaptall & Adaptall 2)
(for most cameras)

The Zeiss Ikon Logo

Twin Lens Cameras
& Accessories


Zeiss Contaflex

Zeiss Ikon cable release

Zeiss Ikon Dealer Sign

Zeiss Universal view-finder

Zeiss wide-angle view-finder for 21mm


Camera Bags...
(includes small cases)

Classic Cameras...
(Argus to Zeiss)

(enlargers, copy stands, overheads)

Display Fixtures...
store display cases

Film & Memory...
(also Polaroid film)
(disks, tapes)

Photo Books...
(booklets, phamplets, Instructions)

Professional Items
(cameras, meters, studio,view lenses)

Projector Bulbs...
(bulbs of all types)

Projectors & Lenses
slide trays, remotes

Scientific Items
Specialty Cameras

(bank cameras)

35mm Items...
digital, lenses, flashes, accessories

Batteries & Chargers...
(including digital)


Filters, Caps, Step rings, & Hoods
(35mm all types)

(& tripod heads)

8/16mm movie


Canon Rangefinder

Canon SLR

Canon SLR

Canon FD
(& EOS)

Contaflex SLR


Contax/Yashica SLR

Exakta SLR







Konica SLR




(& magnifiers)
Minolta SLR



Misc. Accessories

Misc. Camera/Flash

Misc. Classic Cameras

Misc. Inst.

Misc. Medium Format

Misc. Zeiss Items


Photo Books


Nikon SLR

Nikon SLR


Olympus Pen

Olympus SLR

Olympus SLR

On Collecting

Pentax 110
(110 film is available)

Pentax SLR

Pentax SLR




Rollei 35

Rollei TLR





Zeiss Contax

Zeiss Super Ikonta


Camera Flashes

(all sizes)

About Giving Up


Bronica ETRS
(and Misc Bronica)

Dating Pre-war Zeiss Cameras
Mamiya RB67
Pentax 645
Minolta 16

A View Camera Article
By James Vilett

Case Logic Brand
Digital Cases (new)
(all types)

CD-R and DVD-R Disks and Video Tapes (All Types)
Colored Cameras An Article
By James Vilett

Kowa Six
Mamiya 645
Mamiya RZ67
Misc. Brands
Medium Format

Pentacon Six TL
Quick Release Plates
Rollei 35 Cameras an article
By James Vilett

Small MISC. Items
(All types)

Super Speed Graphic
By James Vilett

The WWII Navy Torpedo Camera
By James Vilett

Total Number of Pictures Taken With Your Nikon DSLR
By James Vilett

Zeiss Sample Case Article
By James Vilett

A Generic Barrel Lens
A Guide to the Exciting World of Maxxum Photography (Origianl)
A Waist Level Finder for Some Old Zeiss Folding Camera
A-P 8X Loupe
A-Z of Camcorders & Video Hove Press 152pg 1991
A12 Film Back (1970) for Hasselblad (No 10)
A12 magazine
A28.5mm Carl Zeiss 1m Proxar (closeup) for Contaflex
A36 Swing Out Polarizer FILPO (N.Y.) GLASS IS PERFECT!!!!
A36 Yellow (Y2) Clamp on Elmar Filter "E. Leitz NY"
Abstract Colored Fused Glass Dish (No 23)
AC Adapter for Finecam L Series L3V and L4V (new)
AC Adapter for Nikon CoolPix 100 300 600 700 750 800 900 950 990
AC Power Supply T12 for the Bolex Electric Motor used on H cameras
Accessories Pamphlet for Voigtlander Vitessa (Xerox Copy)
Accessory Battery Pack for Winder 1 & 2 and ringlight T-10
Accura Slide Duplicator (No 6)
Accura Wide Angle Auxillary Lens for Argus C3 (No11)
Achiever Manual Flash with 1 Automatic Setting (No 7)
Achiever TZ 250 Flash for Canon FD cameras (No 14)
Adaptal 2 Canon FD Mount (No 29)
Adaptall Mount for 28mm f2.8 or 35mm f2.8 Tarmon Adaptall (No 5A)
Adapter Ring 40.5mm to Series 6 Filters
Adapter Ring for Early Contaflex Cameras
Adapter Ring for Mounting Contax IIa/IIIa Lenses on Enlargers
Adjustable Flash Bracket CTOOM/15545 1953-1964 (No 14)
AE-1 Canon Instructions, 77 pgs
AE-1 Instructions Part 2 (More in depth on how to use), 41 pgs
AE-1 Instructions Part I (quick start instructions), 20 pgs
AE-1 Program Canon Instructions, 86pgs
AE-1 Program Instructions, 87 pgs (xerox copy)
AF160S Flash for Pentax ME Super (No 4)
AF200T Pentax Flash for Pentax 645 Medium Format Cameras (New)
Agfa 8S Automatic Super 8 Press Tape Splicer (No 10)
Agfa 8X Loupe
Agfa KARAT Rangefinder camera
Agfa Solette II w/ 85mm coated f4.5 Apotar in Compur Rapid
Agfa Super 8 Cement Type Splicer with instructions (No 11)
Air Bulb for Packard shutters (No 61)
Akaretta II Rangefinder Camera w/ 45mm f2.8 Xenar
AlienBees™ B400 Flash Unit
All New From Leitz. Simply For Their Optics. 23pgs, 1980.
All New From Leitz. Simply For Their Optics. 49pgs. 1980
Ambico Bag (No 82)
Antique and Classic Still Cameras 7th Ed 1990-1991
AO Stereo Hand Glass
Argus 35mm Metal Bound Slide Mounts (about 30 total) (No 11)
Argus Remote Control Cord
Asahi Pentax Brand Screw Mount Bellows Unit
Asahi Pentax Macro Focusing Stage
Auto 132X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 16)
Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 12)
Auto 30FX Flash for Minolta XG (will work on X series) (No 6)
Auto 310 Olympus Remote Sensor
Auto Flash 220X for Minolta X Series Cameras (new) (No 21)
Auto Focus 70-210mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens for OM 77 Cameras etc.
Auto Tele Converter no brand for Pentax SM (No15)
Auto Teleplus 2X Doubler with case for Nikon Non-AI
Auto Winder F for Konica FS-1 (No1)
Auto Winder F for Konica FS-1 (No2)
Autoknips II Cable Release Timer
Auxiliary Lenses (these screw on to the front of other Lenses)
AW-1 Winder for Nikon ELW or EL2 Cameras (5010xx)
B&W Bank Surveillance Video Camera (NAVCO)
B&H "Angenieux" Front Cap (No 4)
B&H 16mm Super D Proval 2" f1.4 Projector Lens (No 1)
B&H 16mm Turret Cap (C mount) (No 5)
B&H 16mm Turret Cap (C mount) (No 6)
B&H Back Wind Crank for 70DL or 70DR 16mm Cameras (No 3)
B&H Back Wind Crank for 70DL or 70DR 16mm Cameras (No 64)
B&H Camera Oil with a Camera Cleaning Brush (No 2)
B&H Filmo Camera Oil (No 69)
B&H Filmovara Zoom 16mm Projector Auxillary Lens (No 2)
B&H Kodak Chrome A filter built into a small movie hood (No 73)
B&H Movie Lens Case (No 1)
B&H Remote On/Off Projector Power Cord
B&L Compund Shutter on 2x3 Speed Graphic Board
B50 Closeup for Zeiss Icarex Cameras
B50 Red Filter for Zeiss Icarex Cameras
Back Wind Crank (Fits ?) (No 7)
Back Wind Crank (Fits ?) (No 6)
Baldamatic II 35mm Manual Camera (user classic camera)
Barcode Reader E for ELAN & Canon Book with sample barcodes
Barrel Lenses Potluck (cheap project optics)
Battery Charger for Sony W Series/ T20/ T100/ N2/ N1/ N7/ H7/ H9
Bausch and Lomb 10X eyepiece (No 14)
Bay 50 filter cap 1000F/1600F
Bay 50 Green filter Hasselblad Brand for 1000F (spots on glass)
Bay 50 Hoya Skylight Filter
Bay 50 Red filter Hasselblad brand for Hasselblad 1000F
Bay 50 Sky filter Hoya brand for Hasselblad 1000F
Bay 50 Star filter Prinz brand for Hasselblad 1000F
Bay 50 Yellow filter Hoya brand for Hasselblad 1000F
Bay 57 Hasselblad Closeup
Bay 57 Rubber Hood to fit Hasselblad
Bay 57 to Series 7 Adapter Ring with drop in Polarizer
Bay 57 to Series 7 Filter ring
Bay 60 Hoya Adapter Ring
Bay I filter adapter ring for thin series V loose glass filters
Bay I Rollei Strap Mount Filter Case for 4 Rollei Filters
Bay I Rollei Brand Light Blue Filter with case and box
Bay I Rollei Brand Light Green Filter with case
Bay I Rollei Brand Soft Filter with a Rollei type box
Bay I Rollei Chrome Cap
Bay I Rubber Hood for Yashica TLR Cameras
Bay II Hoya Sky for Rollei TLR cameras with f3.5 Lenses
Bay II Red 11 Rollei Brand Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras
Bay II Rollei Brand Blue 11 Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras
Bay II Rollei Brand Blue 2 Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras
Bay II Rollei Brand Blue 5 Filtera for Rollei TLR Camras
Bay III medium yellow filter for Rollei f2.8 TLR
Bayonet Base P25 Blue (3) P25 Clear (2) #5B (4) (9 total) (No 29)
Bayonet Hood for Retina Reflex Cameras
Bayonet Lens Cap for Pentax 6x7 (65mm inside diameter ring) (No 1)
Bayonet Lens Cap for Pentax 6x7 (65mm inside diameter ring) (No 2)
BCA Standard 250 Watt PhotoFlood (new)
Beaulieu R16 Electric Instructions ( xerox )
Beaulieu R16 Instruction Book 14pgs (xerox)
Beginning Underwater Photography by Jim Church, 96p 1980
Bell & Howell 16mm Cement Splicer (No 16)
Bell & Howell 70-DL S or H Instructions (xerox)
Bell & Howell Ceranic Microphone Model CA80C
Bell & Howell Turret Cap for 16mm (No 27)
Bell and Howell Finders
(all types)

Bell and Howell
(misc. items)

Bellow I for Visoflex I with ring 16558 Z
Bellows for Olympus Pen FT Cameras
Bellows I Leica Ring 17672U for 50mm Summicron (No 32)
Bellows Type Topcon Microscope Attachment
Belt Clip (Bitco Brand) (No 19)
Benser Case Filter Holder to fit Leicaflex (No 4)
Besbee 16mm Film Reel Clips (to hold your film secure) (No 9)
Beseler Dual Dichro 23 Instructions (xerox copy) 9pg
Besler Toshiba (for Topcon) 660 Flash (tested)
Bessa 46 uses 120 film for 645 format pictures (c1939)
Bessa46 (1939) Camera for 645 format on 120 film
Bessamatic Camera with 50mm f2.8 Color Skopar
Bessematic Body
Black 1971 Nikon F
Black Bolex cap for 8mm (No 13)
Black Minox Case (No 2)
BLM1 generic brand Battery Charger for EVOLT E300 E500 E1 E300 C-7070
Blue "CB" Bay 50 Hasselblad Brand Filter
Blue Painted Canvas Backround
Blue Translucent Multicolor Bowl (No 6)
Board & Case for making a Dry Cell Power Supply for Bolex Electric Motor
Body Cap (Pentax brand) for Pentax 6x7 Cameras
Body Cap (Soligar) for Miranda Cameras (No20)
Body Cap for a Voigtlander Prominent Cameras
BODY CAP for Bronica ETR
Body Cap for Canon EOS Cameras
Body Cap for Canon FD Cameras
Body Cap for Contax Cameras
Body Cap for Konica
Body Cap for Mamiya C330 TLR
Body Cap for Mamiya RB67 Cameras
Body Cap for Minolta Maxxum Cameras
Body Cap for Minolta MD SRT type cameras
Body Cap for Miranda (No18)
Body Cap for Olympus Cameras
Body Cap for Pentax K Mount Cameras
Body Cap for Pentax Screw Mount Cameras
Bogen Anti Theft Plate with security cable and key (new)
Bogen Monolite X200
Bogen Short Center Tripod Column
Bolex 155 Macrozoom Instruction Manual 28pg (xerox)
Bolex 16mm Non-Reflex Leather Case (No 83)
Bolex 16mm Product Buying Catalog 1972 30pg (xerox)
Bolex 265 Instruction Book 12pg (xerox)
Bolex 5.5mm Finder Mask for use on a B8SL C8SL B8L or D8L Cameras
Bolex 8/16 Movie Guide Tydings 9th Printing 1959, 126pgs (Original)
Bolex Accessories
Bolex B8 Instructions (xerox)
Bolex B8 Sales Brochure (folds out)
Bolex Back Wind Crank (No 24)
Bolex Back Wind Cranks for 8mm (No 11)
Bolex C Mount "Kern-Paillard" Lens Case (No 1)
Bolex C Mount "Kern-Paillard" Lens Case (No 2)
Bolex C Mount Turret Cap (No 26)
Bolex Cement Splicer (No 78)
Bolex Cord to Electric Hand Grip to MST Motor (new) (No 56)
Bolex Exposure Calculator for Daylight both H16 and H8 (No 68)
Bolex Filter Holder Set (20mmW x 38mmL) (No 10)
Bolex H16 Standard accessory and lens booklet 17pg (xerox)
Bolex H8 Movie Camera Instruction Manual 36pg (xerox)
Bolex Hood & Cap for 75mm f2.8 YVAR (No 80)
Bolex Hood (No 17)
Bolex Hood (No 20)
Bolex Lens focusing handle (new) (No 74)
Bolex Lens Shade (No 18)
Bolex Motor Power Supply Circut Board Plug in Wire (No 2)
Bolex Octometer Cushion Eye Rubber (No 22)
Bolex Octometer Eyecup (new) (No 27)
Bolex Octometer for H16 Non-reflex (No 9)
Bolex Plug #SR 1188 for MST POWER PACK (new) (No 55)
Bolex Reflex-5 Instruction Book 16pg (xerox)
Bolex REX-5 and SB/SBM Instruction Manual 44pg (xerox)
Bolex S2 Movie Light for 155/160 Super 8mm Movie Camera
Bolex Series 7 (3 feet) 1 Meter Closeup (No 73)
Bolex Super 8mm Cement Splicer (No 14)
Bolex Switar Hood (No 19)
Bolex tape spreader with metal handle (No 79)
Bolex Tripod Adapter Screw (No 57)
Bolex Zoom Lens Handle (No 23)
Bolex Zoom Reflex P1 Instructions (xerox)
Bolex Zoom Reflex P2 Instruction Book 31pg (xerox)
Bolex Zoom Reflex PAN-CINOR CAP (No 8)
Bolex Zoom Reflex Phamplet 10pgs (xerox)
Booster cell Case for use with a Leica meter (No 1)
Bottom of a Case for a Hasselblad Meter Knob
Bottom Tripod Hole Mount Adjustable Flash Bracket (No 4)
BOX & BUBBLE for 28mm f3.5 Nikkor-Auto (Non-AI)
BOX for a Hamco subminature camera
Box for a Micro 16 subminature camera
Box for a Minetta subminature camera
Box for Ansco Viking and Instructions (206D)
Box for Brownie Reflex Syncro and Instructions (222)
Box for Candid Type Camera & Instructions M&M CO (49S)
Box for Detrola Candid Camera Model G f4.5 & instructions (99S)
Box for Honywell
Pentax Prism Binocular
8x40 BWCF

Box for KANDOR JR Candid Type Camera Model #C295
Box for Keystone 16mm Movie Camera Model A-9 w/ 2.5 lens
Box for Kodak Bantam f6.3 Lens (39T)
Boxes..... (for bay 2 hood and bay 2 polleipol) (No 8)
BP-408L Nicad Battery Pack for JVC Hi 8 Video Cameras (used)
BP-511 Battery for Canon 10D (Canon Brand)
BP-511 Battery for Many Canon Digital Cameras
BP-511 Canon Brand Nicad for EOS 10D or 20D (used)
BP511 Accessory Power for many Canon Cameras (New)
BP780S generic brand Battery Charger for Kyocera SL300R SL400R
BR-3 Bellows Ring for Nikon F Bellows
Bracket for Graphic Style Clip on Flash (No74)
Brass Back Spring (6 1/2") for Wooden Cameras (No30)
Bright Multicolor Bowl by Linda Owen (No 5)
Bright Yellow Minolta Weathermatic A Pouch
Bronica ETR Body Top Cover
Bronica ETR Leather Strap
Bronica GS Body Cap
Bronica S 12/24 exp Film Back for 120/220 film (No Dark slide Provided)
Bronica S Film Back (with dark slide)
Bronica S Film Back (No Dark Slide Provided)
Bronica S Side Grip with Cable Release built into the grip
Bronica S2 Generic Metal Cap for 80mm Normal Lens
Bronica S2 Metal Cap 77mm
Bronica S2 Metal Cap for the 75mm Normal Lens
Bronica SQ Body AC Top Cover (new)
Bronica SQ Finder AC Bottom Cover (new)
Bronica SQ-Ai 6x6 Main Camera Body Instructions (xerox)
Brown "Alligator texture" Leica Case (Needs Work)
Bulb Flash for Contaflex
Bulk Gaffers Tape 60 yards x 6.5" Wide
Burke & James 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Glass Focusing Panel (No 7)
Busch Verascope Stereo Slide (Cover glass cracked on one end) by Howard Butts
Bushnell Binocular End Caps
Bushnell Reflex Adapter " RBT" for Televar in Unknown Mount (No 18)
Bushnell Reflex Adapter B for Televar Monocular in Exakta Mount (No 1)
Bushnell Spotting Scope to Exakta Lens Mount (No12)
Bushnell Spotting Scope to Exakta Lens Mount (No13)
Bushnell Telescope Adapter for your Binoculars
Bushnell Televar Monocular Mt. to Leica Visoflex I or II (No 2)
C Extension Tub box for Hasselblad TIMBC
C Eye-level Prism Finder HC-1 Box for Hasselblad
C Mount Lens Case "Kern-Paillard" (No 3)
C Mount Lens Case "Kern-Paillard" (No 4)
C Mount Push on rear lens cap (No 19)
C Mount Rear Lens Cap (shallow depth) approx 4mm deep (No 16)
C Mount to Canon FD Lenses (No 7)
C Mount Turret Cap (No 42)
C Mount turret Cap (No 43)
C Mount turret cap (No 44)
C Mount turret cap (No 45)
C Mount Turret Cap (No 92)
C Mount Turret Cap for Kodak K100 16mm Camera (No 39)
C Pistol Grip Box for Hasselblad
C26 Rollei flash for an A26 Rollei Camera
C44 Coupled Meter
Cable from Bolex Unimotor B to Mag Takeup Motor (new) (No 54)
Cable Hook for a sync cable on 500C SWC or 500CM
Cable Release Holder (attaches to a tripod handle)
Calculator dial for Weston Master IV meters
Calculator Tables for TUBEX Extension Tubes (Bolex H) (No 61)
Calumet Flash Meter
Cambron F-2 Flash Meter
Camera Bag (No 87)
Camera Body Cap 14103 R Bayonet "E Leitz Wetzlar" (No 85)
Camera Bottom for AA use in Nikon N2000 or N2020
Camera Bracket
Camera Flash Bulb PC Sync for Early Leica Cameras without Sync (No 48)
Camera Handle with 1/4 x 20 stud (No 71)
Camera Holder for Canon Rangefinder (not the camera)
Camera Protectors
(for 35mm top covers)

