Misc. 35mm
(by camera types)

<b><font size="2"><font color="#00FF00">Misc.  35mm<br>Accessories...</font color></b></font size>&nbsp;<br>(by camera types)

<font size="3"><center><u>Canon Rangefinder<br>accessories</u></center></font size><font size="3"><center><u>Nikon SLR<br>accessories</u></center></font size>Jim's Camera Low Residue lens cleaner for optics glasses etc
<font size="3"><center><u>Rollei 35<br>accessories</u></center></font size><center><Font size="3"><u>Richo XR & XR-P<br>accessories</u></font size></center>Winder for KS cameras
Soft Release for most SLR cameras
<font size="3"><center><u>Konica SLR<br>accessories</u></center></font size><font size="3"><center><u>Pentax SLR<br>accessories</u></center></font size>
<font size="3"><center><u>Olympus SLR<br>accessories</u></center></font size><font size="3"><center><u>Canon SLR<br>accessories</u></center></font size><center><Font size="3"><center><u>Minolta SLR<br>accessories</u></font size></center>
Slip in Misc Stops No1 No2 No3
Flash Extension with PC fitting (No 12)
62mm Rollei (35mm??) rubber lens shade for Pro-Tessar
Compact Table Top Photo Studio (with tripod & 2 lights)
(4) Classic Style Reloadable Film Cassettes (No 58)
<Font size="3"><center><u>Leica<br>Accessories</u></font size></center
<font size="3"><center><u>Misc. Camera/Flash<br> Brackets</u></center></font size>Double Flash Mount (No 4)
EKC Metal CAN  (for 35mm film)
Screw in Flash Sync  with PC fitting
German Extension Flash Shoe
49mm mount Kenko Technical Filter Holder for 3"x3" Gel filters
10" Dot Line Cable Release with Autolock (new)
PC Cord to Hot Shoe Adapter
Photo Sutdio IN-A-Box  (new)
Fujica ST Reversing Ring (new)
Filter Set for 600mm f8 Sigma Mirror Lens
Panorama Adapter Fuji DL-1000
13" x 13" Thick Micro Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
Hakuba Large Blower Brush DXL (new)
Hakuba Blower Brush DXM (new)
5X Carson Linen Tester (new)
Large Film Shield for X ray protection (holds 21 rolls of film) (new)
Sima Film Shield for X ray protection (new) (No 1)
Stuff-It Microfiber Cloth in special carrying pouch with bag clip
Crystal Bright Lens Tissue
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (new)
OptikalKleener Len Cleaning Solution (new)
Kaiser (made in Germany) Double Adjusting Macro Stage (new)
Asahi Pentax Macro Focusing Stage
Round Bubble level with two levels
Clear Plastic Bubble level with two shoes
Kaiser Black Bubble level with 2 built in levels and a shoe
Bolex Super 8 Variable Delay Selftimer
Large Jumbo X-Ray Shield 14 1/2" x 16 1/2" (used) (No 2)
Film Shield bag for X-Ray Protection (used) (No 3)
Sima Film Shield Bag for X-Ray Protection  (used) (No 4)
Sima Super FilmShield for X-Ray Film Protection (used) (No 5)
Hot Shoe with PC fitting (Hama brand) (new)
49mm Right Angle 90 Degree Mirror Attachment
Table Top bubble Level
Panorama Head for 35mm (Spiratone Brand) with instructions
Spiratone Bubble Level with two shoes and instructions
140mm Focusing Rail (Spiratone brand)
Micro-fiber Cloth 7x7" (Zing brand)
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