A Whatever Section?

<b><center><font size="3"font color="#3399FF"><u>A Whatever Section</u>?</font size></font color>
Have you ever heard 2/3 of a PUN?.............PU

Our local paper is the Seattle PI (short for PAST Intelligence).

Our local TV station is Channel 7 KIRO Eye Witless News.

Lean Chicken. A bird with one leg shorter than the other.

A group of conscientious adult children of alcoholics is
forming a new therapy group in the Seattle area.
They are going to call the group CACA.

Give up all hope of a better past.

No matter what your past your future is spotless.

It's not important if you win or loose if your the Mariners.

The road out of Hell looks an awful lot like the road into Hell.

You can't turn your back on your own face.

I try to have good humor but all I end up with is sweet corn.

Hope your day was not a big BAMA.

There are a lot more crappy days than there are good days.
So learn to love the crappy days.

Life is a package deal; and this is just part of the package that you did not know about.

Do you know what an Irish queer is??
An Irishman that loves woman over whiskey.

Going to nothingness is OK as long as your dressed for it.

A fast buck is better than a slow dime.

Do you suffer from CRS most days?
Can't remember shit.

Be willing to admit that you may be wrong, you're only human.

If a man is in the garden and He says something, but there is no women around to hear.... is He still wrong??

Why should you avoid ironing your four-leaf-clover??? You should never press your luck.

What did the mushroom tell the people inside the bar?? I'm a Fun gi.

Two cannibals were eating a clown. One said to the other ....Do you taste something funny??

I have never fathomed why people generally dance around the truth instead of saving time and effort by stating it bluntly.

What do you call a failed Lawyer?


How does a Jewish housewife plan meals. With reservations.

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