CAN for 16mm Film (3 3/4") (No 1)
Candid Type Camera Box M&M CO
Canolite D for G-III QL Canon Rangefinder Cameras (No 1)
Canon (FD style) T mount (No 2)
Canon (FD style) T mount (new) (No 9)
Canon 155A FD Flash (No 5)
Canon 300EZ Speedilte for EOS (No 6)
Canon 420EZ Speedlite for EOS (No 5)
Canon 50mm f1.4 New Style (Mint)
Canon 60 T3 Remote Switch (T70, T90, EOS 620 650 750)
Canon A1 Camera BOX for Canon FD
Canon A1 Instructions (original booklet) 100 pages
Canon A1 Systems Booklet (Original)
Canon A2 Winder for A1,AE1,AE1P,AT1,AV1 (No 9)
Canon AE-1P Camera Body (Bad Meter)
Canon AL-1 Instruction Booklet, 59pgs (Original)
Canon Angle Finder B (fits F1 Cameras and A Series)
Canon Angle Finder B for A Series Cameras
Canon AT-1 Camera BOX for Canon FD
Canon Auto EX Camera (out of stock)
Canon Auto EX Instructions, 39 pgs
Canon Bellows M with original instructions
Canon Binocular Screw on eyepieces
Canon Booster for FTB (No 2)
Canon BP-508 Nicad Battery for Many Digital Canon Cameras (used)
Canon BP-8 for EOS G,GII,X,XS,and XSN (No 11)
Canon Camcorder Book. Hove Press. 152pgs 1991
Canon Camera Backpack (No 57)
Canon Cameras
Canon CP220 Dye Sublimation Pic Bridge Printer (plugs directly to your camera)
Canon Data Back A (for A series cameras)
Canon EOS 10/10S User's Guide Hove Press 176pg 1990
Canon EOS 630 User's Guide Hove Press 175pg 1989
Canon EOS EC-GIII Standard Focusing Screen (Like New) boxed
Canon EOS ET-54 Hood (New)
Canon EOS Flashes (for EOS) (ALL TYPES)
Canon EOS Rebel
Canon EOS Rebel S w/ 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Lens
Canon EOS Ring Lite ML-3
Canon EOS-1 User's Guide Hove Press. 1990 176 pg.
Canon Extender FD 2X-B (rare)
Canon F1 Mechanical Flash Coupler D
Canon F1-N Mechanical Instruction Booklet 60pgs (Original)
Canon FD Flashes
(not for EOS)

Canon FD Lens Flange (new)
Canon FD Remote Sensor Cord for AB56 Flash (No 10)
Canon FD to M42 Adapter
Canon FTB Camera BOX
Canon Hi-8 3X Tripler TL-55L3X for A1 Hi Video Cameras
Canon Hood ET-60 for EOS 70-300 lens
Canon MA Motor Drive for A1 or AE1P (No 14)
Canon Macrophoto Coupler FL for lenses with 55mm filter mount (No 10)
Canon Marine Film Holder
Canon Meter Booster for use with an FTB in low light
Canon Motor Drive MA for the A1 or AE1-P Cameras (no8)
Canon Power Winder A (No 13)
Canon Power Winder A (Runs but motor dry) (No 16)
Canon Power Winder A for all A series Cameras (No3)
Canon Power Winder A for all A series Cameras (No4)
Canon Power Winder A for all A series Cameras (No5)
Canon Power Winder A2
Canon Power Winder A2 for A series Canon Cameras (No6)
Canon Rangefinder Camera 55mm Macrophoto Coupler Ring
Canon Rangefinder Camera Cap for 135mm f3.5 Serenar
Canon Rangefinder Cap (fits 58mm filters)
Canon Rangefinder Cap for 50mm f1.4
Canon Speedlite 199A, 39pgs (Original)
Canon Sureshot A1 35mm All Weather Camera
Canon T80 Camera BOX for Canon FD
Canon TX Instruction Booklet, 40pgs (original)
Canon Video Lens for Hi8 L1 or L2 Cameras
CanonAE Power Winder FN for New F-1 (No1)
Canonflex RM Camera (user classic)
CAP (approx 39mm/40mm) (No 6)
Cap for 200-600 Non-AI Nikkor
CAP for 35mm f4 Pro-Tessar Lenses
Cap for 50mm f1.4 Nikkor S. C for a Nikon Rangefinder S2 lens
Cap for Bronica ETR 72mm Slip-on
Cap for Kodak Stereo Camera
Cap for Nikon Coolpix 7500
Cap for Rollei Magic TLR Cameras
CAP for Zeiss Contaflex 75mm f4 Pantar Lenses
Capro FL66 Manual Flash (AC ONLY plugs in)
Car Power Adapter (6V 9V or 12V) to Banana Plug (new)
Car Window Mount Tripod Head (No23)
Carnival 1939 (Reel No1 & Reel No 2) 16mm (No 16)
Carrying case for Kodak Instamatic 100 104 124 134 & Hawkeye
Carson 10X Loupe
Case base for a Leica Elmar Screw Mount Lens (No 46)
Case for a 28mm Nikonos III finder
Case for a 35mm Nikonos III finder
Case for a Minox Flash (No 17)
Case for Minolta 16P cameras
Case for Minox 35 Flash (No 5)
Case for Olympus Pen FT Cameras
Case for Rolleiflex MX
Case for TDC Colorist 1 (No1)
Case for Topcon Filters
Case for Tower Rangefinder (needs repair)
Case Logic 35mm Camera Bag (No 32) NEW
Case Logic Bag No 8

Case Logic Case No 11

Case Logic Case No 12

Case Logic Case No 13

Case logic Case No 14

Case Logic Case No 16

Case Logic Case No 18

Case Logic Case No 1

Case Logic Case No 25

Case Logic Case No 2

Case Logic Case No 9

Case Logic Case No 9

Case Logic Leather Case No 10

Case Logic SLR Case No 22

Case Logic Video Camera Bag No 23

Case Logic Video Camera Sling Pack Case No 21

Casio CA-24 AC Cradle for Exilim Z30 Z40 Z50 Z55
Casio Charger BC30L for NP40 Batteries
Casio Exilim NP40 Battery (new)
CD Read/Write Disks 2X/4x 533MB (require formatting) NEW in Jewel Cases....(10 Disks Total)
CE Digtal Camera (1024x768) w/ 7.1mm lens 1 MP (No 5)
Charmy subminaturecameracase (torn strap)
Chinon CG-5 with 35-70mm f3.5-4.6 Chinon Macro Zoom
Chinon CXII Manual Camera with 50mm lens (non-metered)
Chinon Genesis Enamel Dealer Pin
Cine Kodak K100 Camera Viewfinders
(All types)

Cine Kodak Model E 16mm Spring Driven Camera 1937
Cine Special II Body (for parts)
Cine Special II Instructions (original)
Cine-Fader (Motorized) for 16mm (No 82)
Cine-Kodak Duo Splicer for 8/16mm Cement Type with built in cutter (No 2)
Cine-Kodak Duo Splicer for 8/16mm Cement Type with built in cutter (No 3)
Cine-Kodak Model K Instructions 53pg. (xerox)
Cinkloc 16mm Model S3 Movie Camera circa 1936
Clamp on Movie hood for compact 8mm cameras (No 77)
Clamp with 1/2" Stud (No 37)
Clamp-on Hood and hood cap for 50mm Elmar (No 57)
CLAMPS (Umbrella/Stands/Camera/Flash)
Clarus Model MS-35 35mm camera (2497B)
Clarus MS-35 with 50mm f2.8 Wollensak Coated lens
Cleaning Brush for Mamiya Super 16 (w/ Mamiya Logo)
Clear Plastic Bubble level with two shoes
Click subminature camera case (No20)
Click subminature camera case (No20)
Click subminature camera case (No21)
Click subminature camera case-torn strap (No19)
Clip on Meter for Pentax Spotmatic (No 5)
Clip on Meter for Pentax Spotmatic (No 6)
Clip on SR-1 Meter for early SR-1 Minolta Cameras
Clip-on Flash Shoe for Pentax Spotmatic
Closeup 32mm Slip-on Filter for Voigtlander Cameras
Closeup 39" (100cm) German TLR Closeup Measuring Tape
Closeup Camera Platform Model C for Retina IIIc Cameras
Closeup for Leica Summitar
Closeup Lens for Bolex 150 (Super 8) Titling Kit (No 48)
Closeup R 1:3 32mm for Retina IIIc Cameras
Closeup R 1:4 32mm Screw-in for Retina IIIc Camera
Cloth Tape for the Binomat E Leitz New York
CMC subminature camera case (No22)
CMC subminature camera case (No23)
CO2 Chargers for Graphic Jet Cameras
Coaster Manual Flash with Pivoting Foot and Sync cord (No 31)
Cobra Micro Talk (run on AAA batteries)
Cokin Filters (all types)
Cokin Filters (all types) (these have marks and defects)
Color Printing D Engdahl 128pg 1977
Colored filter Set for Vivitar 283
Compact 8mm Bolex
Compact Camera/Lens Carrying Bag (Albinar Brand) (No 24)
Compact Digital Camera Bag (Zing Brand) New (No 77)
Compact Digital Lowepro Camera Bag (No 43)
Compact Flash Cards to PC adapter by San Disk
Compact Flash for Vitoret 110EL (will fit any camera) with regular foot
Compact Focal M-100 Manual Flash (No 19)
Compact Microphone with stand (No 1)
Compact Tripod Head (No 35)
CompactTRIO Card Reader for SD MMC MS and CF Cards
Consul - c1955 Rare Name Variation of a Contax D
Contact Shoe with plugs for Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 1)
Contaflex "The single-lens reflex camera with the greatest sale..." (xerox copy)
Contaflex Cap for add on lens
Contaflex Hood 1132 S60 for Early Contaflex Lenses
Contaflex I (861/24) 1953-1958 (desilvered mirror) very clean
Contaflex instructions for using the depth of field calculator (original booklet)
Contaflex Made by Zeiss Ikon in West Germany 1954 14pgs (xerox copy)
Contaflex Strap Hood Case, new.
Contaflex Super & Super B Camera Bulb Flash w/ snap in plugs
Contaflex Super B (10.1272) (AS IS)
Contaflex The Expert Camera for Expert Photographers 14pgs (xerox)
Contarex Depth of field tables (Original)
Contax 59mm Cap
Contax 70mm Soft Rubber Hood for 35mm f1.4 or 85mm f1.4
Contax Aria Instructions, 258pgs (Original)
Contax Body Cap
Contax Button Remote Release
Contax Cable Switch (new)
Contax Camera Grip
Contax Cameras
Contax Cap 59mm
Contax Drop in Filters for 500mm ML Mirror Lens
Contax Flash TLA30 attachment adapter
Contax IIa/IIIa Lens Board for a Kodak Minature Precision Enlarger
Contax Panorama Adapter PA-02
Contax reloadable cassette with metal case.
Contax Remote Release
Contax RTS III FV-5 Screen Cross Scale Screen
Contax RTS-II Clear Center Spot Screen 2-1
Contax Rubber Eyecup with metal mount fitting
Contax Soft Hood 59mm #2 (926069) slips on
Contax Strap
Contax T Mount
Contax TLA Extension Connector S
Contax TLA20 50th Anniversary Flash (for Contax MT167)
Contax/Yashica Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 8)
Converter Bushing European to 1/4" America Size (new)
Coolpix 950 Nikon Camera BOX
Copy Stand Legs BEOOY (1935-1951) (No 49)
CP Goerz Berlin Anastigmat Series III 130mm f6.3 Dagor on 2x3 Spd Graphic Brd
CR123A Rechargeable Battery with charger (new)
Craig 8-16mm Junior Cement Splicer (No 1)
Craig Master Cement Splicer Six for 8/16mm (No 21)
Craig Wood/Metal Tripod
Critical Focusing Magnifier for SR Minolta Camera
Critical Focusing Magnifyer for Canon F1 Mechanical Cameras
Critical Magnifyer for Rich XR Cameras
Crystal Bright Lens Tissue
Crystal Prism Night Vison 0.42X 46mm Auxiliary Lens
Crystar Camera Case (No9)
CS-140 Yashica Flash for 200-AF & Other Yashica Cameras (new)
CS140 Yashica Flash for Zoommate 140 Yashica Cameras
Cub subminature camera (as is) (No2)
Cubes for the Bell & Howell Cube Projector (4 cubes)
Cullman made in Germany Tripod Head (No 22)
Curved View Camera Cable Adapter
Cut Film Sheaths for the Contax I Pre-war Sheet Film Back
D Mount "Kern-Paillard" Lens Case
D Mount Adapter for S Mount lenses (No 16)
D Mount Shallow Rear Lens Caps for 8mm Lenses (No 15)
D-L163 Pentax Battery for W30 T30 or M30 Cameras
D-L18 Pentax Brand Nicad for Optio S (used)
D-LI7 Nicad Pentax Brand Battery (new)
D40 Nikon Body (Lens is available also)
Dark Slide for ARCA Swiss Polaroid Film Holder
Dark Slide for Hasselblad 12 Backs
Darkroom Accessories
Darkroom Lenses
Dejur 2X Doubler for Nikon AI (No 18)
Delsey Pro Bag 5 (No 37) NEW
Deluxe Medium Blower for Digital Sensor Cleaning (new)
Di28 Nissin Speedlite for EOS Digital Cameras (new)
Dial Indicator Gauge Enco Brand 1" = .001" 0 TO 90
DigiPower Nicad Charger (for charging 4 AA Nicads)
Digital Batteries

Digital Battery Chargers
(All Types)

Digital Camera Bag with fold out accessory wallet (No 40)
Digital Card Readers
(ALL Types)

Digital Screen Protector Kit (new)
Digital Starter Kit (new)
Dimage XG Konica/Minolta Charger for NP200 Batteries
Diopter Lenses for X Series Minolta Cameras
Disk for Sekonic L398M L28C or L28C2 meters
Display Case for the Pixie subminature camera
DLCS40 Battery for Casio EX-Z40 EXP600 (new)
Double Anastigmat f6.3 Eastman Optic Co. No3 in Kilos AS IS (No 2)
Double Flash Mount (No 4)
Download Cable for Nikon 7500 Coolpix
Drop in Filter for Nikon 500mm Mirror Lens
DSC-W50 TO TV Cord
DVC Panasonic Digital Video Cassette (5 pack) (new)
Dynax 5 with 28-100mm Minolta AF Zoom
Dynax 7xi Maxxum Body
E. Leitz Wetzlar Light Yellow 36mm Filter (No 160)
E39 E Leitz New York Skylight (No 132)
E39 E. Leitz New York Skylight (No 131)
E39 E. Leitz USA Skylight Filter (No 129)
E39 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar (No 133)
E39 Ernst LeitZ Wetzlar Filter (No 126)
E39 Leica E. Leitz N.Y. Skylight (No 130)
Early 8x10 Century Studio Camera
Early Kodak Viewing Filter YN4 (No 28)
Early Minolta Rangefinder Cap (No 77)
Early Minox Film Mailer (5 cents postage)
Early Nikon Metered Prism
Early Seagull TLR Cap
Ebony 35 Camera Box (147S)
EBW Large 500 Watt PhotoFlood Lamp (new)
EF 28-70mm f2.8L Lens BOX for Canon EOS
EF 35-70mm f3.5-4.5
BOX for Canon EOS

