Sharp-XG-NV2SB-NoteVision-LCD-Digital-Multimedia-Projector (RENTAL)

Sharp-XG-NV2SB-NoteVision-LCD-Digital-Multimedia-Projector (RENTAL)
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Product Description

Work great with a laptop or tower computer. Projects talks or movies.

With brightness factor of 1,400 ANSI lumens and a display range of 40-300 inches, the Sharp XG-NV2SB projects images with quality, clarity, and sharpness. This Sharp multimedia projector boasts a native resolution of 804x604 pixels and a maximum resolution of 1024x768 pixels, delivering excellent image quality and rich color reproduction. Thanks to the manual focus and 1.60:1 manual zoom, this LCD projector lets users adjust images and magnify details for more convenient viewing. Users will also benefit from its build and handling as the Sharp XG-NV2SB has a compact size of 10.3 x 5.4 x 13 inches and weight of just 14.6 lbs. This form factor makes this Sharp multimedia projector ideal for travel and presentations on the road. What's more, it is designed with reliability in mind, too. Users can expect a visually enjoyable and comfortable viewing experience from this LCD projector that can last up to 2,000 hours of use. Overall, the Sharp XG-NV2SB is a functional projector that delivers solid and robust performance that works well in any given setting.

Product Identifiers
Brand Sharp
Model XG-NV2SB

Key Features
Display Technology LCD
Resolution 804 x 604
Image Brightness 1400 ANSI Lumens
Form Factor Portable

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