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Rentals Items:


B. Arrange a day to pick up,.

1. Elmo Super 8 Projector:($75 for 3 days).

1a.Cheaper Sankyo Delux Super 8 Projector Rental: ($75 for 3 days).

2. Dual 8 Editor: ($75 for 3 days).

3. 16mm Projector:($75 for 3 days).

3a. Large 16mm Film Rewinds:($75 for 3 days).

4. Regular 8mm Projector:($75 for 3 days).

5. 8mm/16mm Editor: ($75 for 3 days)

6. Kodak Slide projector: ($75 for 3 days).

7. VHS Video Recorder: ($75 for 3 days).

8. Sawyer Slide projector: ($75 for 3 days).

9. Movie Transfer Box:($35 for 3 days). This allows you to put your
    movies on to other types of tapes or DVDs.

10. Overhead Projector: ($75 for 3 days).

11. Sharp Digital Projector: (use w/ laptop or a computer) ($75 for 3 days).

12. Analog to Digital Transfer Box: (S Video or VHS to Digital)($75 for 3 days).

I Ship to Europe & Japan etc.
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