EF Canon Instructions, 63 pgs
EKC Kodascope 16mm Film Splicing Outfit (c. 1935)
Ektagraphic IIIE Projector with a 102mm f3.5 Ektannar C Lens
EL-Nikkor Phamplet
Electric Flash to replace Flipflash Bars on instamatics (No 24)
Elgeet Stiktite Vinyl 1" Lettering sets (No 35)
Elgeet Wide Angle 70 DR B&H Finder & other 70 series (No 21)
Elgeet Wide Angle View Finder No 701 (Probably B&H 16mm) (No 72)
Elgeet Wide Angle View-Finder (B&H 16mm???) (No 70)
Elgeet Wide Angle Viewfinder "No 705" (No 76)
Elinchrom EL-Skyport Universal Trigger Set
Elmar Slip on 'F' Filter E. Leitrz New York discolored (No 100)
ELMO Cap 57mm (No 36)
Elmo Super 8 Film Counter with Zero Reset Button
Elmo Super 8 Flash Bracket #3264-4 (No 47)
Elmo Super 8mm Movie Camera Lens Cap (No 18)
ELW Nikon Camera BOX (very rare)
Empty 16mm film cans (2)
EN-EL1 Nikon Nicad Battery (used)
EN-EL10 Prof Series Battery for Nikon Coolpix S600, S520 & S210 (New)
EN-EL2 Nikon Nicad Battery (used)
EN-EL3 Battery for Nikon D50 D70 D70s or D100 (new)
EN-EL3 Lenmar Nicad Battery for Nikon D100 D70 D50 (new)
EN-EL3 Nicad Battery for Nikon D100 D70 D50 (new)
EN-EL3 Nikon Brand Nicad Battery for D100 D70 D50 (used)
EN-EL3 Professional Series Battery for Nikon D100 D70 D50 (new)
EN-EL7 Charger for Nikon CoolPix 8400 8800 (new)
EN-EL8 Nikon Brand Nicad Battery (used)
Enalrger Mount for Exakta Optics (No14)
ENEL-3E Professional Series High Capacity Battery for Nikon D80 D200, D300
ENEL1 generic brand Battery Charger for Coolpix ....
ENEL11 Battery for CoolPix S550 S560
ENEL11 generic brand Battery Charger for Coolpix S550 S560
ENEL2 generic brand Battery Charger for Coolpix 2500 3500 SQ
ENEL5 Battery for CoolPix P3 P4 S10 P5000 3700 4200 5200 5900 7900
ENEL8 Battery for CoolPix S50 50C S7 S8 S5 S6 S7C S9 P2 P3 S1 S2 P1
ENEL8 Prof Series Battery for CoolPix S50 50C S7 S8 S5 S6 S7C S9 P2 P3 S1 S2 P1
ENEL9 for Nikon D40 or D40X Cameras (new)
Enlarger Lamp
Enlarger Mount for Exakta Optics (No15)
Ensignette 4" long Case & 2 other Misc Cases (No5)
Ensignette Case 4" tall
Environment (Disposal of Chemicals) Kodak 36pg 1989
EOS 1 V Camera Body Puzzel from Canon (new)
EOS 10D Body and Battery (no charger)
EOS 500 body
EOS 700 Camera BOX for Canon
EOS 850 Program Camera (Automatic only)
EOS Cameras (Film)
EOS Off Camera Flash Connection Kit
EOS Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2
EOS Rebel Rubber Eyecup
EOS remote switch RS60-E3 for Canon
EOS standard Screen (for canon film cameras)
EOS-1 Camera Body
ER-D120 Energizer Nicad for Canon S50 (used)
Escot Telephoto Auxillary Lens for Argus C3 (No10)
ETRS Bottom Body AC Cover (new)
Eumig Austria Metal Cap (No 37)
European Thread Tripod Head (No 25)
EX Minolta Flash Cable with Shoe for Maxxum & X series
Exakta Bellows Kopil Brand (made in Japan)
Exakta Bellows Kopil Brand (probably) (No16)
Exakta Bellows Multiscope Brand (made in Germany)
Exakta Extension Tube (N010)
Exakta Extension Tube Set (Vivitar Brand) (No 35)
Exakta Ihagee Dresden Extension Tube Set (No 34)
Exakta IIb with 50mm f2.0 Pancolor Carl Zeiss Lens
Exakta Lenses to C Mount adapter
Exakta Macro Ring (Ihagee brand) (No 30)
Exakta Macro Tube Heavily Chromed Made in Germany
Exakta Macro Tube Set (No5)
Exakta Macro Tube Set (No6)
Exakta Macro Tube Set (No7)
Exakta Metal Takeup Spool (No 32)
Exakta Photograph by Jacob Deschin, 1st edition 1955, 192pgs
Exakta Reverse Adapter (No 25)
Exakta T Mount
Exakta T Mount (No 24)
Exakta Takeup Spool No1
Exakta to Microscope adapter (No 36)
Exakta VX Instructions , 56pgs, (Xerox)
Exakta VX Prism (No 26)
Exakta VX Waist Level Finder (No 31)
Exakta VX1000 50mm f2.8 Tessar Lens
Exakta VX500 Instructions, 40pgs, (xerox)
Exakta Waist Level Finder
Exakta Waist Level Prism No2
Exakta Waist Level Prism with carrying case
Exakta/Topcon Mount 3 piece Extension Tube Set
Excel Projector Corp Chicago (No 21)
EXPO Disc (compact gray card & for checking meter calibration)
Exposure Meter Instructions for Voigtlander Vitessa (xerox copy)
Exposure Times with Cine-Cameras H16 H8 L8 2pg (xerox)
Extension Ring for 1:4,5/200mm on VISO III (No 113)
Extension Ring Telyt 200mm f4.5
Extension Tube Set Aetina Brand for Canon
Extension Tube Set for Miranda (No1)
Extension Tube Set for Miranda (No2)
Extension Tube Set Minolta Brand for Minolta SR (No 39)
Extension Tube Set Pentax Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No7)
Extension Tube Set Vemar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No4)
Extension Tube Set Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No8)
Eye Level Finder FN for F1N electric (broken shoe)
Eyecup for Miranda Cameras (No11)
Eyecup with screw ring for Nikon F Meter Prism (No 3)
Eyecup/eyepiece for Konica AR (No4)
Eyepiece +3 Diopter for Konica (No9)
Eyepiece Cover for Pentax K1000
Eyepiece Ring No glass for Nikon FE (No8)
F Nikon 105mm f4.0 Micro-Nikkor BOX
F Nikon 135mm f2.8 Nikkor BOX
F Nikon 35mm f2.8 Nikkor BOX
F Nikon 50mm f2 BOX
F/F2 Flash Sync Cord
F1 Eletronic Instructions, 88 pgs
F1-N Mechanical Screen A (slight dust)
F4 F4S Instructions (Original)
F90x (Japan version of N90s) with Battery Booster
Falcon Camera Box (68S)
Family Photos 1939 - 1950 (No 12)
FE/FE2 Clear Glass Eyepiece (No 29)
FF50 generic brand Battery Charger for Sony Camcorder and Mini DV
Film Carrier for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graflex Graflarger
Film Cassette for a Pentax 35mm bulk film back (new)
Film Cassette with "E. Leitz New York" Logo (No 56b)
Film for Mamiya16 (very rare)
Film Magazine 250 for Long roll Canon Film Back
Film Retriever (TPS Film Picker)
Film Slide
Filter Adapter Ring for 8mm Pan Cinoe Lens
Filter adapter ring SOOQR for 42mm thread lenses (No 128)
Filter holder attachment for Vivitar 283 Flash
Filter Ring for Bolex SOM Berthiot 17-85mm f2 Pan Cinor (No 47)
Filter Ring/Hood for 10mm f1.6 Switar (No 24)
Filter Set for Sunpak 300 and 400 Flashes
Finder Hole Cap for Kodak K100 16mm Cameras (No 40)
Finder Plug for B&H 70 Series Cameras (No 98)
Fish Dish by Owen (No 20)
Flange Mount with Lever for Contax IIa/IIIa Lenses
Flange Ring for Mounting Zeiss Contax IIa/IIIa Lenses
Flash Adapter for Nikonos III
Flash Bracket for Nissen 4500GTE Flash (new)
Flash Bracket with a SLAVE for ANY DIGITAL CAMERA (Konica)
Flash Bracket with Round End Clamp (No 18)
Flash Brancket for Early Miranda Cameras
Flash Extension with PC fitting (No 12)
Flash for Brownie Flash Six-20 (124I)
Flash for Brownie Flash Six-20 (Morton Brand)
Flash for Minute 16 Cameras
Flash Shoe Cover (for 35mm cameras) (new)
Flash Shoe Extension (No 22)
Flash Shoe Extension with a PC fitting (No 2)
Flash Shoe for Miranda Cameras
Flash Shoe for SR Minolta Cameras
Flash Shoe for Voigtlander Bessamatic Cameras
Flash Shoe with a screw fitting on the bottom (No 66)
(all types)

Flat disk for a Sekonic L256D Flash Meter
Flat Meter Disk for Norwood Director (No 1)
Flat Meter Disk for Norwood Director (No 2)
FM2 Nikon Camera BOX
FM2 Technical grid screen (3/4" mark)
FM55H Battery for Sony Apha DLSR: A100 A100H A100K A100kit1
FNP40 generic brand Battery Charger for Fuji.....
Focabell Macro Bellows Made By Miranda Camera Co.
Focabell-S For Miranda Cameras
Focal Flash 320 BS (No 62)
Focusing Hood for 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Graphic Cameras (no 4)
Focusing Knob for Hasselblad
Focusing Screen D (Technical Grid)
Folding Flash Bracket (No 29)
Folding Flash Bracket (No 35)
Folding Flash Bracket (No 72)
Folding Flash Bracket (No33)
Folding Hood for 50mm or 65mm RB67 Mamiya Lenses
(also 45mm M645 lenses)

Folding hood for 5cm f2.0 Summitar (No 191)
Folding Paper Stereo Realist Viewer (Disposable)
FOX folding loupe
FR 16mm Slide Viewer Lighted (battery operated)
Front Grip for Canon AE-1 or AE-1P
FT Nikkormat Body
FT2 Nikkormat Body
FTb Canon Instructions, 47 pgs
Fuji Compact AA Nicad Charger BC-NH (for charging 2 AA's)
Fuji Charger for NP40N Batteries w/ cord
Fuji DVC DVM60 Digital Video Cassette MiniDV Tape (new)
Fuji NP-120 Battery for Fuji F10 Camera (new)
Fuji Panorama Adapter DL-1000 (for 35mm)
Fujica (bayonet style) T mount (new) (No 5)
Fujica AX-1w/ 55mm f1.6 X-Fujinon
Fujica ST Reversing Ring (new)
Fujifilm CD-R 24min 210MB (new)
Fujifilm DVD-R 30min 1.4GB up to 4X in jewel case
FX-D Yashica Instructions, 90 pgs
GE Incident Light Multiplying Mask Cat. 415X5
GE Mascot Meter PR-35 (No 2)
Generic Auto Winder for Nikon EM FG FG20
Generic Eyecup for Round Eyepiece Konica Cameras (No5)
Generic Eyepiece (No 6)
Generic Focusing Eyepiece (No 5)
Generic Stereo Viewer for 35mm Stereo Slides
Generic Subminature camera box for HIT type cameras (No1)
Generic Subminature camera box for HIT type cameras (No2)
Generic subminature camera case-no logo (No16)
Generic Telephoto Flash Attachment
German 8X Loupe
German Extension Flash Shoe
Getting to the Top in Photography Amphoto 128pg 1984
Gitzo Quick Release for Large Format Cameras on any tripod
Gitzo Tripod Head (No 2)
Glass Prism for Kiev 60
Gossen Luna Pro Densitometer Attachment
GRAFLEX Flash Bracket for 2x3 Press Cameras (No 15)
Graflex Flash Bracket for Graflex Handle Style Flashes
Graphic 2x3 Camera Board (No 23)
Graphic and Linhof Press Camera Guide, 127pgs, 1961 (Original)
Graphic Design Career J Craig 159pg 1983
Graphic Flash Clamp Set (No 17)
Graphic Flash Handle Top for Press Flashbulbs (No 57)
Graphic RH8 for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 on 4x5 Cameras (No13)
Graphic Roll Holder Instructions, 4pgs (Xerox copy)
Graphic Slip in finder masks for 2x3 or 4x5 Press Cameras
Graphic Style Flash Clamp (1 only) (No 21)
Graphic Style Flash Mount (No 22)
Graphic View II 4x4" View Camera Lens Board (No 5)
Graphic View II Lens Board (No 22)
Graphic XL Sports Finder for 100mm with 120 or 220 Film
Gray Wooden Lens Board 7 1/2 x 7 1/2" (3 3/4" hole) (No 4)
Green 32mm Screw-in Filter for Retina IIIc Cameras
Green Translucent Silver/Black Accent Bowl (No 9)
Green with Black highlights Bowl (No 10)
Griswold Jr Model 8/16mm Cast Iron Splicer (No 12)
Groschuupp Made in germany Large Ball Head (No 8)
Ground Glass Focusing Loupe
H 12.5mm Eyepiece (No 12)
H 16 Reflex Instruction Manual 48pg (xerox)
H16 Camera Reflex Finder (No 45)
H16 REX Camera Instructions 48pg (xerox)
Handle with bottom quick release (No 11)
Hanimex Manual/Auto Zoom Flash (No 43)
Hanimex X324 Flash with built in sync cord (No 34)
Happy subminature camera case
Harrison and Harrison Coirrector Disc No C4 for 8mm (No 79)
Harrison Color Attachment (for Red and Blue color correcting filters) (No 1)
Harrison Color Attachment Meter with 5 Correction Filters (No 2)
Harrison Duraline Gelatine Filter Set for Color Control (No 59)
Harrison Exposure & Color Temp Attachment for Weston Master (No 3)
Hasselblad 1000F/1600F Pamphlet 5 panel fold out 1980 (xerox)
Hasselblad 1949 - 1974 25th Anniv 24 pgs (xerox copy)
Hasselblad 500C Advance Knob
Hasselblad 500C Instructions (Original)
Hasselblad 500C SWC 500EL Dealer Catalog 44 pgs 1967 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M 1984 foldout brochure (xerox copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog 48 pgs 1971 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog 54 pgs 1972 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog 48 pgs 1971 (Original booklet)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog 54 pgs 1972 (Original Catalog)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 550EL/M Catalog 58 pgs 1974 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC/M 500EL/M 2000FC Catalog 24 pgs 1977 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC/M 500EL/M 2000FC Catalog 24 pgs 1978 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad 500C/M SWC/M 500EL/M 2000FC Catalog 24 pgs 1980 (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad A12 Back 1975 (No 11)
Hasselblad Close-up Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad Copying Techniques Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad Dealer Catalog 4 pgs 1958 covers 1000F Only (xerox)
Hasselblad Dealera Catalog 1958 13 pgs (xerox)
Hasselblad Flash Extension Arm.
Hasselblad Instructions Various Items (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad Landscape Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad Leather 'key chain'
Hasselblad Lenses 1982 26 pgs (xerox copy)
Hasselblad Lenses, 30 pgs, 1975 (xerox copy)
Hasselblad Portrait Photography 1988 25 pgs (xerox copy)
Hasselblad Portrait Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)
Hasselblad Super Wide Instructions 1954 33 pgs (xerox copy)
Hasselblad The System 1991 15pgs (xerox copy)
Hasselblad Wildlife Photography Booklet 23pgs (Xerox Copy)
Hawkeye Lens in EKC Shutter with mounting ring
Haze 1 Rollei Bay I Filter
Haze Filter in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 53)
Haze Filter Kodak W mount (No 49)
Head Master K&F Products Co LA (No 4)
Heavy Flash Bracket with shoe (No 73)
Heavy Light Mount (No 51)
Heavy Light Mount (No 52)
Heavy Metal Leica Screw Mount Body Cap (no name) (No 81)
Heavyily Chromed Exakta Lens flange ring (No 23)
Heidosmat 85mm f2.8 Rollei Projector Lens (New)
Heiland 35mm Camera Bracket with hot shoe (No 62)
Heiland Pentax 46mm Cap for 135mm f3.5 preset lens
High Quality Pebble Grain Bag (No 13)
Hit "TYPE" Camera Cases-Says "Camera" on the front of cases
Hit Film Cassette (No4)
Hit Type Camera Case (No1)
Hit type camera case (No3)
Hit type case (No2)
Home Sweet Home Candy Dish Wall Hanging (No 14)
Home Video Equipment HP Photobooks 160pg 1984
Honeywell H1a
Honeywell H3v
Honeywell Pentax Bellows II (for screw mount)
Hood 5cm f1.9 Lenses on Miranda (No15)
Hood "ADUNI" for 8mm Bolex (No 10)
Hood / Filter Strap Mounted Case for Contaflex
Hood Cap 14089 65mm for 65 & 90mm Elmarit (No 87)
Hood Cap fits hood 12564 Leicaflex R2/50 R2.8/35 (No 88)
Hood Case (fits 4x4 Baby Rollei)
Hood Cover for Hasselblad
Hood for 2.8cm f2.8 Miranda Lens with leather case
Hood for 28mm f2.8 Lenses on Miranda (no14)
Hood for 28mm f3.5 Hexanon Lens Konica
Hood for 35mm f2.8 MC Rokkor-HG Lens in leather case
Hood for 5cm f1.9 Lens for Miranda (no13)
Hood for 75mm f.4.5 Pentax 6x7 Lens
Hood for 80mm f2.8 Kiev 60 lens
Hood for Retina IIIc
Hood for the Hasselblad 80mm f2.8 Planar Lens (No 3)
Hood/Filter Adapter Ring #1285 (fits 13mm f1.8 YVAR) (No 9)
Hood/Filter Holder for Bolex 8mm (No 11)
Hope 7x50 Metal Binoculars with leather case
Hope subminature camera case
Horseman 6x7 Roll Film Holder (No4)
Hot Shoe with PC fitting (Hama brand) (new)
How to Take Better Sports films by Raymond Ziesse
How to Take Good Pictures by Kodak 192p 1982
How to Take Great Pictures 35mm Autofocus Point & Shoot Cameras
How to Use the Cine-Kodak Special 88pg (xerox)
HP Photosmart A610 Series Ultra Compact Printer
HP Photosmart R07 Battery (used)
II Kern Paillard Cap for 8mm Bolex (No 17)
IIIc Leica Case
Ikoblitz 4 Bulb Flash new in well worn box
Ikoblitz 4x1 Bulb Flash for Flash Cubes
Ikoblitz Bulb Flash with Cord for Flash Cubes
Ikoblitz LD Flash for Flash Bulbs
Incident Dome for Weston Master III (& probably IV)
Incident Light Dome for a GE PR-1 Meter
Incident Light Dome for Weston Master Meters
Instamatic Reflex Camera Instructions (original booklet)
Instoscope (early look through sight type light meter)
Instructions for Celestron (42pgs) xerox
Instructions for Mamiya 645 Pro (on CD)
Instructions for Minolta-16Ps (xerox)
Instructions for the TDC Vivid Stereo Projector (xerox copy)
Jack Power Viewing glass (directors viewing glass)
JC Penny Flash (No 83)
JC Penny Flash Manual or Auto (No 72)
Jenova Camera Bag
(No 55)

