Stereo Realist f3.5 (overhauled)
View-Master Viewer Red
View-Master Lighted Stereo Viewer
Instructions for the TDC Vivid Stereo Projector (xerox copy)
Generic Stereo Viewer for 35mm Stereo Slides
Folding Paper Stereo Realist Viewer (Disposable)
Stereo Carrier for a Brumberger Stereo Projector
AO Stereo Hand Glass
Original Stereo Realist Leather Strap
Leica Stereo Masks "Book-Type"  E Leitz Inc. New York, N.Y.
3 Plastic Slide Covers for Revere Stereo Slides
Polaroid Glass for Stereo Viewing (3 pairs)
EMDE Stereo Aluminium Slide Masks (10 pieces) for Busch Verascope Slides
Stereo Realist OR TDC Stereo Projector Bulb (DDB)
Busch Verascope Stereo Slide (Cover glass cracked on one end) by Howard Butts
Polaroid Stereo Glasses Original Disposable Paper (3 pairs)
Sigma Stereo Picture Aluminum Masks (50 total)
Stereo Realist Stereo Masks (Bent but usable)
Cap for Kodak Stereo Camera
VARIOUS TYPES of Stereo Instructions (Xerox Copy)
Stereo Realist Haze Filters (slight cleaning marks)
Stereo Realist Mount Jig with box and instructions
50 Stereo Realist Metal Masks (approx)
Stereo Realist Phamplet (1 page)
10 Stereo Realis Glass Slide Covers
Stereo Realist Sunshades David White for Series V filters
Stereo Storage Box with two Trays that Stack
Case for TDC Colorist 1   (No1)
Stereo Realist Case (No2)
Kodak Stereo Camera Case (No3)
Wirgin Stereo Leather Case (No5)
Stereo Realist Case Model ST 55 David White in Original Box
Stereo Realist Case (No7)
Stereo Realist f 3.5 (overhauled) with flash and strap
Stereo Realist f3.5 (Overhauled) with flash and strap
Stereo Realist Leather Strap (No 2)
Realist Type F Filter Set for Stereo
Stereo Realist No 85 (orange) Filters with push on mounts
Stereo Realist
Stereo Realist Flash
Pentax Folding Stereo Viewer ) 3DV1
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