300mm f2.8 ED Nikkor will fit digitalZoom

300mm f2.8 ED Nikkor will fit digital

Item# 606xxx
item #606xxx. These are normally listed for $2700. This lens has had a lot of use. I have been using it with a digital Nikon camera and it works fine. The barrel has a lot of wear. The mount shows wear. AIS Nikon Mount. The front hood shows wear. There are two light marks in the center of the front lens. These do not show up in pictures at all. One mark is 2 cm long. One mark is 3 cm long. The lens is fairly clean inside. I can see a few tiny marks but nothing major; and nothing that has bothered any pictures I have taken. The 122mm filter is a free throw in it is yours at no extra cost. The diaphragm blades are in good working order and the f stop ring works smoothly. The lens focus works smoothly and correctly. Yes the lens shows plenty of use but it is a bargain if you desire a fast digital telephoto. I have been using it and it take nice pictures.
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