Jim's Camera Low Residue lens cleaner for optics glasses etc
Juplen CAP (approximately 62mm/63mm) (No 4)
JVC Camcorders. Hove Press 152pgs 1991
K light meter
K1000 Pentax K1000 Instruction Booklet, 32pgs.
Kaiser (made in Germany) Double Adjusting Macro Stage (new)
Kaiser Black Bubble level with 2 built in levels and a shoe
Kalart Regular 8mm Compact Cement Splicer (No 20)
Kalimar AFF Auto Focus Flash for Nikon AF Cameras (new) (No 32)
Kalimar AFZ Flash w/ 2 flashes for Nikon AF Cameras (new) (No 33)
Kalimar Auto-T Mount for Kalimar Lenses
(Minolta or Canon FD)

Kalimar Bellowscope Junior for Exakta (No 29)
Kalimar Flash for Olympus (No 1)
Kern II Cap for Bolex 8mm (No 12)
Kern Paillard Cameras and Lenses Booklet 23pg (xerox)
Kern Paillard Cap (No 36)
Kern Paillard Lenses 2pg (xerox)
Kern-Paillard Movie Lens Case (No 60)
Keystone Projector Lubrcating Oil in antique glass bottle
Kiev 60 UV and Yellow/Green filters for 80mm f2.8 Lens
Kiev Film back for Kiev 80 and 88 (No 1)
Kiev Film back for Kiev 80 and 88 (No 2)
Kiev Film back for Kiev 80 and 88 (No 3)
Kiku 16 Camera Case (no14)
Kinderman diafocus AF 250 slide projector
Kiron 2X Match Mate MC Doubler for Konica Cameras
Kitstar 26B Compact Manual Flash (No 52)
Kitstar Manual Flash with built in sync cord (new) (No 50)
KLIC-5000 Kodak for LS743 LS753 LS420 LS443 LS663 (used)
KLIC-5001 Nicad Battery for Kodak Easyshare Cameras (used)
KLIC7001 Battery for Kodak V550
Knob for Leica Titall Tripod (with thread hole inside)
Kodachrome II 100 Ft 16mm Film (May 1968)
Kodachrome II 100 Ft 16mm Movie Film (Jan 1964)
Kodak 4200 Carousel Projector with 102-152mm Zoom Lens
Kodak 5200 Carousel (Low Use) 127mm f2.8 Kodak Lens
Kodak 860H Projector w/ 102mm f2.8 Ektanar (No 15)
Kodak 860H Projector w/ 4-6" f3.5 Zoom (No Autofocus) (No 14)
Kodak Advantix F600 with 30-60mm Zoom
Kodak Bullet Camera Box (96S)
Kodak Bullet Camera Box (written on front lightly) (97S)
Kodak Carousel 20' Remote Extension Cord
Kodak Carousel 650H with 4" (102mm) f3.5 Ektanar Lens
Kodak Carousel 8' Remote Extension Cord
Kodak Darkroom Lamp
Kodak EC Dissolve Control for Kodak Carousel
Kodak Ektagraphic Projector with 4-6" f3.5 Zoom Lens
Kodak Flash holder (w/ bayonet sync cord end) (34T)
Kodak Flash holder (w/ bayonet sync cord end) (35T)
Kodak Junior Six 20 Camera
Kodak K100 16mm Camera with 2 finders (No 2)
Kodak K100 16mm Camera with 3 finders (No 1)
Kodak K100 Instruction Booklet (original)
Kodak K3000 Battery Charger
Kodak Kodalit IV Flashholder (36T) fits.....
Kodak Lens f7.7 in AS IS EKC shutter (No 9)
Kodak Polarizer 'Pocket' Viewer (No 48)
Kodak Pony 828 camera Box, Accessory Phamplet , Instructions (37T)
Kodak Pony 828 Carrying case (also for 135 Pony) (72)
Kodak Precision Enlarger Items
Kodak Reflex Instructions 40pgs (original booklet)
Kodak Stereo Camera Case (No3)
Kodak Universal Developer MQ in Glass Tube
Kodak W Filter holder to Series V filter adapter (No 50)
Kodak W Filters for M mount Movie Lenses
Kodak Water and Sport Single Use Camera
Kodak XD H2GB Card (New)
Kodascope Lubricating Oil in antique glass bottle
Kodascope Regular 8mm Projector
(See Rental Page)

Koinica 630-Z Advantix Camera (No 8)
Koni Omega System Booklet, 12 pgs (xerox copy)
Konica Auto Winder AR for T4 Cameras (No4)
Konica Auto Winder AR for T4 Cameras (No5)
Konica Autoreflex Flash Shoe (No1)
Konica Autoreflex T Instruction Booklet (original)
Konica Autoreflex T Camera Body
Konica Bellows 3 AR
Konica Bellows Adapter for 57mm f1.2 Hexanon Lens
Konica T Mount
Konica T mount (new) (No 6)
Konica T3 Camera Body
Konica Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No5A)
Konica Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 5)
Konica to Pentax Screw Mount adapter
(EASY to adapt to 4:3 digital Olympus)

Kowa Six 72mm Cap
L418 Sekonic Viewer (Spotmeter Attachment) w/ Case
Laptop Bag Compaq (No 27)
Laptop Bag well padded (Dell brand) (No 26)
Laptop/Camera Cable Adapter Kit New
Large diameter Aimes Hershey Flash Handle (No 6)
Large Glass Prism in casket wooden box.
Large Handle "Flash"/Camera Bracket (No 9)
Large Open Carrying bag (No 23)
Large Rectangular Translucent White/Red Glass Owen Platter (No 24)
Large Solid Generic Light Stand (Extends to 8 1/2 Feet)
Larson Reflectasol Clamp for Square Brackets (No 27)
LB1 Battery for Konica DR-lB1
Leather Belt Case for Hasselblad Magazines
Leather Camera Bag (No 90)
Leather case for 135mm f4.0 Dynarex Bessamatic lens
Left Hand Release for FS-1 or FT-1 Konica Cameras (No10)
Leica Lenses
Leica & Leicaflex Cameras & Accessories, Cat No38, 1965, 47pgs.
Leica 52mm Cap "Leitz Wetzlar" (No 94)
Leica 52mm Cap (No 94a)
Leica and Leicaflex Cat No40, 49pgs, 1967. (M2,M3,M4)
Leica Auxilary Setting Devices, 7pgs, 1955
Leica Ball Head (No192)
Leica Bellows Focusing Device
Leica Body Cap 14103 for R Bayonet (No 83)
Leica Cable Release (3F Black Dial Vintage) (No 193)
Leica Cameras
Leica Cap (72mm) (No 97)
Leica Cap (No 60)
Leica Cap 14133 "Leitz" Logo (63mm) (No 93)
Leica Cap 42mm (No 90)
Leica Cap 67mm "Ernst Leitz" (No 95)
Leica Catalog 1971, 77pgs, no cover, covers M4
Leica Catalog No 36, 1/4 thick, 1961. (M1,M2,M3)
Leica CL Instruction Book, 31pgs, 1990
Leica CL Instructions, 1973, 31pgs
Leica Confidental Dealer Price List May 1, 1991
Leica Confidential Dealer Price List July 1, 1992
Leica Copy Stand Extension Legs BETAB (1953) (No 51)
Leica Elmar Cap (No 151)
Leica Eyecups 42001, 42016, 42128, 42134, 42142, 98061
Leica Film Canister "Ernst Leitz GMbH Wetzlar" (No 57a)
Leica Film Cassettes "Ernst Leitz" No Core Spools (No 55)
Leica Flash (No 25)
Leica Flash (No26)
Leica Focomat IC 1956 11pgs
Leica Focusing Bellows-R Instructions, 11pgs, 1982
Leica Fotografie 1982 (Various issues available)
Leica General Catalog for 1955/1958, Reprint, 63pgs
Leica General Catalogue of Photographic Equipment, 1978.
Leica Guide; By Emanuel, 128pgs, 1953 (If,IIf,IIIf)
Leica Hood 12585/ 2/50 2.8/50 3.5/50 2.8/35 3.5/35 (No 140)
Leica Hood 9 cm Elmar 13.5cm Hektor (No 144)
Leica Hood Cap (63mm) (No 91)
Leica Hood IUFOO 9 cm Elmar 13.5cm Hektor (No 145)
Leica IIIf Camera Instructions, 53pgs, (written in a little)
Leica Leather Case for 135mm f4.5 Hektor M Mount (No 159)
Leica M Black Metal Body Cap (Japan) (No 80)
Leica M Body Cap (No 152)
Leica M Lens Rear Cap (No 153)
Leica M Meter #022xxx for M3/M4 Leica Cameras (overhauled)
Leica M PC Cover (No 175)
Leica M rear Lens Cap (No 154)
Leica M2 Instructioins, 27pgs, 1966
Leica M3 instructions (in German), 1960, 31pgs
Leica M3 Sync Cord BRAUN Hobby "E. Leitz Wetzlar" (No 18)
Leica M5 Booklet "Ten M5 Quality Points"
Leica Manual by Morgan and Lester , 428pgs
Leica Manual W.D. Morgan, 1962, 456pgs
Leica Manual, by Morgan, 15th Ed ,1973, (covers to M5),528 pgs
Leica MC Meter Booster Cell with leather case (No 118)
Leica Metal Cap 58mm (No 03)
Leica Meter MR instruction, 22pgs, 1963
Leica Passport (1997)
Leica Photographic Equipment Cat No 44, 1971, 77pgs (M4,MDa)
Leica Photographic Equipment Price List Nov 1,1980
Leica Photographica Equipment Catalog No. 43, 71pgs, 1969. (covers M4)
Leica Pocket Book by Kisselback, 2nd ed, 1952, 223pgs
Leica Prado 500 Directions, 11 pg. 1956
Leica Price List June 1 1953; 59pg Original (No 188)
Leica Price List Nov 1952, 18pgs (If, IIf, IIIf) E Leitz New York
Leica Projector Trays (each hold 50 slides)
Leica R3 (?) Body Cap (No 92)
Leica R3 Electronic Booklet, 39 pgs, c 1977.
Leica R3/R3 Mot Instructions (Xerox Copy)
Leica R4 Instructions (Xerox Copy)
Leica R4 The camera does everything simply, 53pgs, 1981.
Leica Rear Cap for Screw Mount (bakelite ) (No 64)
Leica Reflex Practice R5 to R3 176p Hove Press 1st Ed 1983
Leica Ring 14161R (E54) adapter for Series 7 Filters (No 54)
Leica Selftimer (No195)
Leica SF-20 Flash Instrucitons (M6 TTL)
Leica Shoe Mount Meter with Booster (No 196)
Leica Stereo Masks "Book-Type" E Leitz Inc. New York, N.Y.
Leica Summicron Cap 41mm (No 150)
Leica Summicron Cap 41mm (No 147)
Leica Summicron Cap 41mm (No 149)
Leica T Mount Adapter for Leica Screw Mount (No 40)
Leica Thread Jam Nut Ring (No 7)
Leica Trinovid C It is so easy to see more of the world
Leica Universal Focusing Bellows, 8pgs,
Leica Vidom 35-135mm Finder (No186)
Leica Visoflex II Instructions, foldout.
Leica Visoflex III Instructions, foldout.
Leicaflex Guide, by Matheson, 1965, 133pgs
Leicaflex SL "Selective light measurement through the lens"
Leicaflex SL Booklet
Leicaflex SL instructions, 35pgs, 1976.
Leicaflex SL-2 Dipoter with frame (negative -1 or -3 ) (No 30 No 31)
Leitz Auxilary Reproduction Devices, 23pgs, 1949, (screw mount)
Lens BOX for a 50mm f2 Ultron Lens for Voigtlander Prominent
Lens Cap for Miranda (55mm)
Lens Case for Bolex reg. 8mm YVAR or LYTAR lenses (No 22)
Lens Case for Compact 8mm Bolex D Mount Lenses (No 19)
Lens Hood-EII for ETRsi 75mm Lens boxed
Lens Mount Converter P (FD to Pentax SM) for Canon FD Cameras
Lens Wonderland (Shows many FD lenses), 45 pgs
Lentar SR-30 Manual Flash with PC cord (No 60)
Liesegang 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Compact Enlarger
Light Green Zeiss Ikon Filter (Gr 55) for Contax IIa/IIIa (42mm slip-on)
Light Meter Instruction Booklets (xerox)
Lighted Flash Coupler L for Canon F1 mechanical
Lindahl Shade for Hasselblad CF Optics (as is)
Linhof Book 7 1/2 x 11" (xerox copy) 45pgs
Linhof Camera & Accessories 45pgs (xerox)
Linhof Guide, Dr Otto Croy, 68pgs, "US Zone", 1952 (xerox)
Linhof Items
Linhof Kardon 45S Recessed Lens Board (No 6)
Linhof Kardon 45s Recessed Lens Board (No 7)
Linhof Kardon 4x5S Standard Lens Board (No 5)
Linhof Technika View Camera Board (No 2)
LISG11 Battery for Samsung SC-D5000/VM-C5000/VP-D5000i (new)
Lnhof Technika 6x9 Instructions, 33pgs, circa 1961 (xerox)
Lowepro Orion AW BackPack (No 69)
LoweProComputrekker Backpack
LPE5 Battery (Delkin Devices) for Canon. New
LPL Cement Splicer for 8/16mm or Super 8 (No 13)
Lumigrid disk for Sekonic L398 L28C2 or L28C
LX Pentax Instruction Booklet, 64pgs
M Mount Adapters for Kodak Magazine 8/16 Cameras (No 14)
M2 GE PowerMite miniature base flashbulbs (12 total) (No 49)
M2 Sylvania miniature base flashbulbs (12 bulbs) (No 42)
M2 Sylvania WABASH miniature base flashbulbs (9 total) (No 44)
M25 GE miniature base flashbulbs (9 total) (No 47)
M25 Sylvania miniature base flashbulbs (12 total) (No 40)
M2B Sylvania miniature base flashbulbs (7 total) (No 38)
M3 Blue dot clear flashbulbs 12 total bulbs (No 46)
M3 coiled sync cord to Household (Japan) (No 19)
M3 coiled sync cord to Household (Japan) (No 20) $19.00
M3 GE miniature base flashbulbs (12 total) (No 45)
M3 GE miniature base flashbulbs (3 total) (No 50)
M3 Sync Cord "E Leitz Wetzlar" (No 23)
M3 Sync Cord "E Leitz Wetzlar" (No 24)
M3 Sync Cord (marked "P USA") (No 21)
M3 Sync Cord E "Leitz Wetzlar" (No 22)
M3 Westinghouse miniature base clear flashbulbs (5 total) (No36)
M3B GE miniature base flashbulbs (7 total) (No 39)
M3B Sylvania miniature base flashbulbs (6 total) (No 41)
M5 GE miniature base flashbulbs (12 total) (No 43)
M5 Westinghouse miniture base flashbulbs (7 total) (No 34)
M5B Sylvania miniature base flashbulbs (12 total) (No 37)
M6 Instructions, 1998, (Xerox Copy)
Macro Bellows for Pentax Screw Mount (No 1)
Macro Extension Tube E2 with Release Button for Nikon non-AI
Macro Extension Tube M for Nikon Non-AI
Macro Extension Tube M2 for Nikon non-AI Cameras (Item #1)
Macro Extension Tube M2 for Nikon non-AI Cameras (Item #2)
Macro Extension Tube M2 for Nikon non-AI Cameras (Item #3)
Macro Reverse Adapter for 52mm f1.8 Konica Hexanon AR lens
Macro Reversing Ring 49mm for Pentax K Mount Cameras
Macro Tube No2 Minolta Brand (No 16)
Macro Tubes Minolta Brand for MC Minolta Cameras (No9)
Magazine 70 phamplet for Hasselblad (xerox copy)
Magazine 70 phamplet for Hasselblad (original booklet damaged)
Magi Cubes GE (11 bulbs) (No 52)
Magic Cubes Westinghouse (13 bulbs) (No 53)
Makinon 80-200mm f4.5
Mamiya 1000S Body Top Cover
Mamiya 16 Automatic Subminature Camera
Mamiya 16 Super Case
Mamiya 500DTL flash shoe
Mamiya M645 Super AE Prism Finder Cover
Mamiya M645 Super Upper Body Cover
Mamiya Press Format Gauge (for marking the rear gound glass)
Mamiya Press Rear Camera Focusing panel Cap (rare)
Mamiya Rear Body Cap 1000S/Super (new)
Mamiya Rubber Eyecup (Not for RB67)
Mamiya RZ Standard Screen
Mamiya RZ Standard Screen A3 (clear spot) NEW
Mamiya Super-16 Model III fold out instruction pamphlet
Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex Cameras & Accessories
Mamiya Z Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 1)
Manfrotto 3265 GRIP ACTION BALL HEAD Tripod head (NO Plate)
Manfrotto Tripod Plate Moidel No183
Mansfield Regular 8mm Tape Splicer (No 17)
Marine Camera Bag (No Clamp is Provided)
Marine Cameras
Marine Film Canisters with Belt Clip
Marine Finder with Standard Flash Foot (Canon brand)
Marker Set 40096 for Old Quick Focus Handles
Martell and Owen Pottery & Glass Handmade in Oregon
Mask 40304 for 120-135-150 for the Hasselblad Shade
Mask 40312 for 250mm for the Hasselblad Shade
Matte Field w/ Vertical & Horizontal marked Scales Screen for Maxxum 7000
Maxell 6 Hour GX Silver High Quality VHS Tape
Maxell DVD-R 30min 1.4GB (new)
Maxwell 505-T Manual Flash with Auto Setting (No 22)
Maxxum 300Si Body
Maxxum 404Si with 35-70mm Minolta Zoom
Maxxum 5D Charger BC-400
Maxxum 5Xi User's Guide Hove Press 174pg 1992
Maxxum 7000 9000 7000i & 8000i Guide
Maxxum 7000 Booklet (xerox)
Maxxum 7000 Camera
Maxxum 7000 Camera Body
Maxxum 7000 Instructions (Original) 64pgs
Maxxum 7000/9000/7000i/8000i Magic Lantern Guide 206pg. 1995
Maxxum 7000i
Maxxum 7000i Body
Maxxum 7Xi Camera
Maxxum 7Xi User's Guide Hove Press 176pg 1991
Maxxum 8000i User's Guide Hove Press 176pg 1990
Maxxum 800si 35mm Camera Body
Maxxum 9000 Booklet
Maxxum 9Xi User's Guide Hove Press 180pg 1993
Maxxum Adaptall 2 Tamron Mount (No 11)
Maxxum Cameras
Maxxum Flashes
(ALL Types)

Maxxum Key Chain
Maxxum T Mount
Maxxum T mount (new)
(No 3 )

MC-20 Nikon Remote Release for N90's,F100,F5,F6
MC12A Nikon Remote Release (fits F4)
MD 2X Tele Converter 300-S (No 33)
MD-2 Nikon Drive for FE2 or F2
MD-E Motor Drive for Nikon FG20 FG or EM Cameras
MD11 Nikon Drive for FA/FE/FE2/FM/FM2 Cameras
MD12 Nikon Drive for FA/FE/FE2/FM/FM2 Cameras
MD12 Nikon Drive for FA/FE/FE2/FM/FM2 Cameras (No1)
MD12 Nikon Drive for FA/FE/FE2/FM/FM2 Cameras (No2)
MD4 Drive for F3 Nikon Cameras
MD4 Drive for F3 Nikon Cameras
ME Pentax Instruction Booklet, 37 pgs
ME Super Pentax Instructions, 49 pgs
Mecablitz 28AF2 for EOS 620 Eos 650 or Maxxum 5000 7000 (New) (No 13)
Medium Format Camera Bracket (No 17)
Medium Format Strap Ends
Medum Format (2 1/4) Flash Bracket (No 60a)
Memorex CD-R 700MB 52x 80 min Disks in Jewel Cases (new)
Memory Stick (Sony type) to PC adapter
Mercury (Model CC) Flash Unit
Mercury Slide Masks (Universal Camera Corp)
Metal 27mm Contaflex Hood New (Japan)
Metal Body Cap (Generic Brand) for Miranda (no19)
Metal Cap for 20mm f2.8 SSC Canon FD lens
Metal Film Safe
Metal Folding Cap for Yashicamat TLR
Metal Hood for Olympus 28mm f3.5 lens
Metal lens Board 6"x6" round corners (Lip at rear) (No 10)
Meter Prism Finder Box for Hasselblad No 52051
Meter Prism Finder VFC-6 Instructions for Hasselblad 24 pgs (xerox copy)
Meter Prism Instructions for Hasselblad 23 pgs (xerox copy)
Meter Slide Kit 42mmW x 47mmL
(both flash and light)

Metz 333/2 AF Module for Maxxum.... (new)
Metz 40AF-4M Maxxum Flash (No 19)
Metz 45-60 Mecamat Extension Cord (new) (No 11)
Metz CT45 Wide Angle Flash Adapters (read below) (new) (No 7)
Metz CT60 Battery charging box (new) (No 1)
Metz CT60-1 Colored Filter Set
Metz CT60-1/CT60-2 Instructions 44pgs (xerox)
Metz Items
Metz Module SCA 3301 for Maxxum 5000 7000 9000
Metz SCA 341 Sync Cord Adapter for Nikon F3 (new) (No 9)
Metz SCA500 Flash to Standard Hot Shoe adapter (new) (No 10)
Metz System SCA 300 Instructions, 10pgs (original)
Mico 3x4 Spring Back (not marked as such) (No 11)
Micro 16 Camera
Micro 16 Case
Micro-fiber Cloth 7x7" (Zing brand)
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (new)
Microphone (No 6)
Midget subminature camera case
Mighty Camera Case (No7)
Mighty Camera Case (No8)
Minature 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Speed Graphic Board (No 11)
Minetta subminature camera case (No24)
Minette Case
Minimax Case
Minlta 16 Filter Set (for early cameras- first version)
Minolta (MD style) T mount
Minolta (MD style) T Mount (new) (No 1)
Minolta - 16 MG Camera
Minolta - 16 Model P
Minolta 16 1A Sky Filter
Minolta 16 Bulb Flash for Subminature Cameras
Minolta 16 Camera (as is) with Case (No3)
Minolta 16 EE Subminature Camera
Minolta 16 Filter Set (FITS??)
Minolta 16 Filter Set (for early camera- second version)
Minolta 16 II instructions (xerox)
Minolta 16 II UV and No1/No2 Closeup Set
Minolta 16 MG-S Filter Set (Yellow and Blue Filters Only)
Minolta 16 Model P Subminature Camera
Minolta 16 No1 Closeup Filter
Minolta 16 Subminature Camera (early model 2nd version)
Minolta 16 Subminature Camera (early Model First Version)
Minolta 16 Tripod Mount and Flash shoe mount
Minolta 16-PS Camera with outfit box
Minolta 16EE instruction booklet (xerox)
Minolta 16P Instructions (xerox)
Minolta 16P Outfit in presentation case
Minolta 16Ps Filter Set New.
Minolta 35mm SLR Case New (No 64)
Minolta Auto 25 Flash (No 74)
Minolta Auto Meter II with Spot Attachment
Minolta Auto Winder D (for X series Cameras)
Minolta BC-200 Charger (no cord) for Dimage X Xi XT for NP200 Bat.
Minolta BC-700 Charger (No Cord) for Dimage XG
Minolta Brand Extension Tube Set (No 48)
Minolta Cameras
Minolta Flash Extension cord for XG/XD Cameras (new)
Minolta Flash Meter II
Minolta Flash Meter III
Minolta Flashes
(SRT,XG,X series)

Minolta Lens Flange (new)
Minolta Maxxum XTsi with 28-80mm AF Minolta Brand Zoom
Minolta MD Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No6)
Minolta MD to Pentax Screw Mount Lens Adapter Ring
Minolta MG bulb Flash Unit (No 2)
Minolta MG bulb Flash Unit (No1)
Minolta RC-3 Wireless Remote Control for the Dimage F100, F300 & S414 Digital Cameras
Minolta Remote Control RC-3 for Dimage F100 F300 S414 (new)
Minolta Right Angle Macro Magnifier
Minolta Slide Copying Attachment
Minolta SR Exentsion Tube Set (also X and SRT Series)
Minolta SR Microscope Adapter (also X and SRT Series)
Minolta SR Misc Phamplets (xerox)
Minolta SR7 Body (a very early metered camera)
Minolta SRT 101 (converted to a modern alakine 625 battery)
Minolta SRT 200 201 202 Instructions 48pgs (original booklet)
Minolta SRT 200 Camera
Minolta SRT 55mm Polarizer with built in hood for 50mm f1.4
Minolta SRT 625 Battery Excell Zinc Air 1.4 volts (OR Silver 1.55 volts)
Minolta SRT MC-II Camera
Minolta SRT SC-II IB (original) & Systems Guide Booklet
Minolta STsi Camera with 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Quantary Zoom
Minolta Sup 8 Sound Projector (See Rental Section)
Minolta T mount (new) (No 8)
Minolta Technical Bulletins c1964-1965 (xerox) (6 total bull)
Minolta Weathermatic 110
Minolta XG-A Camera
Minolta XG9
Minox 35 Strap
Minox accessory case (damaged snap area) (No 4)
Minox B Booklet; 18pgs, 1967, Covers the System (xerox)
Minox B Box & Plastic Box (Inside)
Minox B Instructions (xerox) (No 30)
Minox B Right Angle Finder in Box
Minox Box
Minox Chain end decoration (No 6)
Minox EC Cube Flash (No 33)
Minox EC Instructions (xerox)
Minox Film/In Camera Use Instructions (No 29)
Minox Flash Model B for Minibulbs (No 16)
Minox Flash Model BC for AG-1 Flashbulbs (No 18)
Minox Flash with case (No 19)
Minox Flashgun Model B for Minibulbs (No 15)
Minox Flashgun Model B4 for Flash Cubes (No 14)
Minox Instruction (Non-meter) (Xerox) (No 31)
Minox Instructions (xerox copy)
Minox Leather Case (fits?) (No4)
Minox Minibulb flash
Minox PE Case
Minox PE instructions (Original)
Minox Prepaid Processing Mailer for 36 exposure Black & White
Minox Processing Envelope
Minox Sample Slides in a sealed "dealer" Holder
Minox Slide Tray
minox style chain
Minox Tripod Instructions (No 28)
Minox Universal Binocular Clamp (No 20)
Minute Movies 16mm Kodachrome Waikiki Beach 1940's (No 15)
Mirage 500 Manual Flash with single contact (No 66)
Miranda D Body
Miranda F Body Late Model with stop down button for Parts
Miranda Macro Tube (No9)
Miranda Reversing Ring to 46mm Thread
Miranda Sensorex with 50mm f1.9 Lens
Mirror and Mount - for Early Rollei TLR Cameras
Misc 16mm Movie Leader (No 61)
Misc 16mm Movie Leader (No 62)
Misc 4x5 View Camera Board for Newton View Cameras (No 3)
Misc 5/8" Clamp with 1/4 x 20 threaded hole in knob end (No 52)
Misc Adapter (No 54)
Misc Alligator Texture Case
Misc Barlow (??) lens (No 23)
Misc Bolex Hood (No 67)
Misc Bolex Ring (No 72)
Misc Bolex Screw (No76)
Misc Clamp (1/2" inside dia holes) with locking screws (No 12)
Misc Clamp (No 51)
Misc Clamp (No 6)
Misc Clamp 5 1/8"L w/ 3/8" stud w/ 1/2" smooth hole (No 49)
Misc Enlarger Boards (No 10)
Misc Exakta Ring threaded on rear of mount (No 9)
Misc Flash bracket (No 21)
Misc Flash Bracket (No 3)
Misc Flash Bracket (No 49)
Misc Flash Bracket (No66)
Misc flash mount bracket parts with fittings (No 19)
Misc Kalart Flash Bracket (No 54)
Misc Kalart Flash Bracket (No 53)
Misc lens board (No 18)
Misc Light Fixture Clamp (No 8)
Misc Light Meter Cases
Misc Made in Germany Rollei Flash Bracket (No 48)
Misc Metal Bracket (No 29)
Misc Metal bracket (No 30)
Misc Metal Bracket (No 31)
Misc Metal Spacers "2 diameter x 5/8" thick (No 36)
Misc Minox Clamp
Misc Movie Adapter Ring (No 83)
Misc Movie Crank (No 63)
Misc Movie Hood (No 74)
Misc Nikon Strap parts
Misc Paper Slide Mounts (25+)
Misc Plastic Base (Leica R???) (No 47)
Misc Ring for Exakta Cameras (No3)
Misc Slide Shows c1975
Misc SLR's
Misc Stand Adapter (No 41)
Misc Stand Adapter 3 3/4"L w/ 1/2" stud w/ 3/8" smooth hole (No 47)
Misc Stand Adapter 3 7/8"L w/ 1/2" stud w/ 3/8" smooth hole (No 48)
Misc Stand Stud (No 40)
Misc Telescope adapter
(No 7)

Misc Tube (No 13)
Misc Tube No 14a
Misc Tube No 15
Misc Tube No 16
Misc Tube No 17
Misc View Camera Board (No 14)
Misc View Camera Board (No 8)
Misc View Camera Board (No 9)
Misc View Camera Lens Board (No 13)
Misc View Camera Lens Board (No 19)
Misc View Camera Lens Board (No 20)
Misc View Camera Lens Board (No 21)
Misc View Camera Lens Boards (No 1)
Misc View Camera Shutter (with extra screw in parts)
Misc View Lens Board (No 17)
Misc. 16mm Movie Items
MISC. AS IS Vintage Optics View Lenses and Otherwise
Misc. Box & Plastic Camera Accessories
Misc. Filmo Finders
(for 8mm Cameras)

Misc. Movie Camera Parts (No 57)
Misc. Movie Crank Handle (No 93)
Misc. Movie Items
Misc. Subminature Case (No6)
Misc. View Camera Lens Board (No 16)
Miscellaneous Optics
MIZAR focusing adapter with B&L T Mount extension tube (fits?)
Modern Exakta Guide by Charle Abel
Motor Marine II Macro Lens Zu MM 1:2
Mount for Bushnell Lenses (Exakta; Miranda; Canon)
Movie Camera Remote Cord (No 94)
Movie Filter Holder (20mm x 30mm) (No 3)
Movie Projector Lenses
(All Types)

Mrock Camera Bag (will also work as a backpack) (No 39) NEW
Multi Pear Translucent Blue Bowl (No 7)
Multicolored Fused Glass Dish (No 22)
Multiple Flash Outlet
Multiple Position (4) PC adapter
Mustang Camera Bag (No 4)
Mycro subminature camera case (No27)
Mycro subminature camera case-torn strap (No25)
N 1 /60 Retina Reflex Closeup (60mm, +1 power)
N 2/60 Retina Reflex Closeup (60mm, 2+)
N2020 Nikon Instruction Booklet, 47 pgs
N6006 Flash Photography, 46pgs (original)
N6006 Instructions 106pgs (original)
N70 to F3 Style screw in Eyepiece adapter (No 26)
N8008s Nikon Camera BOX
N90S Off Camera Flash Extension Cord
NAVCO B&W CCD Surveillance Camera BODY ONLY
NB-1L Battery with Charger (DXG brand)
NB-1L Charger for Canon...
NB-1LH Canon Nicad Battery (used)
NB-3L Canon Nicad Battery (used)
NB-5H Canon Nicad Battery (used)
NB1L generic brand Battery Charger for....
NB3L Battery for Canon SD500 SD110 SD100 SD10 SD20
NB3L generic brand Battery Charger for.....
NB3L Professional Series Battery for Canon SD500 SD110 SD100 SD10 SD20
NB4L Prof. Series Battery for Canon SD400 SD630 SD600 SD750 SD1000 TX1
NB5H Battery for Canon Powershot A5 A50 600 S10 S20
NB5L generic brand Battery Charger for SD 700 SD 800 SD 900 etc
NB6L generic brand Charger for EOS 5D MArk II
NC-2 Hasselblad Prism with rubber eyecup (No11)
Negative 2 Eyepiece for Nikon FE or FE2 (No 23)
Negative 2 for Nikon FE or FE2 (No 22)
Neutral Denisty Film (roughly 1 1/2 Feet)
New Leicaflex-Lenses, 4 panels,1983
Nicad Battery for the MD4 Drive (as is may need rebuild?)
Nikkorex F with Removable meter uses Non-AI Lenses
Nikkormat Angle finder
Nikkormat Clear Flat Glass Eyepiece (No 27)
Nikkormat EL Booklet (40pgs) (original)
Nikkormat EL Flash Shoe AS-2
Nikkormat Eyepiece Magnifier (Spiratone brand)
Nikkormat Flash Shoe (No 5)
Nikkormat FT
Nikkormat FT
Nikkormat FT (meter reads off)
Nikkormat FT Systems Phamplet 15pgs circa 1975 (xerox)
Nikkormat FT2 Camera
Nikkormat FTN IB (original)
Nikkormat Photography Guide, 41pgs
Nikkormat Shoe
Nikomat EL Camera Body
Nikon 52mm Circular Polarizer
Nikon 6006 Camera BOX
Nikon 8008 Camera BOX
Nikon [Nippon] Mikron 8x35 Binoculars
Nikon Binocular Cap (Approx 47mm inside diameter) (No 20)
Nikon Binocular Eyepieces
Nikon BR-3 Ring (No 6)
Nikon Brand MH-60 Charger (No Cord) for ENEL2 Batteries
Nikon Brand Non-AI Extension Tube Set (K1-K5)
Nikon Cable release adapter
Nikon Cameras
Nikon Chrome Variframe Finder MIOJ
Nikon Digipower Travel Chargers for Digital Batteries (new)
Nikon digital Camera Bag (No 5)
Nikon Drives
Nikon EM Camera Body
Nikon Eyepiece Magnifier for Round Eyepiece Nikons
Nikon Eyepiece Shield for High eyepoint F3 Cameras
Nikon Eyepieces
( F F2 FE FM FM2 F3 )

Nikon F 1971 Body
Nikon F 28mm f2.8 BOX
Nikon F 50mm f1.4 BOX
Nikon F AF 70-210mm F4.0 Zoom Nikkor
Nikon F and Nikkormat Manual Amphoto 4th Ed hard cover
Nikon F Camera Body Cleaning Cloth Stamped "Nikon"
Nikon F Eyecup (No9)
Nikon F Flash Shoe (No 4)
Nikon F Instructions 1969 (Original)
Nikon F Instructions Book, 35p. (xerox)
Nikon F Macro Bellows Model II and Slide Copying Attachment
Nikon F Matte Screen "C" with Center Cross (No3)
Nikon F Matte Screen "C" with Center Cross (No13)
Nikon F Photography Guide 1969 39pgs (original)
Nikon F Photomic T Booklet 1969 (original)
Nikon F Screw in Hood (No 22)
Nikon F Standard "A" Screen (No 14)
Nikon F Standard "A" Screen (No7)
Nikon F Standard "A" Screen (No8)
Nikon F Standard Screen "A" (No4)
Nikon F Standard Screen "A" (No5)
Nikon F Standard Screen "A" (No6)
Nikon F/F2 F3 Glassed eyepiece (No5)
Nikon F/F2 F3 Glassed eyepiece (No6)
Nikon F/F2 flash coupler
Nikon F/F2 Flash Coupler Like New Boxed
Nikon F100 Body with battery pack MB-15
Nikon F2 glassed eyepiece with a rubber ring (No7)
Nikon F2 Photomic Camera w/ (DP-1 Prism)
Nikon F2SB Camera (DP-3 Finder)
Nikon F3 "E" Screen Technical Grid with Center Spot (No11)
Nikon F3 K Screen Split Image/Microprism (No 10)
Nikon F3 AS-4 Flash Coupler (new)
Nikon F3 High eyepoint Camera BOX
Nikon F3 HP Camera
Nikon F3 K Screen Split Image/Microprism (No 11)
Nikon F3 Standard "K" Screen (No10)
Nikon F3 Standard "K" Screen (No9)
Nikon F4
Nikon F4 Glassed Eyepiece (No 1)
Nikon F4 with DP-20 Prism and MB-21 Battery Booster
Nikon F4s Camera BOX
Nikon F80 Body
Nikon FA Camera
Nikon FE Body
Nikon FE Camera
Nikon FE Camera with Grid Screen
Nikon FE Eyepiece with rubber ring and clear glass (No 28)
Nikon FE Instruction Booklet, 46pgs
Nikon FE Instructions 46pgs. (Original)
Nikon FE Instructions, 47pgs. (original)
Nikon FE2 Black
Nikon FE2 Camera
Nikon FE2 Camera
Nikon FE2 Camera with Grid Screen
Nikon FE2 Instruction Booklet (Original)
Nikon FG Instructions 62pg (Original)
Nikon Filters Phamplet, 1 page
Nikon Flash Coupler AS-1
NIKON Flashes (All Types)
Nikon FM Camera
Nikon FM Camera
Nikon FM Camera BOX
Nikon FM FE Pocket Users Guide by Mark locolano 128pgs
Nikon FM Instructions, 34pg (cover missing)
Nikon FM-2 Technical Grid with Center Spot Screen (No2)
Nikon FT3 Original Instruction Booklet
Nikon Generic Cable release fitting (No 2)
Nikon HB-6 Hood for AF Nikkor 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 (No 19)
Nikon HN-24 Hood (new)
Nikon Lens Adapter (No 9)
Nikon Lens Flange
Nikon Locking Cable Release for Older Nikons
Nikon MD12 Instructions 18pgs (Original)
Nikon ML-3 Remote Control (for many digital Nikons)
Nikon N2000 Body
Nikon N4004 Body
Nikon N4004S User's Guide Hove Press 176 pages
Nikon N70 Camera
Nikon N80
Nikon N90 Camera Body
Nikon Nikkor Auto 200mm f4 BOX
Nikon Photomic FTN Finder Instructions, 25p. (xerox)
Nikon Pocket Book by Wittig Books 1994
Nikon Pronea S APS camera with 30-60mm Nikon Zoom
Nikon PS-5 Slide Copying Instrctions 10 pg (xerox)
Nikon Rangefinder Flash fits Nikon S2 Cameras
Nikon Rangefinder Film Cassette (No56a)
Nikon Reloadable Cassette
Nikon Reloadable Film Cassette (No 8)
Nikon Remote Sensor for SB101 or SB102 Flashes
Nikon S2 Black Dial Camera
Nikon SB-12 TTL Cord
Nikon SB-15 Flash BOX
Nikon SB-15 Flash with standard ISO foot (fits most) (No 2)
Nikon SB-15 Flash with standard ISO foot (fits most) (No 27)
Nikon SB-16B Flash with Standard ISO Foot (fits most) (No 8)
Nikon SB-18 Flash no ready light (fits many) (No 10)
Nikon SB23 Flash with standard ISO foot (No 24)
Nikon SB23 Flash with standard ISO foot (No 35)
Nikon SB26 Flash Systems Book (also SB25)
Nikon SB28 Flash (No 41)
Nikon Screens
( F F2 F3 F4 FE N90 )

Nikon Soft Release Button (Read Pls)
Nikon Speedlight SB-15 Instructions 42pgs (Original)
Nikon Strap Clips (No1)
Nikon Super 8 Movie Camera (RENTAL)
Nikon T Mount
Nikon to C Mount Adapter (new)
Nikon to Pentax Screw Mount Lens Adapter for Macro Pictures
Nikon Trigger Grip (missing special cable release)
Nikon Varifocal Finder 35-135mm (overhauled) with case
Nikon Vintage Plastic Bag (yellow colored)
Nikonos II Case (zipper broken)
Nikonos II Flash
Nikonos III
Nikonos III Camera with 35mm f2.5 lens
Nikonos IV A Camera BOX
Nikonos V
Nikonos V Instruction Book 79pgs (xerox)
Nikonos V Systems booklet 19pgs 1984 (xerox)
Nikons Rear lens cap for III or V camera lenses
Nissen 360TW Flash (with fill flash) (No 80)
Nissen Dedicated DPM Flash Modules
Nissen Macro Ring Flash for Many Types of Cameras.....
No 0 WABASH Super Flash (circa 1939) (No 20)
No 1 Matte Screen for Mamiya C330
No 1A Autographic Kodak (1914-1924)
No 1A Folding Pocket Kodak (missing pieces of leather)
No 2 Proxar for Rollei Automat Cameras (push-on filter)
No 2 Proxar for Rollei Automat Cameras (push-on filter)
No 3 Harrison Focusing Disc (No 56)
No 3 Pentax Brand Extension Tube (No2)
No 5 Westinghouse Bayonet Base Flashbulbs (6 total) (No 31)
No. 0 Nikon Closeup Lens 52mm in Box
No2 Graphic Finder Mask (100mm on 2x3 format)
Norton Subminature Camera boxed
Nov 1 1980 Price List
Novoflex Exakta Bellows w/ 105mm f3.5 Travegar Coated Macro (No 27)
NP-40 Casio Nicad Battery (used)
NP-400 Battery for Maxxum 5D Digital Used
NP-40N Fuji Brand Nicad for Fuji digital cameras (new)
Numerous Camera Club and Other Interesting Links
Old Style Strap Fittings (No 7)
Old Style Strap Fittings (No 8)
Olympus 35 EC 2 Rangefinder Camera
Olympus Cameras
Olympus Digipower Travel Chargers for Digital Batteries (new)
Olympus Flashes
(All Types)

Olympus Lens Manual 74pg
Olympus lenses to C mount adapter
Olympus LI-42B (unused)
Olympus Macro Extension Tube Set (Olympus Brand)
Olympus Micro SD Adapter MASD-1
Olympus OM1 OM2 Lens Flange (new)
Olympus OM2 Camera
Olympus OM2 with Program, Spot, and Manual Settings
Olympus OM2n Body (50mm f1.4 Lens available)
Olympus Pen Camera Cap for 43mm filters
Olympus Pen F or FT Instructions (xerox)
Olympus Pen FT adapter to Pentax Screw Mount Lenses
Olympus Rubber Hood for 2/85mm 2.8/100mm
Olympus Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 2) (new)
Olympus Variable Power Right Angle Finder
OM-1 Black Body
OM-1 Instruction Booklet (original)
OM-1 Olympus Instruction Booklet, 52pgs
OM-1 Olympus Instruction Booklet, 70pgs (missing cover)
OM-2 Instructions (Original)
OM-G Olympus Instructions, 66pgs
OM2 battery cap black
OM88 Olympus manual adapter
Open Water Diving Manual PADI 272pgs 1990
Optex Auxillary Video Telephoto and Wide Angle 52mm mount
OptikalKleener Len Cleaning Solution (new)
Orange and Blues Large Bowl (No 11)
Oregon's Mount Hood; Willamette Valley Dish by Owen (No 19)
Oregon's Willamette Valley w/ deep blue sky fused glass (No 18)
Original Stereo Realist Leather Strap
Original Weston Meter Strap
Other & European Projector Bulbs
OUBIO (1959) Leica VISO II Adapter to Screw Mount lenses (No 115)
Outfit Case for Kiev 60
Pacemaker Crown & Speed Graphic Instruction Book (Xerox)
Pacemaker Graphic 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Board
Packard Air Bulb Tubing (5 feet) (No 63)
Packard Instant Pin Assembly (No 64)
Packard Shutter (No 5)
Packard Shutter (No 61)
Packard Shutter (No 62)
Packard Shutter (No 7)
Packard Shutter Rebuilt does B T Instant Synced (No 3)
Packard Shutter Redone (No 66)
PADI Advanced Diver Manual 234p 1984
Paillard Bolex Camera H9-H16 H8 Instructions 22pg (English) (xerox)
Paillard Bollex H9-H16 Instruction Book (in German) (Original)
Pana-Vue 2 Slide Viewer (No 1)
Panasonic Camcorders Hove Press 152 pg. 1991
Panasonic MiniDV Tape ME DVM 60 min (new)
Panasonic VW BP134 B&W Surveillance Camera w/ 3.3-8mm lens
Panaview Slide Viewer
Pangor Macro Bellows with Slide Copy Attachment for Miranda
Panorama Adapter Fuji DL-1000
Panorama Head for 35mm (Spiratone Brand) with instructions
Paper Box for Minolta 16II +Camera Tag & Silica Gel + Film Paper
Paper envelopes with 2 3/8" x 3 1/2" interior pocket (new) (No 5)
Paris Sights 16mm 100 feet c1937 (No 10)
Paris Sights 16mm c1930's Cine Kodagraph (No 8)
Partial Telescope Finder (No 25)
PC Cord to Hot Shoe Adapter
PC Cover for Pentax P30
Peak Mini Comparater 7X Loupe with bottom grid pattern
Pelco 4 Camera Video Switcher for Surveillance Cameras
Pen Peer No109 Antique fishing reel (No 1)
Pen Peer No109 Antique fishing reel (No 2)
Pen subminature camera case
Penn Peer No109 Antique fishing reel (No 3)
Penta-Prism G for Miranda (N04)
Pentacon Lens to Exakta 35mm Camera Adapter
Pentacon Six Instructions, 24pgs, (xerox)
Pentax (screw mount) T mount (new) (No 4)
Pentax 110 Instruction Booklet (Original) (No 29)
Pentax 110 Instructions (Original)
Pentax 49mm Leather Filter Case
Pentax 645 BOX for a film insert
Pentax 645 Instructions (Original Booklet)
Pentax 645 Instructions, 72 pgs, (xerox copy)
Pentax 645 Lenses Booklet, 29 pgs, (xerox copy)
Pentax 645 Rubber Eye "Cup"
Pentax 645 with 120 insert and 75mm f2.8 Lens
Pentax 6x7 Extension Tube No 1
Pentax 6x7 Extension Tube No3
Pentax 6x7 Lens Cap (99mm inside diameter)
Pentax Binocular Eyecaps
Pentax Cameras
Pentax Critical Magnifier for Pentax K1000
Pentax Flashes

Pentax Folding Stereo Viewer ) 3DV1
Pentax H1/H2 Book 127p Tydings, 1963
Pentax Heiland 49mm Cap
Pentax hood 34391 for 85/2 100/2.8 100/4 (49mm) (new)
Pentax K Mount Lens Flange (new)
Pentax K Mount Lenses to C mount adapter
Pentax K Mount to Pentax Screw Mount Adapter (new)
Pentax K to T mount adapter
Pentax K1000 SE
Pentax lenses and accessories
Pentax Lenses and Accessories, 61 pgs
Pentax Locking Strap Clips
(No 2)

Pentax LX Camera w/ FD2 Prism
Pentax LX prism Cover
Pentax ME Camera Body.
Pentax ME Eyepiece Cover
Pentax ME II Winder (No 2)
Pentax ME II winder (No 3)
Pentax ME Super
Pentax ME Super
Camera Box

Pentax ME Winder (No 1)
Pentax ME
Camera Box

Pentax P5 Camera for Auto or Manual Exposure
Pentax Program Plus (Original )
Pentax PZ-10 Instruction Booklet, 64p, original booklet
Pentax Right Angle Focusing Magnifier for K1000
Pentax Screw Mount Auto Extension Tubes (Off Brand) (no 13)
Pentax Screw Mount Camera Parts
Pentax Screw Mount Lens Flange (new)
Pentax Screw Mount T Mount
Pentax SF10 SLR Instruction Booklet (Original)
Pentax SI-20 Screen fits Pentax LX Camera for Macro work
Pentax SM 2X Doublers (also 3x)
Pentax Strap Pad
Pentax Tripod Adapter U for Newer UCF Binoculars (new)
Pentax ZX-7/ZX30 Magic Lantern Guide 160pg 2001
Perfex Delux 35mm Rangefinder Camera (Made in USA) (user camera)
Petri (bayonet style) T mount
Phamplet Discussing Why there is Red Tape on the Hassy Lens (Original)
Philips P536TCLS Flash Instructions, 25pgs approx (Original)
Photodex Photographers by Specialty 104pg 1995
Photoflex 42" White/Gold Litedisc (new)
Photoflex 42" White/Silver Litedisc (new)
Photoflex blow-up flash diffuser
Photoflood CFL Screw base Bulb (7000 hours) Digital Imaging
Photoflood Kodak Z Mount Filter (No 82)
PhotoGRID for Norwood Director (No 4)
Picture Frames
Pierce Cine Exposure Meter by Maxim Instrument CO Trenton NJ
Plastic Bubble for 135mm M Mount Hektor (No 134)
Plastic Bubble for 80mm f2.8 Hasselblad Planar
Plastic Case for 50mm Leica Elmar (No 44)
Plastic case for a Rollei 16 Filter
Plastic Clamp with a mounting hole in the top (No 28)
Plastic Protector Bottom for Leica (No 3)
Plastic Tripod Pad (for protecting your camera bottom)
Plate Mount to Regular Flash Shoe for Graphic Cameras (No 23)
Pocket Wizard Cable Household End (New)
Pocket Wizard Sync Cord
Pola-Filter/Hood for Retina IIIc
Polarizers 48mm 49mm 52mm 55mm Various Brands (Linear)
Polarizing Viewer for non-reflex movie cameras
Polarizing filter W mount with side arm (No 49a)
Polaroid 600 Camera
Polaroid Automatic 100 Camera
Polaroid Glass for Stereo Viewing (3 pairs)
Polaroid Stereo Glasses Original Disposable Paper (3 pairs)
Polishing Solution for movie film (No 7)
Ponder and Best Metal Tripod #1108
Ponder and Best Regular 8mm Editor (tested)
Power Grip PG-4 for Richo XR-P (multi program) Cameras
Power Up Charger with 4 high capacity 2700 mAh Ni-MH AA's
Power Winder (Maxwell Brand) for all A series Canon Cameras
Power Winder (Maxwell Brand) for Nikon FA, FE2, FM2
Power Winder A BOX for Canon FD
PR125 Haminex Exposure Meter
Pracktica Reflex Prism
Practina Bayonet Mount to T mount Adapter
Pradovit P150 Leica Projector
(See Rental Section)

Praktiflex FX with waist finder and 35mm f3.5 Soligar Lens
Praktina Four Piece Extension Tube Set
Prewar Retina Push-on Hood (roughly 26-27mm diameter)
Prinz 16mm Splicer (Cement type) (No 5)
Prinz Brand Macro Bellows for Konica
Prism Finder box for Hasselblad NC-2
Prism Viewfinder PM Box for Hasselblad
Prize Supplemental Lens Set
Products Brochure for 1000F Hasselblad 1956 2 pgs (xerox)
Projector Case (Bausch and Lomb) (No 21)
Projector Condensor 37200C Obj 85... 120mm (No 16)
Promaster Camera Bag (No 33) NEW
Promatic Manual/Auto Flash (No 45)
Promatic STD 5000 Flash for Richo,OM,Nikon,Canon,and Pentax
Promotions Leica USA Pamphlet "Introducing the New Leica R5"
Push on metal hood (No 71)
Q/P subminature camera case (torn strap)
Quantaray Flash with Slave (for wireless flash) (No84)
Quantaray PZ-1 Power Zoom Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No20)
Quantaray Q15 Flash (No 68)
Quantary Outfit Camera Bag (No 54)
Quantary QB 6500A AF Flash for Canon EOS (No7)
Quantum Battery Turbo Cord for Nikon SB24 or SB26 Flashes
QUEST AA Nicad Charger (for charging 4 AA Nicads)
Quick Focusing Back for 2x3 Graphic Roll Film Backs (No20)
Quick Fosuc Handle METAL for Mamiya 1000S 80mm Lens
Quick Release Flash Handle (with built in shoe on top) (No 16)
Quick Release Zip Grip (No 5)
Quick-winding crank 41076 for Hasselblad 12 magazines
R Leica Hood 12564/ 50mm f2 35mm f2.8 (No 139)
Rangefinder Cameras
Rapax Shutter Booklet 17pgs (original) 1948
Rapid Rectilinear Lens in Ball Bearing Shutter
RC-1 Remote Control for Canon ELAN
Realist Type F Filter Set for Stereo
Rear Cap for a 135mm f4 Hektor Screw Mount (No 61)
Rear Cap for Pentax 6x7 Lenses
Rear Lens Cap for a Voightlander Prominent Camera
Rear Lens cap for Broinica ETR
Rear Lens Cap for Contaflex 126 Lenses
Rear Lens Cap for Pentax 110 Lenses (No5)
Rear Lens Cap Metal (Generic Brand) for Miranda Lenses (No23)
Rear Lens Cap Plastic (Generic Brand) for Miranda Lenses (No24)
Rebel G Canon EOS Instructions, 67 pgs
Recolet Rangefinder Camera
Rectimat Symmetrical Lens in Ensign Shutter c 1920's (No 22)
Red 400 Telyt Filter TGUOO (No 7)
Red Bordered Fruit Decorated Glass Plate (No 4)
Red filter for 8mm movie cameras (No 78)
Red Filter in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 53)
Red Metal Can with Zeiss logo with a reusable film cassette (no logo)
Red Translucent Fused Glass Bowl (No21)
Red Translucent Fish Bowl (No 8)
Regent Case strap torn
Regular 8mm Dry "Quik Splice" Splicer (No 19)
Regular 8mm film Reel (NO film included) (No 23)
Regular 8mm Items
Regular 8mm Movie Canister & Spool
Regular Flash Shoe to 1/4 x 20 Screw Stud (No 24)
Remote Adapter for Olympus Winder 2
Remote Control for F401 or N4004 Nikon
Remote Controler Extension Cord for Olympus
Remote Flash Cord for Maxxum 5000/7000
Remote Sensor for use with Auto 310 Flash and Olympus OM1
Remote Trigger for Contax
Retina Collectors Guide, 64pgs, pictures,1973
Retina I with 50mm f3.5 Ektar (made in USA lens) in Compur Rapid
Retina Ia with coated 50mm f2.0 Schneider Xenon Lens
Retina II Instructions (xerox copy)
Retina IIa Instructions 28p. (xerox)
Retina IIa Instructions 37p. (xerox)
Retina IIc Instruction Booklet (xerox copy)
Retina IIIc Camera Platform
Retina IIIc Instruction Booklet (original)
Retina IIIc instructions (original booklet)
Retina IIIc Instructions (xerox copy)
Retina IIIc Instructions Booklet (xerox)
Retina IIIS Instruction Booklet (xerox copy)
Retina Reflex III adapter for right angle finder & correcting lens
Retina Reflex Instructions (xerox copy)
Retinette (Type 017) 1952-54
Retinette Ia Instruction Booklet (xerox copy)
Retinette Rangefinder Camera w/ 50mm f3.5 Schneider Lens
Revere Curvamatic 8/16mm Cement Splicer (No 6)
Revere Curvamatic 8/16mm Cement Splicer (No 7)
Reversing Ring (Soligar) for 52mm filter thread Minolta Lenses
Reversing Ring 49mm thread for Macro on Minolta (No 21)
Reversing Ring 55mm thread for Macro on Minolta (No 20)
Reversing Ring for Macro on Miranda Cameras
Reversing Ring Soligar Brand for Macro on Miranda Cameras
Richo Diacord TLR Cap
Richo FF-20 Wide Zoom Camera (No 18)
Richo Flashes
Richo Hi-Color Marine Spring Advance Camera in Housing
Richo KR-5 with 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Richo Macro Zoom
Richo XR-2S Body Auto/Manual (accepts Pentax K Lenses)
Richo XR-2S Winder
Richo XR240 Flash (No 4)
Richo XR240 Flash (No 5)
Richoflex TLR camera Cap
Right Angle Magnifyer (Prinx Brand) for Pentax K1000
Right Angle PC Fitting
Right Angle PC Fitting

Ring for Bolex Professional Lens Shade (No 16)
Ring for Leica Bellow I for Screw Mount Lenses 16590N (No 53)
Roll Holder 10 for use on 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graphic Cameras (No12)
Roll Holder 10 for use on 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graphic Cameras (No9)
Roll Holder 10 for use on 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graphic Cameras (No7)
Roll Holder 12 for 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 on 2 1/4 3 1/4 Graphic Cameras (No10)
Roll Holder 12 for 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 on 2 1/4 3 1/4 Graphic Cameras (No11)
Rollei 134 REB Flash Manual or 2 Auto Ranges (No 25)
Rollei 16 Flash
Rollei 16 Haze Filter
Rollei 2 1/4 Pamphlet 6 pages shows all the cameras (2.8F/3.5F)
Rollei 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 its assests - and yours! 1963 19pgs (xerox)
Rollei 2.8F 3.5F Instructions (Xerox)
Rollei 3.5 Instructions, 59 pgs 1956 (xerox)
Rollei 35 Metal Hood to fit f3.5 lenses NEW
Rollei 35 Strap
Rollei 35S Gold Pesentation Outfit
Rollei A26 Camera with Flash
Rollei Bay I Blue Filter
Rollei Bay I Haze Filter
Rollei Bay I UV Filter
Rollei Bay I Yellow filter
Rollei Booklet 1963 "The Practical Accesspries" 27 pages (xerox)
Rollei Fine Grid Screen for Rolleicord or Automat type TLR cameras
Rollei Flash 134 REB (No 42)
Rollei Handbook by Pearlman, 176pgs 1956 rare (Original)
Rollei Photography by Jacob Deschin 192pg 1953 2nd printing
Rollei Rear Camera Dust Cap (for SL66 or SLX???)
Rollei SL26
Rollei Slide Trays (2) for a P37E Rollei Style Projector
Rollei TLR "The Practical Accessories" c1951 (xerox) 15pgs.
Rollei TLR Pistol Grip
Rollei/Voigtlander (bayonet mount) Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 9)
Rollei/Voigtlander Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 9A)
Rolleiflex & Rolleicord The Twin-Lens Rolleis, 19pg 1971 (xerox)
Rolleiflex Guide by Focal Press, 72pgs 1972 edition rare (original)
Rolleiflex TLR Pamphlet, 20 pgs, 1957 (xerox)
Rolleinar II Bay I set Rollei Brand Closeups
Rolleinar No 1 Set Bay I Mount Rollei Brand
Roller for H16 400 foot Magazine Cat #40154 (new) (No 53)
Round Bubble level with two levels
ROWI Clamp with European end thread in the knob
RPS Studio 6 foot Stand (new) (No 7)
RS-60E3 Remote Switch for Rebel 2000 (like New)
RTS III Remote Release
Rubber Cap Embossed "Univex Mercury"
Rubber eye cup for Canon AE-1 or AE-1P
Rubber Eyecup for Contax 139
Rubber Eyecup for Graphic XL
Rubber eyecup with metal Screw in ring for F/F2, FE2 (No1)
Rubber folding Hood for 127mm to 250mm Mamiya RB67 lenses
Rubber foot cover for Bolex Tripods (No 65)
S Mount Movie Lenses (Cine-Kodak Special II Camera & Others)
S.L CO 12X Eyepiece (No 9)
S27 "Zeiss Ikon A.G." Rubber folding hood for Contaflex (27mm)
S27 Contaflex Rubber Hood, New
S27 Zeiss Ikon Brand Yellow Filter for Contaflex Cameras
S55 "Zeiss Ikon Stuttgart" Brushed Chrome Metal Hood (inside threads)
S60 Zeiss Ikon Rubber Shade (inside threads)
S67 Zeiss Ikon Hood (unused)
Sakar Auto 278 Flash (No 70)
Samoca 35 Hood/Filter Set, like new.
Samsonite AA Nicad Charger (for 4 AA Nicads)
San Disk Ultra II 2.0 GB CF Card (used)
SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive 4GB
SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB (new)
SanDisk MicroSD/TransFlash to SD Adapter Card (used)
Sankyo Macro Focus Movie Slide Set (No 58)
Sankyo Macro Titler Ring for Model LXL255 (No 10)
Sankyo Telescopic Condensor Microphone (No 2)
Sankyo Telescopic Condensor Microphone (No 3)
Satellite Camera Case (no13)
Satter Slide Viewer
SB-15 Nikon Flash with standard ISO foot (fits most) (No 6)
SB-24 Nikon Flash BOX
SB-4 Power Supply for 285HV
SB-E Nikon Flash BOX
Scenex subminature camera (No1)
Schneider Optik Kreuznach (No 40)
Schneider View Lens Phamplet (Xerox)
Scotch 2 Hour High Standard VHS Tape
Scratch Patch for movie film
Screen 1-9 for the Olympus Endoscope fit OM-1 Om-2 (no11)
Screen Instructions 500 C/M 1980 (xerox copy)
Screen Quartz Lamp Fixture PL10 (No 01)
Screen Quartz Lamp Fixture PL10 (No 02)
Screw in Flash Sync with PC fitting
SD Card Reader (Zing brand)
SD Card Reader by Motorola & 3 foot USB Cable
SD-8 High performance Battery Pack for SB11/SB20/SB22/SB24/SB26
SD400 Books and Solutions Disk (Version 23.1) & ArcSoft PhotoStudio
Sea & Sea Viewfinder for 15 20 and 35mm
Sea and Sea Lens Holder (for Motomarine II)
Sea and Sea O rings and Grease
Sea and Sea Pocketmarine 110 Underwater Camera
Sea Life Marine Film Camera in Bag
Sear Kid's Metal Microscope with 4 lenses
Sears KS Super Camera Pentax K Mount
Seckonic Flash meter sync cord
Secure Digital/MultiMedia Camera Cleaning Kit (new)
Sekonic Flash Meter 256D
Sekonic Micro-Leader Meter
Self timer Autoknips for Leica cameras (No 2)
Seneca Rapid Symmetrical Lens AS IS in Seneca Auto (No 8)
Seneca Uno (?) Plate Camera with red bellows
Series 6 Decamired Light Balancing Filter Set Enteco Brand (new)
Series 6 Filter Adapter Ring for Early Contaflex Alpha Cameras
Series 6 Tiffen Decamired Filter Set (new)
Series V Tele & WA & Finder w/ (2) 24mm rings in case
SF-1 Nikon readylight sync cord for SB flashes
Shalco Subminature Camera Case (torn strap)
Shallow depth C Mount Movie Cap "Made in France" (B&HNo 97)
Sheperd FM800 Flash Meter
Shoe 2 for Olympus OM2 (No6)
Shoe 3 for Olympus OM-1 (hairline cracks at rear)
Shoe 3 for OM2 Cameras (No12)
Shoe 4 for OM-2n (hairline crack)
Shoe for Olympus OM1 (No4)
Shoe G for Miranda Sensorex (No10)
Shoe mount bubble level for the 21mm f4.5 Biogon
Shoe Mount with Mounting Screw (No 33)
Shoe Protector for AE-1 or AE-1P Canon
Sigma Stereo Picture Aluminum Masks (50 total)
Sima Film Shield for X ray protection (new) (No 1)
Sima International Travel Adapter (new)
Sima Ultimate Monopod (new)
Single Frame Electric Push-button with small Bannana Plug End (No 19)
Skating Hedy Stennof 2nd World Championships 1939 (No 5)
Skating Movie 125 feet 16mm circa 1930's B&W (No 2)
Skylight 32mm screw-in for Retina IIIc Cameras
Slide Case for Bronica S/S2
Slide for a GRAFLEX 4x5 Camera Back (No 27)
Slide for Norwood Director Meter (No 3)
Slide Ruler for ALL WABASH Superflash Photolamps (No 25)
Slip in Misc Stops No1 No2 No3
Small Ball Head with European Treads Size (No 7)
Small Countertop Display Case (Curio Cabinet)
Small Custom Soft Release
Small film scissors
Small Metal 8mm Movie hood (No 84)
Small Minox-Big Pictures Rolf Kasemeier, 1959, 190pgs
Small Nikonos Case
Small Strap Clips (No 5)
Smart Cards
Smart Media Camera Cleaning Kit
Smart Media Camera Cleaning Kit (new)
SmartMediaCardReader (used)
SMC -4 Correction Lens in Frame for Pentax K1000 or similar
Snap Sights 35mm Camera in Marine Housing (No 1)
Snap Sights 35mm Camera in Marine Housing (No 2)
Snap-On subminature camera
Soft Release for most SLR cameras
Soft Release to fit a Miranda Camera
Soligar Lens Mounts to fit Soligar Lenses
(All Camera Types)

Soligar Macro Bellows for Miranda
Solo Monopod
SOM Berthiot Bolex Cap (No 28)
Som Berthiot Cap for 8mm Bolex (No 16)
SOM Berthiot Paris CAP
(No 5)

Som Serthiot Instructions for use Pan Cinor "85" 4pg (xerox)
Sonnar 150mm f4.0 Box for Hasselblad
Sony Camcorders Hove Press 152pgs 1991
Sony Digipower Travel Chargers for Digital Batteries (new)
Sony Digital Video Caessette 139m MEDV120 (new)
Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 & battery (no charger)(great for website pictures)
Sony Mavica FD73 (Great for website pictures)
Sony Mavica MVC-FD83 (NO battery or charger)(great for website pictures)
Sony Memory Stick Duo Adapter
Sony Memory Stick Storage Case
Sony Micro MV Cassette (new)
Sony MinDV 60 min tape (new)
Sony MiniDV DVM60 Min Tape (used)
Sony MP Standard Grade 120 min 8mm Video Tape (new)
Sony Nex 3 or Nex 5 NP-FW50 1000mAh (replacement battery)
Sony NP-FT1 Cyber-shot Lithium Type T Battery (used)
Sony Zoom Microphone ECM-HGZ-1
Spartus FULL-VUE The Spencer CO Chicago 120 FILM
Special Case for 25mm f3.5 RE Auto - Topcor
Special f stop viewing hood for 127/135mm Optar View Lenses in Rapax
Special Movie Lens Cap (Rear View) (No 38)
Spectrum 4000AF Flash for Maxxum 7000
Speedlite PX for Richo XR and XR-M point-n-shoot cameras
Spiratone Bubble Level with two shoes and instructions
Split image-matte screen (1-3)for Olympus OM1/ 2 (No13)
Spool for the 250 exposure film Cassette for Nikon (2079)
Spool Insert for Super 8mm Film Reels (1 adapter)
Sports Finder for Retina IIIc Cameras
Sports Masks for Mamiya C330
Sportsfinder (PC fittings built in) for Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 6)
Sportsfinder (PC fittings built in) for Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No5)
Sportsfinder (with PC fittings built in) for Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 7)
Sportsfinder Mask for 16S Back on Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 9)
Sportsfinder Mask for Hasselblad (corner chips)
Sportsfinder Mask Set for 16 back with Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 10)
Sportsfinder with PC fittings built in for 1000F/1600F (No 4)
Sportsfinder with plug fittings for Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 3)
Spotmatic Camera
Spotmatic F Pentax Instructions, 36 pgs.
Spotmatic II Instructions
Spotmatic IIa booklet New
Spotmatic Lenses and Accessories Booklet 1969 22pgs
Spotmatic Pentax Instructions, 20 pgs
Spotmatic SP Operating Manual 48p, 1969 (Original manual)
Spotmatic SP500 with 50mm f1.4 Super-Takumar
Spring Bands for 400 foot 16mm Reels (No 18)
Spy-Cam Eyechain Camera (110 film)
Square Rubber Pad
SR4.5mm Eyepiece (No 4)
SR4mm Telescope Eyepiece (No 1)
Stack Loader for Kodak Carousel Projectors
Stand Adapter (No 39)
Stand Stud (No 58)
Stand Stud 1 1/16"L x 9/16"W with 1/4" & 3/8" end holes (No45)
Stand Stud 1 1/2"L x 5/8"W (No 43)
Standard Focusing Screen for Hasselblad 500 CM (No 4)
Standard N90 Screen
Standard Screen for Hasselblad 500 CM (No 3)
Standard Screen for Hasselblad 500CM (No 2)
Standard Screen G for Maxxum 7000
Standard Sun Gun Super 8 Quartz Movie Light (No 1)
Stealth Cam (uses regular 35mm film)
Stereo Carrier for a Brumberger Stereo Projector
Stereo Realist
Stereo Realist Case (No2)
Stereo Realist Case Model ST 55 David White in Original Box
Stereo Realist f 3.5 (overhauled) with flash and strap
Stereo Realist f3.5 (overhauled)
Stereo Realist f3.5 (Overhauled) with flash and strap
Stereo Realist Flash
Stereo Realist Haze Filters (slight cleaning marks)
Stereo Realist Leather Strap (No 2)
Stereo Realist No 85 (orange) Filters with push on mounts
Stereo Realist OR TDC Stereo Projector Bulb (DDB)
Stereo Realist Phamplet (1 page)
Stereo Realist Stereo Masks (Bent but usable)
Stereo Realist Sunshades David White for Series V filters
Stereo Storage Box with two Trays that Stack
Stitz Bounce Head (No 59)
Straight Bracket with 2 screws (no shoe) (No 40)
Straight Flash Bracket (No 43)
Straight Flash Bracket with 2 Screws (no shoe) (No 41)
Straight Flash Bracket with 2 screws (no shoe) (No 42)
Straight Flash Bracket with two screws (No 75)
Strap Battery Case for AE-1 or AE-1P Canon
Strap for Pentax 110 Cameras
Strap made by Bronica for Bronica ETR
Strap Rings with Camera Lugs Attached (No 6)
Strap Rings
(All types)

Stroboframe Flash Bracket with Walnut Grip (No 24)
Studio Lighting
Stuff-It Microfiber Cloth in special carrying pouch with bag clip
Stunning Owen Black/Green Gold Highlights Glass Bowl (No 15)
Subminature Camera Cases
Sun Auto 2X Doubler for Pentax Screw Mount (No 44)
Sun Aux Telephoto for Argus C3 (no9)
Sun Lite Slave Tripper with Household Plug end
Sunpack 444D with booklet with filter set (for Canon FD)
Sunpak 333D Flash for Contax 137 and 139 Cameras
Sunpak 355AF Flash for Canon EOS (new) (No 9)
Sunpak 433AF Flash for Maxxum (No 3)
Sunpak Auto 120 Flash (w/ PC cord) (No 79)
Sunpak Auto 2000DZ for Maxxum (No 1)
Sunpak Auto 266D for Canon FD cameras (No 11)
Sunpak Auto 355AF Dedicated for Nikon AF Cameras(new) (No31)
Sunpak Ball Head
Sunpak Coiled Sync Cord (No2)
Sunpak Compact DXL 43.5" Tripod (new)
Sunpak Filter/Holder Set for Auto 411
Sunpak FlexLeg Tripod (new)
Sunpak Items
Sunpak Pro Grip 360 Degree Ball Head with 12 Position Bracket
Sunpak Remote Sensor for Auto 411
Sunpak Sync Cord No2
Sunpak Video Light with rechargable battery
Super 8 Kodak Press tape for splicing (No 10)
Super 8 Movie Leader (small roll) (No 4)
Super 8 Press Tape Splices 15 total (No 8)
Super 8 Splice tape 15 total (No 9)
Super 8mm Items
Super 8mm Reel Metal (5") (No 2)
Super Ikona III (531/16) 1954-1958 Overhauled
Super Program Pentax instructions, 64pgs.
Super-Canonmatic R 50mm f1.8 R Lens
Surveillance Camera Bracket
Surveillance Camera
Bodies ($25-$59)

Swallow Splicer for 8mm 16mm and 95mm (cement type) (No 4)
Swarovski Binocular End Covers
Swift Binocular rubber eye cover
Swift Microscope with 3 lenses and a built in light
Swing Out Polarizer for 5cm f2.0 Folding Summitar (No189)
Sylvania Bantam 8 Bayonet Base Flashbulbs (12 bulbs) (No 28)
Sync Cord for Vivitar 283 or Vivitar 285 Flashes
Synchro-Compur Instructions, 2pgs , 1951 (xerox)
T mount Cambron Zoom Slide duplicator (No2)
T Mount Camera adapter for Celestron C90 (for Digital or Film)
T Mount for Bausch & Lomb Discover Telescope (No 4)
T Mount for Bausch & Lomb Discover Telescope (No 6)
T Mount for Zeiss Icarex Cameras
T mount Lenses to C Mount adapter
T Mount Macro Adapter Tube for Nikon Non-AI Cameras
T Mount Slide Duplicator (No 1)
T Mount to approx 43mm (No 5)
T Mount Zoom Slide Duplicator (No 3)
T Mount Zoom Slide Duplicator (No 5)
T Mounts
(all types)

T4 Vivitar Lens Mounts
(All Camera Types)

T50 Canon Instructions, 67 pgs
T90 Canon Instructions, 103 pgs
Table Top bubble Level
Tamarac SLR Bag (No 61)
Tamrac Bag (No 1)
Tamrac Camera Back Pack (No 63)
Tamrac Camera Bag (No 89)
Tamrac Expediton Three Photo Pack (No 75)
Tamrac XLT Series Compact Digital Bag (No 46)
Tamron Adaptall Mount for Miranda (no side arm type) (No 18)
Tamron Adapt-A-Matic Lens Mount for Exakta (new) (No 20)
Tamron Adapt-A-Matic Miranda Mount for Early Tamron Lenses (new) (No18A)
Tamron Adapt-A-Matic Mount for Early Minolta SR (new) (No 21)
Tamron Adapt-A-Matic Mount for Topcon (new) (No 19)
Tamron Adaptall 2 for Nikon AI-E (new) (No 26)
Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount for Canon FD ("new") (No 17)
Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount for Contax/Yashica (new) (No 8A)
Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount for Minolta MD Cameras (new) (No 6A)
Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount for Pentax K Mount (No 16)
Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount for Pentax Screw Mount (No 12A)
Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount for Praktica Bayonet (new) (No 10)
Tamron Adaptall Mount for Canon FD (for f3.5 Tamron Lenses) (No 17B)
Tamron Adaptall Mount for Minolta SRT (No 6)
Tamron Adaptall Mount for Olympus OM1 (No 28)
(broken tab)

Tamron AI-E Adaptall 2 Mount (No 26A)
Tamron Extension tube 1X for SP90mm f2.5 (New)
Tamron Lenses to C mount adapter
Tasco Binocular Filters (to reduce glare)
TDC Vivid 5" f3.5 Trionar Projector Lens
TDK DVD-R 6 Hours 8X compatibe in case (new)
Technical Grid Screen for Mamiya M645 J or 1000S etc.
Technical Screen with Grid lines and Micro-prism for Canon AE-1P
Telephoto for Canon G7 or G9
Telephoto Lens for Yashica T2
Telesar Auto 3X Tripler for Exakta Cameras
Telesar T mount Slide Copier
Telescope Eyepieces
Telescope Items
Telescope Side scope mount (No 12)
Tenba Camera Bag (No 14)
Tessina Automatic 35mm Instruction Book, 32pgs (xerox)
The Art of Digital Video J. Watkinson 580pg 1991 $54.95 list
The Canon World of Closeup Macrophotography booklet (xerox)
The Complete Guide to the Exakta V by Berkowitz
The Early Bird and the Worm 16mm Cartoon 1928 (N0 6)
The Hasselblad System 1978 26 pgs (xerox copy)
The Leica Leicaflex Way
The Leica Way,Andrew Matheson, 6th ed, 1963, 448pgs
The Life of Edward Britian's Ex-King 16mm (No 16)
The New Contina-System 6pg 1956 (Original Booklet)
The New Contina-System 6pg 1956 (xerox copy)
The Nikon Way to Photography, 46pgs,
The Nikon Way to Phtography 47pgs. (Original)
The Pro-Tessars; for the Contaflex III and IV 15pgs 1959 (xerox copy)
The Video Camcorder Handbook HPBooks 160pg 1987
Tiffen B&W Viewer (directors viewing glass)
TL Canon Instructions, 37 pgs
TLA 100SS Extension Cord for Contax TLA30 Flashes
Tone subminature camera case
Topcon 2X Doubler (Vivitar Brand)
Topcon Body Cap
Topcon Brand Extension Tube Set
Topcon Cap 58mm Slip-on
Topcon Cap for 135mm RE Auto Topcor Lens (49mm slip-on)
Topcon D1 Body
Topcon D1 Camera Body
Topcon Microscope Attachment
Topcon RE Super Instructions 114pgs (xerox)
Topcon Super D and Super DM Flash Shoe
Topcon Super DM Black Body
Topcon Unirex w/ 50mm UV Topcor
Tough Travler Kodak Projector Case (No 8)
Toyo 45D Recessed Lens Board (No 1)
Travler Camera Case (No10)
Trioplan 10.5cm f 6.3 in IBSOR Shutter (No 18)
Tripod Carrying Rings (No24)
Tripod Insert (European to standard US threads)
TTL Auto Connector 3 OM-2 for TTL Auto Flash (N07)
TTL Auto Connector 4 OM-2n for TTL Auto Flash (N09)
TTL Auto Cord 0.6m for Auto 310 on OM2
TTL Metered Prism for Kiev 60 (newer version)
Turret Cap for 16mm Bolex (will probably fit others) (No 5)
Turret Cap for 8mm Bolex (No 18)
Turret Caps (probably 8mm) (No 41)
TW-3600 Kalimar Twin Flash for Most Cameras ('new')
TWO (2) GE Blue Press base style flashbulbs (No 6)
TX Canon Instructions, 42 pgs
TX Lens Mount for Vivitar TX Lenses
(All Camera Types)

Type N Closeup Set for Retina Reflex also IIIc (32mm screw-in)
Type N/60 Closeup Lens Set for Retina Reflex Cameras
Ultra-Minature Photography; JD Cooper; 160pgs; 1958 (Original)
Underwater MACRO Photography PADI 59pg 1989
Universal Digipower Travel Chargers for Digital Batteries (new)
Universal Focusing Bellows Pamphlet
Universal Lithium Ion Charger for most Digital Cameras New.
Univex Minicam & Baby Camera Box PARTS
Univex Subminature Camera in so so Box
Unknown subminature camera case (No17)
Unknown subminature camera case (No18)
Unmarked Optic in Victo Shutter (for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4)
USB Flix 4GB Maxell Flash Drive (New) PC/MAC Plug and Play
Useful Accessories for the Leica R4
UV for Rollei 35 Cameras with f3.5 Lenses
UV Topcor 200mm f4.0 to fit Topcon Unirex
UVa Filter for 400mm Telyt (No 5)
V277 Lithium-Ion Battery for Canon Mini DV Video Cameras....
Vanguard Magnesium Alloy Ball head with quick release & 2 levels
Variable 2X-3X Komura Brand for Minolta SR (No 34)
VARIOUS TYPES of Stereo Instructions (Xerox Copy)
VHS Dust-Off Cleaning Cassette (new)
VHS Sony Premium Grade 6 hrs tape (new)
VHS Tape New
VHS TDK Premium Quality 8 Hrs Tape (new)
VHS-C Panaconic 90 min Tapes 2 pack (new)
VHS-C Panasonic Head Cleaning Tape (new)
Victor Light Clamp fits 5/16" stand stud (No 55)
VIDEO/35mm Folding Camera Shoulder Braced Bracket (No 10)
View Camera 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" Wooden Focusing Panel (No 4)
View Camera
Lens Boards

View Camera Shutter in Box with Packard Shutter (No 60)
View Camera U cable release
View Lenses
(2x3 and 4x5)

View-Master Lighted Stereo Viewer
View-Master Viewer Red
Visoflex I with 5X Magnifier LVFOO
Vitessa Camera Pamphlet (Color Xerox Copy)
Vito II Camera (No 1)
Vito II Compact 35mm Rangefinder Camera (No3)
Vito II Voigtlander 35mm Compact Camera (No2)
Vito II Voigtlander 35mm Compact Camera (No3)
Vitomatic/Vitoret DR Strap Filter Case for three 32m filters
Vitoret 110 EL Camera and Flash
Vitoret DR Camera (manual speeds & f stops) (bad meter)
Vivitar 102 Manual Flash (No 3)
Vivitar 2500 Flash (No 67)
Vivitar 252 Flash (No 64)
Vivitar 2600D Flash for Nikon/Canon/Richo (No 39)
Vivitar 2800 Vivitar Flash (No 56)
Vivitar 283 Booklet (original booklet)
Vivitar 283 wide angle lens kit (3 lenses)
Vivitar 283/285 Items
Vivitar 2X 1:1 Macro Focusing TeleConverter (high quality)
Vivitar 35 Exposure Meter Instructions 1pg, (Original)
Vivitar 352 Handle Flash (No 84)
Vivitar 3X Three Element Tripler for Non-AI Nikon (No 1)
Vivitar 530 FD Flash for Minolta/Pentax/Olympus (No 54)
Vivitar 550FD Flash for Nikon/Pentax/Olympus (No 61)
Vivitar 550FD Flash for OM2,OM2N,OM2S,OMPC,OM3,OM4 (No 3)
Vivitar 70-150 f3.8
Vivitar 70-150mm 2X Matched Multiplier (No 8)
Vivitar Flash 2600-D for Richo KR30 Cameras (No 2)
Vivitar Manual Flash 102 (No 10)
Vivitar Manual Flash 102 (No 8)
Vivitar Meter No 30
Voiglander Vitessa Instructions (Original Booklet)
Voigtlander Front Cap for 41mm Filter & lenses
Voigtlander Prominent Instructions (Xerox Copy)
Voigtlander Vitessa Camera Instructions (Xerox Copy)
Waist Level Finder for Miranda (No7)
Waist Level Finder for Miranda Cameras (No3)
Waist Level Finder off of a Folding Camera
Waist Level Finder with Leather Case for Early S Miranda Cameras
Waist Prism for Exakta (No 21)
Walklenz Camera Case (No11)
Walklenz Camera Case strap torn (No12)
Wall Mount Base (would use 1/2" Stud-not provided) (No 32)
Walnut Grip for Stroboframe (with hardware) (No 23)
Walnut Grip for Stroboframe (with hardware) (No 25)
Walz 8mm Film Editor with tape splicer
Waston 4x5 Viewfinder (No 1)
Waston 4x5 Viewfinder (No 2)
Weather One Weather Radio
Weathermatic Dual 35 (35mm film)
Westcott 10x12 Black Background in carrying case
Weston Cine Exposure Meter Model 819 circa 1930's
Weston Master 6 Meter
Weston Master II (No 31)
Weston Master II Instruction Booklet 16pgs (original booklet)
Weston Master Meter Neutral Density filter
Weston Master V Incident Light Dome
Weston Model 853 Exposure Meter (No 4)
Which Shall it Be 1959 Zeiss 1pg fold-out (xerox)
Wide Angle 0.6X /Telephoto 1.5X Flip over lens (46mm)
Wide Angle Adapter for Vivitar 285 Flashes
Wide Panel for 4000AF Maxxum Flashes
Wide Panel for Minolta Auto 128/132X Flashes (No 3)
Winder 1 for OM-1 (No 4)
Winder 2 for Olympus OM2 (No1)
Winder 2 for Olympus OM2 (No2)
Winder 2 for Olympus OM2 (No2)
Winder for KS cameras
Winder for Minolta XG Cameras (No 45)
Winder for Olympus OM1 Generic
Winder for Olympus OM2 (No3)
Winder for Richo XR Cameras
Winder for Richo XR Cameras
Winder G (No 46)
Winder ME II for Pentax ME Super
Windermere Cup 1992 Enamel Pin
Wire Holder Clips (3) for 1" diameter tubing (No 20)
Wista 8x10 Metal Board (No 12)
WOC 220 Manual Flash with sync cord (No 30)
Wollensak 8/16mm Splicer with Water & Cement Bottles (No 9)
Wooden Camera Door Hinge (5 3/16") (No32)
Wooden Focusing Panel for 5x7 (No 17)
Wooden Focusing Panel for 5x7 (No19)
Wooden View Camera Board 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"(No 11)
Wratten Light Filters 92pgs 1938 (xerox)
Write-On Animation 16mm Movie Film (No98)
X-370 Minolta Instruction Booklet, 36pgs
X370N Minolta Instruction Booklet, 36pgs
XD SmartMedia Fuji Brand Card Reader DPC-R1
Xerox Copy of Hit Camera Instructions
Xerox Copy of Micro 16 Whittaker Subminature Camera Instructions
Xerox copy of Mykro-Fine subminature camera instructions
Xerox Copy of Rollei A 110 Instructions
XG-A Minolta Instuction Booklet, 52pgs
XR Winder 2 for Richo XR Cameras
Yashica 44 Cap
Yashica CS-201 Auto Flash for FX-D Cameras
Yashica CS-203 Auto Flash on all Yashica/Contax SLR's (new)
Yashica Electro Telephoto/Wide Angle Lens Set
Yashica Eyecup will fit 137 or 139 Contax Cameras
Yashica Flash-O-Set Rangefinder Camera (1961)
Yashica FR Winder
Yashica GA-11 Hood
Yashica glassed eyepiece with rubber hood
Yashica Matte Screen FA51 for Yashica 230AF
Yashica Silica Gel Pack
Yashicamat TLR Camera Early Bakalite Cap
Yel/Green B&H 8mm Filmo Filter for 20mm and 12.5mm f3.5 Lenses (No 91)
Yellow 400mm Telyt Filter TFSOO (No 6)
Yellow Bay 50 Hasselblad Brand Filter
Yellow Filter for Exakta Cameras (51mm Slip-on) Dresden
Yellow K2 Filter in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 55)
Yellow K2 filter in Kodak W Mount (No 52)
Yellow/Green Bay 50 Hasselblad Brand Filter
You've Been Minoxed Picture Folder (holds 1)
YS Lens Mount for Miranda Cameras
YS Lens Mounts
(All Camera Types)

Zeiss 8mm Movikon Camera Outfit
Zeiss Case 23.1004 for 35mm-90mm Objective
Zeiss Case Strap Extension for Zeiss Brown Leather Cases
Zeiss Contaflex Hood/Filter Case (No 2)
Zeiss Contaflex IV Instructions (xerox copy)
Zeiss Contaflex IV with meter & 50mm f2.8 Tessar Lens
Zeiss Contaflex Plastic Lens Bubble
Zeiss Contaflex Super B (10.1272) 1963-1968 (dead meter)
Zeiss Contaflex Super B Instructions (xerox copy)
Zeiss Contaflex Super BC Instructions (xerox copy)
Zeiss Contaflex Super Camera Instructions (xerox copy)
Zeiss Contaflex Super Instruction booklet (original booklet)
Zeiss Contarex Instructions, 52pgs (xerox)
Zeiss Contarex Professional Instructions (xerox)
Zeiss Contax II & III Instructions Dresden (xerox)
Zeiss Contax IIa Red Dial Instructions (xerox copy)
Zeiss Folding Contina 524/24 W/ 45mm f2.8 Zeiss Opton T Tessar
Zeiss Ikoflex TLR Polarizer
Zeiss Ikoflex TLR Vemar Brand Closeup Set +1 +2 +3
Zeiss Ikon Focusing Panel and Leather Hood (No 12)
Zeiss Ikon Mini Bulb Flash
Zeiss Ikonta 520/16 (2 1/4 x 2 1/4)
Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat f6.3 on 2x3 Speed Graphic board
Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat No 4 f6.3 Circa 1903 (N0 7)
Zeiss Nettar 515 for 645 format pictures on 120 film
Zeiss Objective for Your Linhof Camera,15pgs, 1961 (xerox)
Zeiss Objectives for Your Linhof Camera, 15pgs, 1961 (xerox)
Zeiss Ring 20.1615
Zeiss Stuttgart Flash (No 2)
Zeiss Super Ikonta B (uses 120 film)
Zeiss Super Ikonta III Instructions 23pgs. (xerox)
Zeiss WERRA 35mm Camera
Zeiss West Germany Binocular End Covers
Zenobia (1949) for 645 format on 120 film
Ziess Fan Flash for Super B Contaflex (plugs into holes in body)
Zoom Handle for 16mm movie Lens (No 34)
Zoom Lens Handle extensions for 16mm movie lenses (No 31)
Zoom Lens Handle extensions for 16mm movie lenses (No 32)
Zoom Lens Handle extensions for 16mm movie lenses (No 33)
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